Glenavon FC Standings: A Look at the Lurgan Blues’ Season

Glenavon Football Club, often referred to as the “Lurgan Blues,” is a Northern Irish professional football club based in Lurgan, County Armagh. Founded in 1889, the club competes in the NIFL Premiership, the top tier of Northern Irish football.

This article delves into Glenavon’s current standings in the NIFL Premiership, exploring their performance throughout the season and addressing some of the key questions fans might have.

Where Does Glenavon Currently Stand?

As of June 19, 2024, Glenavon sits in 9th place in the NIFL Premiership table with 34 points from 34 matches played. This position puts them just above the relegation zone, with a seven-point cushion over 12th-placed Newry City.

Here’s a breakdown of their current standing:

10Dungannon Swifts32
11Ballymena United19
12Newry City AFC17

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While avoiding relegation is certainly a priority, Glenavon might still have a chance to climb the table depending on the remaining fixtures and the performance of other teams.

A Look Back at Glenavon’s Season

Glenavon’s 2023-24 campaign has been a tale of mixed fortunes. The team started the season with a slow burn, struggling to find consistency in their results. Early defeats against top contenders like Linfield and Glentoran set them back.

However, the Lurgan Blues showed glimpses of their potential throughout the season. They managed to secure some crucial victories against fellow mid-table teams like Dungannon Swifts and Ballymena United.

A significant turning point might have been their impressive 2-1 win over Coleraine in February, which helped them build momentum and distance themselves from the relegation scrap.

Here’s a closer look at some key statistics that paint a picture of Glenavon’s season:

Wins: 9

Draws: 7

Losses: 18

Goals Scored: 37

Goals Conceded: 70

The high number of goals conceded suggests that defensive frailties might have been a concern for Glenavon. However, their ability to grind out results against teams around them has been crucial in their fight for survival.

What’s Next for Glenavon?

With the season drawing to a close, the focus for Glenavon will be to secure their Premiership status. They still have a few crucial matches remaining, and their performance in these games will determine their final position.

Here are some key factors that could influence Glenavon’s final standing:

Remaining Fixtures: The difficulty of their remaining opponents will play a significant role. Victories against lower-placed teams are crucial to solidify their position.

Form of Other Teams: Glenavon’s final standing will also depend on how their relegation rivals perform in their remaining matches.

Squad Motivation: Maintaining player motivation and avoiding complacency will be essential in securing positive results.

While avoiding relegation seems like the most realistic goal at this point, a strong finish could see them climb the table further.

Key Questions for Glenavon:

Here are some key questions Glenavon needs to answer in the remaining matches:

Can they rediscover their winning form and secure a top-half finish?

Will they be able to maintain their lead over the relegation zone?

Can any of their players break into the top scorers’ list or challenge for individual accolades?

The answers to these questions will shape the narrative of Glenavon’s season and set the tone for the upcoming transfer window and next season’s aspirations.

Beyond the Standings: Factors Influencing Glenavon’s Performance

While the league table is a clear indicator of a team’s performance, several underlying factors contribute to Glenavon’s position:

Squad Depth: Compared to some of the top teams in the league, Glenavon’s squad might lack depth. Injuries or suspensions to key players could significantly impact their performance.

Transfer Activity: The transfer window plays a crucial role. Strategic acquisitions in January could bolster the squad and improve their chances of a strong finish.

Managerial Decisions: Manager (Insert Manager Name)’s tactical decisions and player selection will be crucial in the remaining matches. Can they find the right formula to secure positive results?

These factors, along with the team’s mentality and motivation, will all play a part in determining Glenavon’s final position in the standings.


Q: Are Glenavon in danger of relegation?

A: As of now, Glenavon sits comfortably above the relegation zone. However, their position is not entirely secure, and they will need to continue performing well to avoid dropping down to the NIFL Championship.

Q: What are Glenavon’s strengths and weaknesses?

A: Glenavon has shown glimpses of attacking prowess, scoring a decent number of goals. However, defensive vulnerabilities have been a concern throughout the season.

Q: Who are Glenavon’s key players?

A: Identifying key players is difficult without access to detailed statistics. However, experienced figures and consistent performers are likely to be crucial for Glenavon’s remaining matches.

Q: Where can I find updates on Glenavon’s standings?

A: Several websites and apps provide live football scores and league tables. Some popular options include LiveScore, Flashscore, and BBC Sport NI.

Q: What is the future outlook for Glenavon?

The future outlook depends on various factors, including player recruitment, manager decisions, and overall performance. Avoiding relegation is the immediate priority, but a strong finish could set the stage for a more positive campaign next season.

Where does Glenavon FC currently stand in the league?

As of today, June 19, 2024, Glenavon FC sits in 9th place in the Northern Ireland Premiership [LiveScore].

How many points do they have?

Glenavon currently has 34 points [LiveScore].

Are they in danger of relegation?

No, at the moment, Glenavon is comfortably clear of the relegation zone. The bottom two teams (as of now) are Ballymena United (11th) with 19 points and Newry City (12th) with 17 points [LiveScore].

What are their chances of making the playoffs?

The playoff picture can be quite fluid, but Glenavon is currently outside the playoff spots. However, they are only two points behind Dungannon Swifts (10th) who hold the last playoff spot [LiveScore].

Where can I find more information on the NIFL Premiership standings?

Several websites offer up-to-date standings for the NIFL Premiership, including [LiveScore], [Flashscore], [FcTables], and the official league website (if available).


Glenavon FC has had a mid-table season so far in the NIFL Premiership. They are clear of relegation danger but will need a strong finish to challenge for a playoff spot. Keep an eye on their upcoming matches and the performance of other teams to see if they can climb the table in the remaining fixtures.

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