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SV Elversberg, a club steeped in German football history, has captured the attention of fans with their impressive run in the 2. Bundesliga. But where exactly do they stand in this competitive league? This article delves into the current standings of SV Elversberg, analyzing their performance, strengths, and potential future trajectory.

Current Standings (as of June 24, 2024)

Currently, SV Elversberg sits comfortably in 10th place in the 2. Bundesliga table. They boast 43 points from 34 matches, with a record of 13 wins, 7 draws, and 14 losses. This position reflects a solid mid-table performance, showcasing their ability to compete against established names in the league.

Here’s a breakdown of the top 10 teams in the 2. Bundesliga:

  1. Holstein Kiel
  2. FC St. Pauli
  3. Fortuna Dusseldorf
  4. Hamburger SV
  5. Karlsruher SC
  6. Hannover 96
  7. SpVgg Greuther Fürth
  8. SC Paderborn 07
  9. Hertha Berlin
  10. SV Elversberg

This mid-table position might not scream immediate promotion aspirations, but it paints a picture of a resilient team exceeding expectations. Remember, SV Elversberg gained promotion to the 2. Bundesliga for the first time in their history just last season.

A Look Back: A Historic Rise

To understand the significance of Elversberg’s current standing, we need to rewind to their remarkable journey. Formed in 1907, the club spent most of its history in lower divisions. Their breakthrough came in the 2021-2022 season, where they dominated the 3. Liga, securing promotion to the 2. Bundesliga for the first time.

This season, many predicted them to struggle against established 2. Bundesliga teams. However, Elversberg defied expectations, showcasing a blend of tactical awareness, strong attacking prowess, and a never-say-die attitude.

Key Factors Behind Their Success

Several factors have contributed to Elversberg’s impressive showing in the 2. Bundesliga:

Solid Defense: Elversberg boasts a relatively decent defensive record, conceding 57 goals in 34 matches. While not the best in the league, it provides a solid foundation for their attacking style.

Clinical Finishing: Luca Pascal Schnellbacher (8 goals), Nicklas Shipkov (7 goals), and Paul Wanner (6 goals) have been instrumental in converting chances. Their attacking force has surprised many, keeping Elversberg competitive in most games.

Strong Coaching: Head coach Horst Steffen deserves significant credit for building a cohesive unit and maximizing the potential of the squad. His tactical approach has allowed Elversberg to punch above their weight.

Team Spirit and Camaraderie: The team spirit within the Elversberg camp is undeniable. Players fight for each other on the pitch, showcasing a strong sense of camaraderie that translates to positive results.

Challenges and Looking Ahead

Despite their success, challenges remain for Elversberg. Injuries to key players or a dip in form could significantly impact their position. Additionally, the 2. Bundesliga is known for its competitive nature. Maintaining their current form throughout the remaining season will be crucial.

Looking ahead, Elversberg has several potential paths:

Mid-Table Finish: Consolidating their position in the 10th-12th place range would be a remarkable achievement for a newly promoted team.

Playoff Push: A strong finish could see them challenging for a spot in the promotion playoffs. While unlikely, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

Building for the Future: Regardless of their final position, this season has been a significant learning experience for Elversberg. They can use this momentum to build a strong foundation for future success in the 2. Bundesliga.

A Different Story in the Frauen-Regionalliga

It’s important to clarify that there’s another team under the SV Elversberg banner competing in a different league altogether. The SV 07 Elversberg women’s team participates in the Frauen-Regionalliga, which is the fourth tier of women’s football in Germany.

The standings for the recently concluded 2023-24 Frauen-Regionalliga season paint a contrasting picture for the Elversberg women’s team. They finished in fourth place, falling short of promotion to the 3. Liga.

Here’s a breakdown of their performance:

Points: 39

Wins: 12

Draws: 3

Losses: 7

Goals Scored: 41

Goals Conceded: 22

While a fourth-place finish isn’t a bad result, it doesn’t quite match the upward trajectory of the men’s team. The Elversberg women’s team will be looking to improve their performance and challenge for promotion in the upcoming season.

Beyond the Standings: Factors Shaping Elversberg’s Future

Understanding SV Elversberg’s current standing requires looking beyond just points and positions. Here are some key factors shaping the club’s future:

Youth Development: Elversberg has a reputation for nurturing young talent. Players like Paul Wanner, who recently signed with Bayern Munich, are a testament to their strong youth academy. This focus on youth development can ensure a steady stream of future stars for both the men’s and women’s teams.

Financial Stability: Compared to some of the bigger clubs in the 2. Bundesliga, Elversberg operates on a relatively modest budget. However, they’ve managed their finances well, avoiding any major financial troubles. This financial stability allows them to focus on player development and long-term growth.

Fan Support: Elversberg boasts a passionate fanbase that creates a vibrant atmosphere at their home games. This strong fan support can be a significant motivational factor for the players and contribute to the club’s overall success.

A Team to Watch

SV Elversberg’s journey in the 2. The Bundesliga has been inspiring. They’ve proven themselves to be a team with a strong fighting spirit and the potential to compete against established names.

While the path ahead may be challenging, their current standing is a testament to their hard work and determination. SV Elversberg is undoubtedly a team to watch in the coming years, and their future in German football looks bright.


What league is SV Elversberg in?

SV Elversberg currently competes in the 2. Bundesliga, the second tier of German professional football.

What is SV Elversberg’s current position in the 2. Bundesliga?

As of June 24, 2024, SV Elversberg sits in 10th place in the 2. Bundesliga standings.

Where can I find the latest SV Elversberg standings?

Several websites offer up-to-date SV Elversberg standings, including:



How has SV Elversberg performed this season?

SV Elversberg has had a respectable season so far, currently occupying a mid-table position. They have shown some offensive prowess with players like Luca Pascal Schnellbacher and Sebastian Stock leading the goal-scoring charts. However, they’ll need to tighten up defensively to climb higher in the standings.

What are SV Elversberg’s chances of promotion?

While mathematically possible, promotion to the Bundesliga might be a challenge for SV Elversberg this season. The top two teams gain automatic promotion, and several established clubs are currently ahead in the standings. However, a strong finish could see them challenge for a playoff spot for promotion.


SV Elversberg has established itself as a solid competitor in the 2. Bundesliga. They will be looking to improve their defensive performance and capitalize on their attacking potential to climb the table in the remaining matches. Fans can follow their progress through the various online resources mentioned above and stay updated on their quest for a potential promotion push.

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