Vigil Season 2 Cast

Vigil Season 2 Cast by Suranne Jones’ DCI Amy Silva captivated audiences in season one of the gripping BBC drama “Vigil,” a taut police procedural set amidst the claustrophobic confines of a nuclear submarine. But as the series dives back into the murky depths for season two, a fresh wave of characters joins the fray, alongside some familiar faces. Let’s meet the cast who will be navigating the murky waters of international intrigue and high-stakes military action.

Returning Crew: Familiar Faces Steer the Course

Suranne Jones as DCI Amy Silva

The tenacious DCI Silva remains the anchor of “Vigil” season two. Jones’ portrayal of the steely detective, determined to uncover the truth behind a suspicious death aboard the submarine HMS Vigil, resonated with viewers. Season two will likely see Silva grapple with new challenges and bureaucratic hurdles as she pursues justice in a complex international case.

Rose Leslie as DI Kirsten Longacre

DI Longacre, played by the ever- watchable Rose Leslie, proved to be a valuable ally to Silva in season one. As a detective with divided loyalties – working for the Navy yet collaborating with the police – Longacre is sure to find herself in a precarious position once again. Will she prioritize her duty to the service or her commitment to uncovering the truth?

Gary Lewis as DSU/Chief Superintendent Colin Robertson

The enigmatic DSU Robertson, played by Gary Lewis, remains an intriguing presence. Season one hinted at a complex past for the detective, and it will be interesting to see if season two sheds more light on his motivations and loyalties.

New Recruits: Fresh Faces Bring New Mysteries

Dougray Scott as Air Vice Marshal Marcus Grainger

The arrival of Dougray Scott as Air Vice Marshal Marcus Grainger injects a new layer of authority and intrigue into season two. Grainger is a senior officer overseeing the R-PAS drone project, a secretive military operation that seems destined to be at the heart of the new season’s mystery.

Romola Garai as Acting Squadron Leader Eliza Russell

Romola Garai steps into the role of Acting Squadron Leader Eliza Russell, the interim leader of British forces stationed at Al-Shawka Air Base. Russell’s position suggests she will play a pivotal role in the drone program and the international dynamics at play.

Chris Jenks as Flight Lieutenant Callum Barker

Adding to the drone pilot roster is Chris Jenks as Flight Lieutenant Callum Barker, stationed in Wudyan. With secrets potentially swirling around the drone program, Barker’s character is likely to find himself caught in the crossfire between the police investigation and military operations.

Additional Cast Members

Several other actors round out the cast, each with the potential to add depth and intrigue to the narrative. David Elliot takes on the role of Ross Sutherland, a character whose past suggests he may harbor some dark secrets. Amir El-Masry joins the cast, though details about his character, Daniel Ramsay, are scarce. We can also expect to see Chris Jenks (Flight Lieutenant Callum Barker), Anders Hayward (Flying Officer Colin Dixon), Shannon Hayes (Flight Lieutenant Nicole Lawson), Oscar Salem (Captain Sattam Abdul “Sam” Kader), all playing vital roles in the upcoming season.

These are just a few of the questions that fans are eager to see answered as “Vigil” season two sets sail. The addition of these talented actors to the cast promises to add fresh layers of complexity and intrigue to the series, making for a suspenseful and thought-provoking exploration of international tensions, military secrets, and the pursuit of justice in the face of overwhelming odds.


Who are the main cast members returning for Season 2?

Suranne Jones: Reprising her role as the tenacious DCI Amy Silva, determined to uncover the truth behind a new mystery.

Rose Leslie: Back as DI Kirsten Longacre, Silva’s partner in crime-solving, with a sharper edge this season.

Gary Lewis: Returning as the ever-reliable DSU Colin Robertson, offering support and experience to the investigation.

Orla Russell: Once again portrays Poppy Torrens, Silva’s adopted daughter, adding a personal touch to the narrative.

Who are the new faces joining the cast in Season 2?

Dougray Scott: Steps into the role of Air Vice Marshal Marcus Grainger, a high-ranking official with a complex agenda.

Romola Garai: Portrays Acting Squadron Leader Eliza Russell, a strong leader navigating political tensions at a remote airbase.

Chris Jenks: Takes on the role of Flight Lieutenant Callum Barker, a drone pilot with a secret that could unravel everything.

David Elliot: Joins the cast as Ross Sutherland, a mysterious figure with a potential connection to the central case.

Where have I seen these new actors before?

Dougray Scott: This veteran actor has starred in movies like “Mission: Impossible 2” and TV shows like “Hemlock Grove.”

Romola Garai: You might recognize her from films like “Atonement” and “Vanity Fair” or the TV series “The Hour.”

Chris Jenks: This rising star has appeared in shows like “Casualty” and “Holby City.”

David Elliot: This accomplished actor has credits in films like “Garage” and TV shows like “Stan Lee’s Lucky Man.”

Are there any Youtube videos featuring the Vigil Season 2 cast?

Cast Interviews: Several channels might have interviews with the cast members discussing their characters and the filming process. Search for “[Vigil Season 2 Cast Interview]” to find these.

Behind-the-Scenes Look: For a glimpse into the making of the show, you can search for “[Vigil Season 2 Behind the Scenes]” on Youtube. These videos might offer insights into the cast’s preparation and on-set interactions.

Who plays the drone pilots in Season 2?

Chris Jenks: As mentioned earlier, Chris Jenks portrays Flight Lieutenant Callum Barker, a crucial drone pilot character.

Other Drone Pilots: Actors like Shannon Hayes and Anders Hayward play supporting roles as fellow drone pilots, likely impacting the narrative.

Where can I find out more about the characters in Season 2?

Official Website: The official Vigil website might offer character descriptions and bios for the Season 2 cast.

Fan Sites & Forums: Dedicated Vigil fan sites and forums might have discussions analyzing the characters and their motivations. Search for “[Vigil Season 2 Fan Discussion]” to find these.

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