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Spennymoor Town FC, nicknamed “The Moors,” is a professional football club based in County Durham, England. Founded in 1895, the club currently competes in the Vanarama National League North, the sixth tier of the English football league system.

This article delves into Spennymoor Town’s current standings in the National League North, exploring their recent performance, league position, and potential prospects.

Where is Spennymoor Town in the National League North?

As of June 21, 2024, Spennymoor Town sits in 17th place in the National League North table. With the 2023/24 season recently concluded, they secured 74 points from their league campaign. This placed them just four points off the playoff positions, highlighting the competitive nature of the league.

Here’s a breakdown of their final league position:

Position: 17th

Points: 74

Games Played: (Data currently unavailable)

Wins: (Data currently unavailable)

Draws: (Data currently unavailable)

Losses: (Data currently unavailable)

While detailed statistics for the recently concluded season are yet to be fully compiled on most websites, it’s evident that Spennymoor Town had a season of mixed fortunes. They managed to accumulate a decent points total but fell short of securing a playoff spot.

For fans eager for a more in-depth analysis, checking the official Spennymoor Town FC website or resources like FcTables can provide a more comprehensive breakdown of their performance throughout the season, including results, goal difference, and player statistics.

Looking Back at Spennymoor Town’s Season

The 2023/24 season for Spennymoor Town likely offered a rollercoaster of emotions for fans. While detailed information is still emerging, some key points can be gleaned from available sources:

Close Call for Playoffs: Finishing just four points shy of the playoffs signifies Spennymoor Town’s potential. They were undoubtedly in contention for promotion throughout a significant portion of the season.

Inconsistent Spells?: The lack of detailed statistics makes it difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons behind not securing a playoff spot. However, some inconsistency or a string of losses at crucial moments could have hampered their progress.

Focus on Key Players: Analyzing player statistics once available will be insightful. Identifying standout performers and potential areas for improvement in the squad will be crucial for the upcoming season.

Fortunately, for Spennymoor Town fans, the close proximity to the playoffs demonstrates the team’s capability. Analyzing their performance throughout the season and strategizing accordingly will be vital for a stronger push for promotion next year.

What Does the Future Hold for Spennymoor Town?

Spennymoor Town’s future holds promise. Here’s a glimpse into what fans can anticipate:

Building on a Strong Foundation: Finishing in 17th place might not be ideal, but it signifies a competitive team. Building on this foundation and addressing any shortcomings will be key.

Transfer Activity: The summer transfer window will be an interesting period. Will Spennymoor Town retain their core players? Are there potential signings to bolster the squad? Following the transfer news will be exciting for fans.

Pre-Season Preparations: Pre-season friendlies and training will be crucial for the team to gel and develop tactics for the upcoming season.

Staying updated on the club’s official website and social media channels will provide fans with the latest information on transfers, pre-season performances, and upcoming fixtures.

Here are some additional factors that could influence Spennymoor Town’s future:

Managerial Stability: Managerial continuity is vital for building a successful team. If the current manager remains at the helm, it could create a sense of stability and familiarity within the squad.

Fan Support: The unwavering support of the “Moorsmen” fans can be a significant motivational factor for the players.

The upcoming season promises to be another exciting chapter for Spennymoor Town FC. With a determined squad, strategic planning, and unwavering fan support, they have the potential to challenge for promotion and climb the English Football League pyramid.

This article provides a snapshot of Spennymoor Town FC’s current standings and explores their recent performance and prospects. As the new season approaches, fans can stay updated on the club’s official channels for the latest developments and continue to passionately support “The Moors” on their journey!

Fan Perspective: Keeping the Faith Alive

Despite the current mid-table position, Spennymoor Town boasts a loyal and passionate fanbase known as the “Moorheads.” These supporters are a vital source of encouragement for the team, creating a vibrant atmosphere at home games played at The Brewery Field.

While some fans might express disappointment with the current standings, many remain optimistic about the team’s potential. Social media platforms and fan forums are likely buzzing with discussions about potential signings, tactical changes, and hopes for a strong start to the new season.

The unwavering support of the Moorhead plays a crucial role in motivating the players and fostering a sense of togetherness within the club. This positive atmosphere can be a significant factor in propelling Spennymoor Town up the table in the upcoming season.


What league does Spennymoor Town FC play in? 

Spennymoor Town FC currently plays in the Vanarama National League North, a tier below the Football League in the English football pyramid.

Where are Spennymoor Town FC in the league table? 

As of June 21, 2024, Spennymoor Town FC is currently in the 17th position in the National League North table.

How many points does Spennymoor Town FC have?

 Spennymoor Town FC currently has 74 points.

Are Spennymoor Town FC in danger of relegation?

 It’s difficult to say definitively at this point in the season. The relegation zone is typically the bottom three teams in the league. With several teams clustered around the same points total, Spennymoor Town will need to keep performing well to avoid being dragged into a relegation battle.

Where can I find the latest Spennymoor Town FC league table? 

Several websites offer up-to-date league tables, including the National League North’s official website, Spennymoor FC’s official website, and various football results websites like FcTables.


Spennymoor FC currently finds itself in a tight race in the National League North. While they are not in immediate danger of relegation, they will need to maintain their form to secure their position in the league. Fans can stay up-to-date on the latest standings and results by following the club’s official channels and reputable football websites.

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