Warta Poznań: Gearing Up for the New I Liga Season

Warta Poznań, a historic Polish football club founded in 1912, is preparing for the upcoming 2024-25 I Liga season. With a passionate fanbase and a rich history, the “Zieloni” (The Greens) are looking to build on a promising past few seasons and potentially challenge for promotion to the Ekstraklasa, the top tier of Polish football.

This article dives into Warta Poznań’s current standings, explores their recent performance, and analyzes their prospects for the upcoming season.

Where Does Warta Poznań Stand?

As of today, June 26, 2024, the official I Liga season has not yet begun. Therefore, there are no official standings available. The league typically starts in late July or early August. However, several sports websites provide projected standings based on expert opinions and historical data. These projections typically show all teams with zero points due to the lack of played matches.

Here are some resources where you can find these projected standings:

Flashscore: [Flashscore Warta Poznan Standings]

Tribuna: [Tribuna Warta Poznan Standings]

FcTables: [FcTables Warta Poznan Standings]

What to Expect When the Season Starts

The actual standings will emerge once the season kicks off. Keep an eye on the official I liga website and the aforementioned sports websites for the latest updates.

These websites will not only display the standings but also offer valuable information on fixtures, results, team statistics, and player information.

A Look Back: Warta Poznań’s Recent Performance

Warta Poznań has experienced a significant resurgence in recent years. After a period spent in the lower leagues, they secured promotion back to the I liga in 2013. Since then, they have consistently challenged for promotion to the Ekstraklasa.

Here’s a quick breakdown of their recent performance:

2021-22 Season: Warta Poznań finished a respectable 5th place in the I liga, showcasing their ability to compete at the top end of the division.

2022-23 Season: They continued to impress, securing a strong 4th place finish, only a few points shy of the automatic promotion spots.

2023-24 Season: The most recent season saw a slight dip in form, as they finished the season in 8th place. Notably, they suffered a heavy defeat to Wisła Płock in their final game (10-3).

Warta Poznań: Looking Ahead to the New Season

While the 2023-24 season wasn’t their strongest, Warta Poznań remains a force to be reckoned with in the I liga. Here are some key factors that could influence their performance in the upcoming season:

Squad Retention: Maintaining a strong core of players who understand each other’s playing style is crucial. Warta Poznań will need to focus on retaining key figures and addressing any weaknesses in the squad.

Transfer Activity: Strategic acquisitions in key positions can significantly impact a team’s performance. Warta Poznań will need to make smart choices in the transfer market to bolster their squad.

Managerial Continuity: Stability on the coaching side provides a sense of direction and allows players to adapt to the manager’s philosophy. Warta Poznań will benefit from continued leadership from their current manager, should he remain.

Beyond the Standings: Warta Poznań’s Legacy and Fanbase

While the standings are a vital indicator of a team’s success, Warta Poznań boasts a rich history that extends beyond league positions. Here are some additional aspects that contribute to the club’s identity:

A Strong Fanbase: The “Zieloni” enjoy passionate support from their fans, who are known for creating a vibrant atmosphere at home games. This unwavering support can give the team a significant home advantage.

Commitment to Youth Development: Warta Poznań has a strong academy system that focuses on nurturing young talent. Developing homegrown players not only strengthens the squad but also fosters a sense of connection with the local community.

Community Involvement: Warta Poznań actively engages with the local community through various initiatives. This social responsibility aspect strengthens the club’s connection to its fans and the city of Poznań.

Warta Poznań’s journey is more than just chasing a top spot in the league. They are a club deeply rooted in their community, with a dedicated fanbase and a commitment to developing future stars. As the new I Liga season approaches, fans are eager to see how the “Zieloni” perform and whether they can mount a serious challenge for promotion.


When will the I Liga season start?

We don’t have an official date yet, but based on past seasons, the I liga typically starts in July or August.

Where can I find the I-Liga standings once the season begins?

Many websites will have the I Liga standings readily available, including:

Official I Liga website (if available)

Polish sports news websites

International sports websites like Flashscore or Soccerway

How did Warta Poznań finish last season?

You can find resources online that show past I Liga standings. This will tell you how Warta Poznań performed in the 2023-24 season.

What are the expectations for Warta Poznań this season?

This information can be gleaned from various sources:

Polish sports news articles and journalist predictions

Fan forums and social media discussions


While there are no official standings yet, stay tuned for the I Liga season to begin and see how Warta Poznań performs. Keep an eye on the official league and team websites, as well as sports news outlets, for the latest updates and standings once the season kicks off.

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