k.v. kortrijk standings

K.V. Kortrijk Standings

K.V. Kortrijk-The Belgian Pro League, also known as Jupiler Pro League for sponsorship reasons, is set to kick off its 2024-25 season soon. K.V. Kortrijk, a familiar name in Belgian football, will be looking to improve upon their performance from the previous season. This article dives deep into K.V. Kortrijk’s current standings, their past performance, and what fans can expect in the upcoming season.

Where Does K.V. Kortrijk Stand Currently?

As of today, June 21, 2024, the Belgian Pro League is yet to begin its new season. Therefore, there are no official standings available for any team, including K.V. Kortrijk. The league typically starts in late July or early August, and official standings will be published on the league’s website and various sports news platforms once the season commences.

Here are some resources where you can find the official standings for the Belgian Pro League once the season starts:

Jupiler Pro League website: [Insert Link to Jupiler Pro League Standings]

UEFA:(K.V. Kortrijk team page with standings tab)

FOX Sports

A Look Back at K.V. Kortrijk’s 2023-24 Season

The 2023-24 season was a tale of two halves for K.V. Kortrijk. They started the regular season strong, finishing the playoffs in a respectable sixth place. However, their struggles came during the relegation playoffs, where they narrowly avoided relegation by finishing second from the bottom.

Here’s a breakdown of K.V. Kortrijk’s performance in the 2023-24 season:

Regular Season: Sixth place in the playoffs (secured a spot in the Europa Conference League qualifiers)

Relegation Playoffs: Second place (avoided relegation)

While avoiding relegation is a positive outcome, fans will be hoping for a more consistent performance throughout the upcoming season.

Reasons for Optimism in the 2024-25 Season

Despite the previous season’s struggles, there are reasons for optimism surrounding K.V. Kortrijk in the upcoming season:

Young Talent: K.V. Kortrijk boasts a squad with several talented young players who are continuously developing. Their performance in the future seasons will be crucial for the team’s success.

Managerial Stability: Manager Yves Vanderhaeghe has been at the helm since 2018, providing a sense of continuity and stability within the team.

Potential for Transfers: The transfer window is still open, and K.V. Kortrijk could potentially strengthen their squad with strategic acquisitions.

These factors, combined with a dedicated fanbase, create a positive outlook for K.V. Kortrijk in the upcoming season.

Challenges K.V. Kortrijk Might Face

While there are reasons for optimism, K.V. Kortrijk also faces some challenges:

Competition: The Belgian Pro League boasts several strong teams like Anderlecht, Club Brugge, and Union Saint-Gilloise. Competition for European qualification spots will be fierce.

Maintaining Player Form: Keeping young players motivated and performing consistently throughout the season is a challenge that K.V. Kortrijk needs to address.

Injury Concerns: Injuries to key players can significantly disrupt a team’s performance. Squad depth will be crucial in mitigating this risk.

Overcoming these challenges will be essential for K.V. Kortrijk to achieve their goals in the 2024-25 season.

Fan Expectations for the Upcoming Season

K.V. Kortrijk fans will be hoping for a significant improvement from the previous season. Here are some realistic expectations fans might have:

A Strong Start: A positive start to the season will set the tone and build momentum for the rest of the campaign.

Avoiding Relegation Woes: Fans will undoubtedly want the team to stay clear of the relegation zone and secure their place in the top division.

Competing for a Top-Half Finish: While challenging the top teams might be difficult, a top-half finish would be a significant improvement for K.V. Kortrijk.

Exciting Performances: Fans will be looking forward to entertaining and tactically sound performances from the team.

These expectations are achievable with a dedicated team effort, strategic planning from the management, and unwavering support from the fans.

New Season, New Hope: Transfer Activity and Squad Analysis

The summer transfer window is a period of immense activity for clubs across Europe. K.V. Kortrijk has been busy shaping their squad for the upcoming season. Here’s a glimpse into their transfer dealings:

Departures: Several key players, including midfielder Massimo Bruno and defender Marco Kana, have moved on to other clubs. These departures leave significant gaps to fill, particularly in the defensive line.

Arrivals: K.V. Kortrijk has been proactive in bringing in reinforcements. Promising youngsters like midfielder Isaak Davies and striker Djibi Seck have joined the ranks, adding dynamism and attacking prowess. The experience of Felipe Avenatti, a seasoned defender, will be crucial in shoring up the backline.

The overall impact of these transfers remains to be seen. Integrating new players and maintaining team chemistry will be crucial for K.V. Kortrijk’s success.


When does the Belgian Pro League season start?

The official start date for the 2024-2025 Belgian Pro League season is yet to be announced. However, based on previous seasons, it typically begins in late July or early August.

Where can I find the latest K.V. Kortrijk standings?

Several websites offer up-to-date standings for the Belgian Pro League, including:

Fox Sports 

Football Web Pages


Is the Belgian Pro League season currently ongoing?

No, the Belgian Pro League season is not currently ongoing. As of today, June 21, 2024, we are still in the off-season period leading up to the 2024-2025 season.

How did K.V. Kortrijk perform last season?

While the new season hasn’t begun, you might be interested in Kortrijk’s performance last year. In the 2023-2024 season, they finished in the Relegation Playoffs, ultimately avoiding relegation.

What are some resources to stay updated on K.V. Kortrijk?

Here are some resources to follow K.V. Kortrijk and stay updated on their performance:

The club’s official website: (Dutch)

Their social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Belgian Pro League website: (Dutch and French)

How did K.V. Kortrijk perform last season (2023-2024)?

In the 2023-2024 Belgian Pro League, K.V. Kortrijk finished in the Relegation Round, ultimately avoiding relegation. They secured a second-place finish in the Relegation Playoffs.

Where does K.V. Kortrijk currently stand in the league?

As of today, June 21, 2024, the official Belgian Pro League season has not yet begun. Therefore, K.V. Kortrijk’s standings are not available yet. The season typically starts in late July or early August.


The 2024-2025 Belgian Pro League season is on the horizon, and K.V. Kortrijk is gearing up for another campaign. While the official standings are yet to be established, you can stay informed by following the resources mentioned above. With the season approaching, news and updates about K.V. Kortrijk will become more frequent, allowing fans to track the team’s progress and performance.

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