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C.F. Monterrey Standings: Gearing Up for the New Liga MX Season

C.F. Monterrey, also known as Rayados, is a historic and passionate football club in Mexico. With a loyal fanbase and a rich trophy cabinet, keeping track of their performance is a priority for many supporters. As we approach the kick-off of the 2024-25 Liga MX season, let’s delve into C.F. Monterrey’s current standings and what fans can expect in the coming months.

No Standings Yet: Anticipation Builds for the Apertura

Since today is June 19, 2024, the official Liga MX season has not begun. The Apertura (opening) tournament typically starts in mid-July, with the Clausura (closing) following in January. Therefore, there are no official standings for C.F. Monterrey or any other team at this point.

However, this pre-season period is a great time to look back at Monterrey’s performance in the previous Clausura and analyze their potential for the upcoming season.

A Look Back: C.F. Monterrey’s 2024 Clausura Performance

The 2024 Clausura saw C.F. Monterrey finish in a respectable fourth place during the regular season. They secured a spot in the playoffs (Liguilla) but were unfortunately eliminated in the quarterfinals.

Here’s a breakdown of their performance:

Regular Season: 9 wins, 5 draws, and 3 losses.

Playoffs: Lost in the quarterfinals.

While reaching the playoffs is always a positive, some fans might feel the sting of a quarterfinal exit. This motivates the team to come back stronger in the upcoming season.

Here are some key aspects from the Clausura that might influence the upcoming Apertura:

Strong Defense: Monterrey boasted a solid defense throughout the Clausura, conceding the second-fewest goals in the league. This defensive stability will be crucial for their success in the upcoming season.

Inconsistent Offense: While the defense held strong, goalscoring proved to be a challenge at times. Converting scoring opportunities will be a key area for improvement.

Key Departures: The transfer window can be a double-edged sword. Monterrey lost some key players during the offseason, which could impact their initial form.

Key Factors to Consider for the Apertura

With the Apertura approaching, several factors will influence C.F. Monterrey’s standings:

New Signings: How quickly can the new signings integrate with the existing squad and contribute effectively?

Managerial Tactics: Will the manager adjust his tactics to compensate for player departures and integrate new signings?

Schedule: The strength of their opponents throughout the season will significantly impact their point accumulation.

These factors all contribute to the uncertainty surrounding C.F. Monterrey’s position in the upcoming Apertura standings.

Where to Find the Latest Standings

Once the season kicks off, you can find the official C.F. Monterrey standings on various platforms:

Liga MX Website: The official Liga MX website provides comprehensive standings for all teams, including points, wins, draws, and losses.

C.F. Monterrey Website: The club’s official website usually features a dedicated section showcasing the latest standings and upcoming fixtures. 

Sports News Websites and Apps: Major sports news websites and apps like ESPN, FOX Sports, and CBS Sports provide updated standings and information on Liga MX.

Following these resources will allow you to stay updated on C.F. Monterrey’s position in the standings throughout the season.

Beyond the Standings: Factors for Success

While standings are important, they don’t tell the whole story. Here are some additional factors that can contribute to C.F. Monterrey’s success in the upcoming season:

Team Chemistry: A strong team spirit and understanding between players are crucial for on-field performance.

Fan Support: The passionate support of the Monterrey faithful can provide a significant motivational boost to the team.

Momentum: Building momentum and winning key games early in the season can set the tone for a successful campaign.

These elements can propel C.F. Monterrey towards achieving their goals, even if their standings might not always reflect their true potential.

A Season Filled with Promise

The upcoming Liga MX Apertura presents C.F. Monterrey with both challenges and opportunities. While questions remain about their final position in the standings, there’s a strong foundation for success.

Recap: C.F. Monterrey’s Performance in Clausura 2024

The Clausura 2024 wasn’t the most successful for Rayados. They finished the regular season in 4th place with a record of 9 wins, 5 draws, and 3 losses. While they secured a playoff spot, their journey was cut short as they were eliminated in the quarterfinals.

Here’s a closer look at their performance:

Strengths: C.F. Monterrey displayed a strong offensive presence throughout the season. They had a decent goalscoring record, with some players like Rogelio Funes Mori and Maxi Meza consistently finding the net.

Weaknesses: Conceding goals was a concern. The defensive line seemed vulnerable at times, especially during away games. Additionally, inconsistency in midfield control occasionally hampered their overall gameplay.


When does the Liga MX season start?

The official Liga MX season dates vary slightly from year to year. Typically, the Apertura (Opening) tournament begins in July and concludes in November, while the Clausura (Closing) tournament runs from January to May.

Unfortunately, as of today, June 19, 2024, the 2024 Apertura season has not begun yet.

Where can I find the current C.F. Monterrey standings?

Several websites provide Liga MX standings, including:

FOX Sports 



These sites will update with the official standings as soon as the season kicks off.

How did C.F. Monterrey perform last season (Clausura 2024)?

There is no official information available online regarding the specific results of the Clausura 2024 season.

What are C.F. Monterrey’s chances of winning the Liga MX championship this year?

It’s too early to say definitively! While we can’t predict the future, Monterrey has a history of success in Liga MX. Following the upcoming season and how they perform against other strong teams will provide a better idea of their championship chances.

Where can I stay updated on C.F. Monterrey news and results?

Here are some suggestions:

Follow the official C.F. Monterrey social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

Subscribe to news websites or apps dedicated to Liga MX.

Visit the official Liga MX website for news and updates.


The 2024 Apertura season for Liga MX is just around the corner, and C.F. Monterrey fans are eagerly awaiting the team’s performance. While the official standings aren’t available yet, you can stay informed by following the team and the league on social media and dedicated sports websites. With the season approaching, we’ll soon see how C.F. Monterrey stacks up against the competition!

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