You Season 4(Review): A Shift in the Stalker’s Game

Love is a battlefield, and for Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) in Netflix’s “You” season 4, that battlefield has transformed into the posh streets of London. Does this new location and a supposed fresh start for Joe translate into a fresh season for viewers? Let’s delve into the critical reception, plot twists, and character developments that define “You” season 4 review.

A New You, A New City (Except for Marienne, Maybe)

Season 3 ended with Joe, having faked his death, embarking on a new chapter in Paris to be near his latest obsession, Marienne (Tati Gabrielle). However, season 4 throws a curveball. Joe, now going by Nick, finds himself not in the City of Lights but in the heart of England.

This unexpected location shift is a bold choice. London provides a distinct backdrop compared to the previous seasons’ settings of New York and Los Angeles. The opulent estates and aristocratic social circles Joe infiltrates offer a fresh visual landscape, mirroring the supposed change in his character.

Gone, it seems, are the days of bookstore stalking and creeping through Brooklyn apartments. Joe, clean-shaven and attempting a posh British accent (with mixed results), becomes a literature professor at a prestigious university. There’s even a budding romance with his colleague, Kate (Charlotte Ritchie), who appears to be everything Marienne wasn’t – sophisticated, witty, and seemingly open to a genuine connection.

A Killer Among the Upper Crust: Enter the Eat-the-Rich Mystery

But of course, this wouldn’t be “You” without a healthy dose of murder and obsession.

Joe soon finds himself entangled in a web of his own making when he becomes the target of a mysterious killer stalking the wealthy elite he now associates with.

This “eat-the-rich” theme adds a layer of social commentary to the season. The victims, all wealthy and morally dubious, are seemingly targeted for their privilege. This injects a sense of ambiguity into the narrative.

Is Joe truly being framed, or is this a twisted opportunity for him to indulge his dark urges under the guise of self-preservation?

Love, Lies, and…Literature?

The core of “You” has always been Joe’s warped perception of love and his obsessive tendencies.

Season 4 explores these themes through his dynamic with Kate. Their intellectual connection built around literature offers a unique twist on Joe’s usual predatory tactics.

However, the season also delves into the psychological impact of his past actions. Haunted by the ghosts of his victims and the consequences of his obsessions, Joe grapples with the possibility of genuine change. Is he truly capable of redemption, or is this all another elaborate ruse?

Critical Reception: A Mixed Bag

Reviews for season 4 have been divided. Some praise the show’s boldness in taking Joe to a new environment and introducing a fresh mystery.

Others criticize the pacing, finding it slower than previous seasons, and express disappointment with the underdevelopment of certain characters, particularly those outside of Joe’s immediate sphere.

The comedic elements, a staple of the show, are toned down, replaced by a more suspenseful atmosphere. This tonal shift may not resonate with all viewers who enjoyed the dark humor of previous seasons.

Is You Season 4 Worth Watching?

Ultimately, whether you enjoy “You” season 4 depends on your expectations. If you’re looking for a fast-paced psycho-thriller with the same level of violence and shocking revelations as previous seasons, you might be disappointed.

However, if you’re interested in seeing Joe in a new light, grappling with the consequences of his actions and facing a different kind of challenge, then season 4 offers an intriguing exploration of this complex character.

The season also leaves the door open for future exploration, with Joe’s fate hanging in the balance and the potential for even more twists and turns in his twisted journey.


You Season 4: A Stalker’s Paradise Lost? FAQs Unveil the Truth

You season 4 is here, and Joe Goldberg’s twisted journey continues. But did the season live up to the hype? This FAQ dives into the burning questions fans have been asking:

Is You Season 4 Good? (Spoiler-Free!)

Opinions are divided! Here’s a breakdown:

Thrills and Twists Remain: You can expect the signature dark humor, suspense, and shocking turns the show is known for.

A New Twist on Joe: Season 4 puts Joe in a different situation, making him a target for once. This fresh dynamic keeps things interesting.

Mixed Bag of Characters: Some viewers found the new cast of wealthy socialites less compelling than past characters.

Should I Watch It? Here’s What to Consider:

Love the Show’s Premise? Give it a Shot: If you’re hooked on Joe’s twisted world and the show’s psychological exploration, you’ll likely enjoy season 4.

Looking for More Character Development? You Might Be Disappointed: Character growth, especially for Joe, might feel limited compared to previous seasons.

Yearning for a Fresh Start? Maybe Look Elsewhere: Season 4 heavily connects to past events. New viewers might find it easier to start from season 1.

What Do People Like About Season 4 (With Minor Spoilers)?

A New Setting: London provides a fresh backdrop for Joe’s antics and explores themes of class difference.

A Different Kind of “You” for Joe: This season focuses on Joe’s internal struggles and his attempts to be a better person (for his own reasons, of course).

Unpredictable Turns: The story takes unexpected twists and turns, keeping viewers guessing until the very end.

Are There Any Criticisms of Season 4 (With Minor Spoilers)?

Less Focus on Love and Obsession: The core element of Joe’s obsessive love takes a backseat compared to previous seasons.

Underdeveloped Supporting Cast: Some viewers found the new characters lacking in depth and felt they were overshadowed by Joe.

Pacing Issues: The season’s pacing might feel uneven at times, with some scenes dragging and others feeling rushed.

The Verdict: Stream or Skip? You Decide!

You season 4 offers a fresh take on Joe Goldberg’s story. While it might not be perfect, it delivers the dark thrills and shocking moments fans expect.

Consider your preferences and weigh the spoilers above to decide if this season is your cup of tea (or poisoned latte, as the case may be). Happy streaming!

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