UD Ibiza Finishes Strong

UD Ibiza, the island paradise club, wrapped up a successful 2023-24 season in Spain’s Segunda División B, now known as the Primera Federación. They secured a coveted fourth-place finish, putting themselves in a strong position for next year’s campaign. This article dives deep into UD Ibiza’s standings, analyzing their performance, key players, and what lies ahead.

A Season of Consistency and Improvement

UD Ibiza entered the season to solidify their place in the top half of the table. They achieved this and more, consistently challenging for a promotion playoff spot throughout the year. Here’s a breakdown of their season by the numbers:

Position: 4th (out of 20 teams)

Points: 68

Wins: 19

Draws: 11

Losses: 8

Goals Scored: 57

Goals Conceded: 34

These statistics paint a picture of a well-rounded team with a strong attacking force and a solid defence. Their 19 wins were the joint third-highest in the league, highlighting their ability to grind out results. While they fell short of automatic promotion, their 11 draws demonstrate a fighting spirit and resilience that never allowed them to give up easily.

Key Contributors to UD Ibiza’s Success

Several players stepped up and shouldered the responsibility for UD Ibiza’s impressive season. Here are some of the key figures:

Javi Navarro: The experienced central defender marshalled the backline, contributing with crucial tackles and interceptions. His leadership and experience proved invaluable for the younger players.

Giorgi Kharaishvili: The Georgian midfielder was a creative spark in the centre of the park. His vision and passing ability unlocked opposing defences, creating numerous scoring opportunities.

Nicolau Manu Bradford: The powerful striker was a constant threat in the penalty area. His pace, strength, and finishing skills resulted in a healthy goal tally throughout the season.

These are just a few of the players who consistently performed well for UD Ibiza. The team’s success can be attributed to a collective effort, with each player contributing their strengths to the overall game plan.

Looking Ahead: Can UD Ibiza Challenge for Promotion Next Season?

With a strong core group of players and a taste of success, UD Ibiza will undoubtedly be one of the teams to watch in the upcoming Primera Federación season. Here’s what they need to focus on to challenge for promotion:

Squad Depth: Injuries and suspensions are inevitable throughout a long season. Adding depth to the squad, particularly in key positions, will ensure UD Ibiza can maintain their performance even when facing setbacks.

Transfer Market Activity: Strategically acquiring talented players who complement the existing squad will further bolster their attacking and defensive capabilities.

Maintaining Momentum: Carrying the momentum and positive spirit from the previous season into the new one will be crucial. Replicating their consistent performance will put them in a strong position to challenge for promotion.

There’s a sense of optimism surrounding UD Ibiza as they prepare for the upcoming season. The club has shown a commitment to building a competitive team, and with the right additions and continued development of their young talent, they have the potential to make a serious push for promotion to La Liga 2.

Beyond the Standings: The Rise of UD Ibiza

UD Ibiza’s success on the pitch transcends the standings. They have become a symbol of pride for the island, attracting a passionate fanbase and generating a positive buzz around the sport. Here are some additional factors contributing to their rise:

Fan Engagement: The club has actively engaged with its supporters, creating a strong sense of community. This fosters a positive atmosphere around the team and motivates players on the field.

Investment in Facilities: The recent upgrades to their stadium, Can Misses, provide a modern and comfortable environment for fans and players alike. Improved facilities can attract better talent and enhance the overall matchday experience.

Strategic Partnerships: Collaborations with other clubs or sponsors can bring additional resources and expertise, aiding the club’s development both on and off the field.

UD Ibiza’s journey is not just about results on the pitch. They are a club on the rise, building a strong foundation not just for sporting success but also for long-term growth and community engagement.

The future is bright for UD Ibiza. With a talented squad, a passionate fanbase, and a clear vision for the future, they are well-positioned to continue their ascent in the world of Spanish football. Whether they secure promotion next season or not, their commitment to growth and excellence is a testament to their ambition and potential.


What is UD Ibiza’s current position in the league?

UD Ibiza currently sits in 4th place in the 2023-24 Primera Federación league table after 38 games played.

How many points does UD Ibiza have?

UD Ibiza has 68 points.

Who is top of the league?

CD Castellón leads the league with 82 points.

Where can I find the complete standings for the Primera Federación?

Several websites offer the complete standings for the Primera Federación, including Tribuna.com and Flashscore. 

How has UD Ibiza performed this season?

UD Ibiza has had a solid season, winning 19 games, drawing 11, and losing just 8. They boast a strong attack, scoring 57 goals, but have also conceded 34.

What are UD Ibiza’s chances of promotion?

With the top two teams gaining automatic promotion, UD Ibiza faces a tough challenge to climb the table. However, they are well-positioned to compete for a playoff spot for promotion.


UD Ibiza has had a successful season in the Primera Federación, currently sitting comfortably in the playoff positions. With a strong attacking force, they will be looking to climb the table and challenge for promotion in the remaining matches.

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