FC Dallas Stumble in 2024 MLS Season: Can They Turn Things Around?

FC Dallas, a perennial contender in Major League Soccer, finds itself in unfamiliar territory in 2024. Currently sitting in 12th place in the Western Conference, far from the playoff picture, questions swirl around the team’s struggles. This article dives deep into FC Dallas’ current standings, explores the reasons behind their slump, and analyzes their chances of salvaging the season.

Current Standings: A Disappointing Mid-Table Position

As of June 19th, 2024, FC Dallas holds a record of 4 wins, 5 ties, and 8 losses. With 17 points, they lag behind the likes of Real Salt Lake (34 points) and LAFC (33 points) who occupy the top spots in the conference. This underwhelming performance is a stark contrast to recent seasons where FC Dallas consistently challenged for a playoff berth.

Here’s a breakdown of Football Club Dallas’ performance compared to the Western Conference:

Points: 12th (out of 14 teams)

Wins: 12th

Losses: 8th (most)

Goals Scored: 14th

Goals Conceded: 12th

These statistics paint a clear picture of a team struggling to find consistency. Their low goal output highlights a lack of attacking prowess, while their defensive record leaves room for improvement.

Dissecting the Reasons Behind the Slump

Several factors have contributed to FC Dallas’ disappointing start:

Injuries: Key players like Jesus Ferreira and Bryan Acosta have missed significant time due to injury. Ferreira, the team’s leading scorer in 2023, has been a notable absentee, and his absence has significantly impacted the team’s attacking threat.

Inconsistent Form: Football Club Dallas has struggled to string together consistent results. Victories have been followed by defeats, hindering their ability to climb the standings.

Offensive Woes: The team’s attacking play has lacked creativity and cohesion. They struggle to break down resolute defences and convert scoring opportunities.

Defensive Lapses: While not a complete disaster, the defence has shown vulnerabilities at times. Untimely mistakes and lapses in concentration have led to costly goals conceded.

Can FC Dallas Salvage the Season?

While the situation is challenging, there’s still hope for Football Club Dallas to turn things around. Here’s what can potentially spark a turnaround:

Return of Key Players: The return of injured players like Ferreira and Acosta will significantly boost the squad’s attacking potential and overall morale.

Tactical Tweaks: Head Coach Nico Estévez might need to adjust his tactics to better suit the current personnel. Finding the right balance between attack and defence will be crucial.

Improved Team Chemistry: Building a stronger team spirit and ensuring players are on the same page both on and off the field can significantly impact performance.

Favorable Schedule: Football Club Dallas has a relatively easier schedule in the coming weeks, which presents an opportunity to pick up points and build momentum.

Fan Support: The unwavering support of the Dallas faithful can be a crucial factor in the team’s success. A positive and encouraging atmosphere at Toyota Stadium can inspire the players to perform at their best.

Looking Ahead: The Road to the Playoffs

The road to the playoffs won’t be easy. Football Club Dallas needs a significant improvement in their performance across the board. However, with a strong core of players, a talented coaching staff, and the backing of their fans, anything is possible.

Here are some key factors to watch as the season progresses:

Performance of Young Players: Developing young talent like Brandon Servania and Tsiki Ntsabeleng will be crucial for long-term success.

Transfer Window Activity: Football Club Dallas might look to strengthen the squad during the summer transfer window, potentially adding players who can address their weaknesses.

The remaining fixtures present a golden opportunity for FC Dallas to prove their mettle. They need to find a way to win games consistently and climb their way back into playoff contention. While the task is daunting, the potential for a strong finish remains.

This season has been a rollercoaster ride for FC Dallas fans. However, one thing remains certain – the passion and dedication of the supporters will never waver. The team will be looking to repay that faith with a strong showing in the second half of the season.


Where does FC Dallas stand in the MLS Western Conference?

As of June 19, 2024,Football Club Dallas sits in 12th place in the Western Conference with 17 points [source: FC Dallas Standings].

How many wins, losses, and ties does FC Dallas have?

FC Dallas currently has 4 wins, 8 losses, and 5 ties [source: FC Dallas Standings].

What is FC Dallas’s goal differential?

FC Dallas has a goal differential of -5, having scored 20 goals and conceding 25 [source: FC Dallas Standings].

Who is currently leading the Western Conference?

Real Salt Lake leads the Western Conference with 34 points [source: FC Dallas Standings].

Is FC Dallas in playoff contention?

The playoff picture is still taking shape, but FC Dallas currently sits outside the playoff spots. With many games remaining in the season, there’s still a chance for them to climb the standings.

Where can I find the latest FC Dallas standings?

You can find the latest Football Club Dallas standings on the official FC Dallas website [source: Football Club Dallas Standings] or on various sports news websites.

What are their chances of making the playoffs?

With a significant portion of the season remaining, Football Club Dallas’s playoff chances are still open. They’ll need to string together some wins and capitalize on upcoming matches against teams around them in the standings.

Where can I find more information on FC Dallas standings and upcoming matches?

You can find the latest Football Club Dallas standings and the schedule for their upcoming matches on the FC Dallas official website or various sports news websites.


Football Club Dallas has had a challenging start to the 2024 MLS season. Currently positioned outside the playoff spots, they will need to turn things around to make a push for postseason contention. The team’s remaining schedule will be crucial, and fans will be looking for key players to step up and lead the way. Stay tuned for the latest updates on FC Dallas’s standings and their journey throughout the season!

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