Folkestone Invicta: A Look at the Stripes’ Current Standing

Folkestone Invicta Football Club, fondly nicknamed the “Stripes,” is a semi-professional English football club based in Folkestone, Kent. Founded in 1932, the club has a rich history and a passionate fanbase. As the 2024-2025 season unfolds, let’s delve into Folkestone Invicta’s current standings and explore what lies ahead for the team.

Where does the Invicta Currently Stand?

As of June 24, 2024, Folkestone Invicta sits in 14th position in the Isthmian League Premier Division. This placing might not be ideal for a team with aspirations for promotion, but there’s still a long way to go in the season. Here’s a breakdown of the current standings:

Position: 14th

Points: 50

Played: 42

Won: 15

Drawn: 10

Lost: 17

Goal Difference: -11

While their record boasts a decent number of wins and draws, the high number of losses is a cause for concern. The Invicta will need to tighten their defense and capitalize on scoring opportunities to climb the table.

Dissecting the Stats: Strengths and Weaknesses

A closer look at Folkestone Invicta’s statistics reveals some interesting insights:

Attacking Prowess: The team boasts a respectable average of 1.49 goals per game, showcasing their attacking potential.

Solid Possession: With a possession percentage hovering around 64.4%, the Invicta control the midfield effectively.

Defensive Woes: However, conceding an average of 1.33 goals per game exposes their defensive vulnerabilities. Converting possession dominance into defensive solidity will be crucial.

Inconsistent Form: Folkestone Invicta’s recent form paints a picture of inconsistency. Their last six matches showcase a mix of wins and losses, highlighting the need for a more consistent approach.

These statistics suggest that Invicta possess the attacking talent to score goals. However, improving their defensive organization and maintaining consistent form will be vital for a successful season.

Fan Perspective: Optimism with a Hint of Caution

Folkestone Invicta fans are known for their unwavering support. While the current standings might not be what they hoped for, there’s a sense of cautious optimism. The team’s attacking prowess is a positive sign, and fans believe that with some defensive improvements, the Invicta can climb the table. Here’s a glimpse into what fans are saying online:

“We’ve got the players to score goals, but we need to tighten up at the back. Come on you Stripes!”

“The inconsistency is frustrating, but there’s still a lot of football to be played. Let’s get behind the team!”

“We need a strong start to the new season. Promotion is still achievable!”

The fans’ optimism is a testament to the team’s potential. Their unwavering support will undoubtedly be a source of strength for the Invicta throughout the season.

The Road Ahead: Challenges and Opportunities

The remaining fixtures of the season present both challenges and opportunities for Folkestone Invicta. Here’s a look at what lies ahead:

Remaining Fixtures: The Invicta will face a mix of teams throughout the remaining matches. Capitalizing on wins against lower-placed teams and securing points against stronger opponents will be crucial.

Transfer Window: The upcoming transfer window could be an opportunity to address defensive weaknesses. Bringing in experienced defenders could significantly improve the team’s overall performance.

Managerial Influence: Manager Neil Cowie will have a significant role to play in motivating the team and implementing a winning strategy. His experience and tactical acumen will be tested in the coming months.

Overcoming these challenges and capitalizing on the opportunities will determine Folkestone Invicta’s final position in the league.

A Season of Promise and Potential

While the current standings might not be ideal, Folkestone Invicta has the potential to turn their season around. With a talented attacking unit, passionate fans, and a determined manager, the Invicta can still achieve a successful season. Whether they can climb the table and challenge for promotion remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure: the journey will be exciting for players, fans, and everyone associated with the club.

This article provides a snapshot of Folkestone Invicta’s current standings. As the season progresses, keep an eye out for Invicta’s performance and stay tuned for updates on their journey towards a successful season.

A Look at Folkestone Invicta’s Overall Stats

Across the entire 2023/24 season, Folkestone Invicta displayed a win rate of approximately 24%, a draw rate of 33%, and a loss rate of 43% according to FcTables. These statistics suggest a team capable of competing but struggling for consistency.

However, statistics don’t tell the whole story. Folkestone Invicta boasts a strong attacking presence, evident in their goalscoring record. Their defensive frailties, however, might explain the higher loss rate. Addressing these defensive weaknesses could be crucial for improvement in the upcoming season.

Reasons for Optimism: A Look Ahead

Despite the current position, there are reasons for Folkestone Invicta fans to be optimistic. Here’s a closer look at some positive aspects:

Strong Fanbase: Invicta enjoys unwavering support from its passionate fanbase. This unwavering backing can be a significant motivational factor for the players, especially during crucial matches.

Talented Squad: Folkestone Invicta possesses a squad with a good mix of experience and youthful exuberance. Identifying and nurturing young talent is a hallmark of the club, and these young players could be the driving force behind future success.

Managerial Expertise: Manager Neil Cowie has a proven track record in the Isthmian League. His experience and tactical acumen could be instrumental in guiding the team towards a more consistent performance.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Upcoming Season

The upcoming season presents both challenges and opportunities for Folkestone Invicta. Here’s a breakdown of some key factors:

Competition: The Isthmian League Premier Division is known for its fierce competition. Teams like Margate, Haringey Borough, and Concord Rangers will be vying for promotion, making the fight for the top spots intense.

Transfer Market Activity: Player movement during the transfer window will significantly impact the team’s performance. Retaining key players and acquiring strategic additions could be crucial for Folkestone Invicta’s success.

Tactical Development: Refining their tactical approach to address defensive vulnerabilities and capitalize on their attacking strengths will be vital for the Invicta.


What is Folkestone Invicta’s current position in the league? 

According to the Folkestone Invicta FC website and other reliable sources online, Folkestone Invicta currently sits in 14th place in the Isthmian League Premier Division [as of June 24, 2024].

How many points do they have?

 League tables typically don’t show points for the Isthmian League Premier Division at this early stage of the season (June 24th). However, some sites might show stats like wins, draws, and losses.

Is Folkestone Invicta in the relegation zone? 

No, based on the current standings, Folkestone Invicta is above the relegation zone. It’s important to remember that the season is just beginning, and the standings will fluctuate throughout the year.

Where can I find the latest Folkestone Invicta standings? 

Several websites offer up-to-date Folkestone Invicta standings, including the club’s official website [Folkestone Invicta FC website], LiveScore [LiveScore], and Football Web Pages [Football Web Pages].


The Isthmian League Premier Division season is just getting underway, and Folkestone Invicta currently finds itself in 14th place.

While the standings are subject to change throughout the season, fans can follow the team’s progress on the Folkestone Invicta FC website and other sports news platforms. Remember, the season is long, and there’s plenty of football yet to be played!

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