Almere City FC Struggles in the 2023-24 Eredivisie Season

Almere City FC, a young and ambitious club from the Netherlands, finds itself in a precarious position in the ongoing 2023-24 Eredivisie season. Despite flashes of promise, the team currently sits in 13th place, facing an uphill battle to avoid a disappointing finish. This article dives deep into Almere City’s current standings, analyzing its performance, challenges, and potential for improvement.

A Season of Mixed Results

Almere City entered the 2023-24 season with cautious optimism. The club had secured a respectable 11th-place finish the previous year and aimed to solidify its position in the Eredivisie. However, the season has been a rollercoaster ride so far.

The team has managed only seven wins in 34 games, a far cry from the consistency needed to compete for the top half of the table. Almere City has also drawn 13 games, showcasing their defensive resilience but highlighting their struggles to convert draws into victories. Worryingly, the team has suffered 14 losses, the second-highest in the league, indicating a vulnerability that has cost them crucial points.

These numbers translate to a meagre 1.00 point per game average, placing them firmly in the bottom half of the table. While they hold a comfortable lead over the relegation zone, a strong finish is necessary to avoid a potential relegation battle in the final stretch of the season.

Key Factors Behind Almere City’s Struggles

Several factors have contributed to Almere City’s underwhelming performance this season. Let’s explore some of the most significant ones:

Lack of Firepower: Almere City has only managed to score 33 goals in 34 games, placing them amongst the lowest scorers in the Eredivisie. The team lacks a prolific goalscorer, relying heavily on collective efforts to find the net. Injuries to key attacking players have further exacerbated this issue.

Defensive Inconsistencies: While their defensive record isn’t abysmal, conceding 59 goals in 34 games showcases a lack of consistency at the back. Almere City has shown moments of defensive solidity but has also been prone to lapses in concentration, leading to costly goals.

Winless Streak: Perhaps the most concerning aspect of Almere City’s season is their current winless run. They haven’t secured a victory in the last 12 league games, a slump that has significantly impacted their morale and position in the table.

Fixture Difficulty: The Eredivisie is a fiercely contested league, and Almere City’s schedule hasn’t been easy. They have already faced several established clubs like PSV Eindhoven, Feyenoord, and Ajax, leading to some inevitable losses.

A Glimmer of Hope: Signs of Improvement

Despite the challenges, there are some positive signs for Almere City. Here are some reasons for optimism:

Strong Draws: The team has secured 13 draws, demonstrating their ability to hold their own against stronger opponents. This fighting spirit bodes well for their future performances.

Young Talent: Almere City boasts a young and talented squad with immense potential. With experience and proper development, these players could become the core of a successful team in the coming years.

Supportive Fans: Almere City enjoys a passionate fanbase that provides unwavering support. This loyal backing can be a significant source of motivation for the players during challenging times.

Looking Ahead: Can Almere City Avoid a Relegation Scrap?

With 10 games remaining in the season, Almere City needs a strong push to climb the table. Here’s what they can do:

Finding the Winning Formula: Breaking their winless streak is paramount. The team needs to rediscover their winning mentality and convert draws into victories.

Sharpening the Attack: Improving their attacking prowess is crucial. Utilizing their existing talent optimally and potentially acquiring a clinical finisher in the transfer window could significantly boost their goal-scoring potential.

Maintaining Defensive Discipline: Building on their defensive strengths while minimizing lapses in concentration is crucial to prevent conceding unnecessary goals.

Capitalizing on Favorable Fixtures: While the remaining schedule includes some tough opponents, Almere City also has opportunities to secure points against teams placed lower in the table. These games require maximum focus and determination.

The upcoming matches will be a true test of Almere City’s character. With a renewed focus, tactical changes if necessary, and unwavering determination, the team can potentially avoid a relegation scrap and secure a mid-table finish.


Where does Almere City FC currently stand in the Eredivisie?

Almere City FC currently sits in 13th place in the 2023-24 Eredivisie season (as of June 19, 2024).

How many points do they have?

Almere City FC has 34 points after 34 games played.

Are they in danger of relegation?

The relegation zone in the Eredivisie consists of the bottom two teams. With a 7-point gap to 16th place Excelsior Rotterdam, Almere City FC is likely safe from relegation at this point. However, they’ll need to keep performing to solidify their position.

What’s their recent form been like?

Almere City FC has struggled recently, losing their last two games and winning only one of their last eight.

Who are the top teams in the Eredivisie?

PSV Eindhoven currently leads the Eredivisie table, followed closely by Feyenoord and FC Twente.

Is Almere City FC in danger of relegation?

The relegation zone is very tight, with only a few points separating several teams. While Almere City FC is not currently in the relegation zone, their recent form suggests they need to improve to avoid going down.

Where can I find the latest Eredivisie standings?

Several websites provide the latest Eredivisie standings, including,, and Flashscore. in.


Almere City FC has had a challenging season, currently hovering in mid-table. While they seem safe from relegation, they’ll need to improve their form to climb the standings. Keep an eye on their upcoming fixtures against Go Ahead Eagles, Heerenveen, and others to see if they can turn things around.

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