Usos A Dynasty Forged in Brotherhood

Jimmy and Jey Usos, the identical twin brothers who have dominated the WWE tag team division for over a decade, are more than just wrestling superstars. They are the embodiment of family legacy, captivating athleticism, and undeniable charisma. Their journey, from high school football stars to undisputed tag team champions, is a testament to their dedication and the enduring power of brotherhood.

From Anoa’i Blood to FCW Beginnings (2003-2010)

Born into the legendary Anoa’i family, renowned for its wrestling lineage that includes Roman Reigns, Rikishi (their father), and Umaga (their late uncle), Jimmy and Jey initially pursued a career in football. However, their destiny lay in the squared circle. After attending Escambia High School in Florida, they transitioned into professional wrestling, training under their father and Rikishi’s trainer, Afa Anoa’i.

In 2009, they signed with WWE’s developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), under the names Jimmy Uso and Uso (later Jey Uso). Their natural talent and undeniable tag team chemistry shone through. They quickly rose through the ranks, capturing the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship in 2010, marking their first taste of championship gold.

A Grand Arrival and Early Success (2010-2013)

On May 24, 2010, The Usos, accompanied by their sister Tamina, made their explosive main roster debut on Raw. Their high-flying style, infectious energy, and flamboyant outfits captured the audience’s attention. They secured their first victory on the June 17th episode of Superstars, defeating Goldust and Mark Henry.

The early years saw The Usos navigating the tag team landscape. They challenged established teams like The Hart Dynasty and competed in multi-team matches. While initial victories were sporadic, their undeniable talent kept them relevant. By 2013, they began to solidify their identity. They donned colorful attire and face paint reminiscent of their uncle Umaga, paying homage to their family legacy.

Championship Reigns and Defining Feuds (2014-2017)

2014 marked a turning point. On March 3rd, The Usos defeated the legendary New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) to win their first WWE Tag Team Championship. This victory cemented their place as top contenders in the tag team division.

Their reign was short-lived, but it ignited a series of championship pursuits and memorable rivalries. They feuded with The New Day, a charismatic trio that dominated the tag team scene for years. This feud pushed both teams to their limits, delivering high-octane matches and captivating storylines.

The Usos also clashed with established veterans like The New Age Outlaws, The Dudley Boyz, and The Club (AJ Styles and Luke Gallows). These encounters showcased their versatility, allowing them to adapt their high-flying style to different opponents.

Heel Turn, Personal Struggles, and Reunion (2017-2020)

In 2017, The Usos underwent a significant transformation. They turned heel (villain), adopting a more arrogant and cocky persona. This shift initially brought success, with them capturing the SmackDown Tag Team Championship in a hard-fought battle against The New Day.

However, personal struggles and suspensions threatened their momentum. Jimmy Uso faced legal issues and a brief wellness violation suspension. These setbacks forced Jey to embark on a short-lived singles run, which highlighted the strength of their bond as a team. Fans clamored for their return, and in 2019, The Usos reunited.

Their return reignited their fire. They recaptured the SmackDown Tag Team Championship and delivered a series of critically acclaimed matches, including a brutal Hell in a Cell encounter against Daniel Bryan and Rowan.

The Bloodline and Undisputed Tag Team Champions (2020-Present)

2020 marked the beginning of a new era for The Usos. Their cousin, Roman Reigns, aligned himself with them, forming a dominant faction known as The Bloodline. This alliance elevated The Usos’ status within WWE.

They thrived under the umbrella of The Bloodline. They captured the Raw Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania 37, becoming the first-ever Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions. This historic win solidified their position as one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history.

Their reign as Undisputed Tag Team Champions has been nothing short of phenomenal. They have successfully defended the titles against a diverse range of challengers, showcasing their dominance and adaptability.


Who are Jey and Jimmy Uso? 

Jey (Joshua Samuel Fatu) and Jimmy (Jonathan Solofa Fatu) are identical twins born into a renowned Samoan wrestling family. They are cousins to Roman Reigns and sons of WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi.

When did they start wrestling? 

The Usos began their wrestling careers in the mid-2000s, training in their father’s wrestling school. They joined WWE’s developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), in 2009.

What are their achievements in WWE? The Usos are decorated champions:

Eight-time WWE Tag Team Champions (most reigns ever)

Three-time Raw Tag Team Champions

Six-time SmackDown Tag Team Champions (including the longest reign ever at 622 days)

Won the 2014 and 2015 Slammy Awards for Tag Team of the Year

Main-evented WrestleMania 39 against Roman Reigns (first tag team to do so)

Are they considered one of the greatest tag teams? 

Yes, The Usos are widely regarded as one of the most successful and entertaining tag teams in WWE history.

What’s their wrestling style? 

The Usos are known for their high-flying offense, technical prowess, and innovative tag team maneuvers. They often perform synchronized moves and rely on strong teamwork.

How do their personalities differ? 

While identical in appearance, Jey and Jimmy have distinct personalities. Jey can be more serious and intense, while Jimmy is known for his charisma and humor.

What’s their current status in WWE? 

Jey Uso recently experienced a storyline separation from his brother Jimmy and their cousin Roman Reigns within the villainous stable “The Bloodline.”

Are they still a tag team? 

The future of The Usos as a tag team is currently uncertain within the ongoing storyline.

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