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Totk Cave Map is the sprawling world of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) holds countless secrets waiting to be unearthed. A significant portion of these mysteries lie hidden within the numerous caves scattered across the land. But with 147 caves to explore, navigating this subterranean labyrinth can be daunting. Fear not, adventurers! This guide will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the TotK cave map, addressing the key questions plaguing explorers on their spelunking journeys.

Unveiling the TotK Cave Map

Unfortunately, Tears of the Kingdom doesn’t offer an in-game, dedicated cave map like some past Zelda titles. However, resourceful fans and data miners have compiled extensive resources to aid your cave exploration. Here are the two primary options to consider:

Interactive Online Maps: Websites like RankedBoost and Zelda Dungeon provide interactive maps with markers for all 147 caves. These maps allow you to zoom in and out, filter by region, and even track your cave exploration progress by marking cleared caves.

Physical Checklists: Websites like Gamertw offer downloadable checklists with all cave names and locations. These can be printed and marked off as you discover each cave, providing a satisfying sense of accomplishment for completionists.

TotK Cave Map: Your Guide to Hyrule’s Hidden Depths

The vast world of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) is filled with secrets waiting to be uncovered, and a significant portion of those secrets lie hidden within its numerous caves. But navigating these subterranean labyrinths can be tricky. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you conquer TotK’s caves and unearth their treasures.


How many caves are there in TotK? 

There are a whopping 147 caves scattered across Hyrule! Each cave holds a Bubbulfrog, a collectible creature.

Is there a map for all the caves?

Currently, there isn’t an official in-game map that reveals all the cave locations. However, several resources exist online!

Where can I find a TotK cave map?

Searches like “[TotK cave locations map]” or “[TotK interactive map]” will lead you to websites and interactive maps created by fans. These often include cave markers and may even show multiple entrances for some caves.

Are there any special rewards for finding all the caves?

There’s no official confirmation of a specific reward for completing all caves. However, collecting all the Bubbulfrogs within them might unlock a hidden reward or achievement.

What can I expect to find in caves?

Caves offer a variety of treasures, including Korok Seeds, chests containing weapons, armor, rupees, and other valuable items. Some caves might hold mini-bosses or puzzles to solve.

What gear should I bring while exploring caves?

Being prepared is key. Carry torches or light-emitting equipment to navigate the darkness. Stock up on arrows and weapons to deal with enemies. Consider bringing heat or cold resistance gear depending on the cave’s environment.

Are there any special challenges in caves?

Some caves might have environmental hazards like water currents, poisonous fumes, or crumbling platforms. Be observant and use your Sheikah Slate’s abilities to overcome these challenges.

How do I find hidden entrances to caves?

Keep an eye out for suspicious crevices in cliffs, waterfalls that might conceal cave entrances, or even bombable rock walls. Look for patterns – some entrances might be disguised to blend with the environment.

What are Bubbulfrogs?

Bubbulfrogs are adorable frog-like creatures residing within each cave. Catching them with your net adds them to your collection and might contribute to an unknown reward.

Do Bubbulfrogs offer any benefits?

There’s no confirmed in-game benefit to catching Bubbulfrogs, but some players speculate they might be used for crafting or trading later in the game.

How do I catch a Bubbulfrog?

These little guys are skittish. Sneak up on them carefully and use your net to capture them. The Sheikah Slate’s Stasis ability can temporarily freeze them in place, making them easier to catch.

Additional Tips:

Mark explored caves: As you explore, mark the caves you’ve visited on your in-game map or a personal tracking sheet. This helps avoid revisiting already cleared caves.

Listen for clues: Pay attention to the sounds you hear while exploring. Water dripping might indicate hidden passages, and enemy sounds could signal hidden chambers.

Don’t be afraid to experiment: Use your bombs to blow up suspicious walls or experiment with the Sheikah Slate’s abilities to uncover hidden secrets within the caves.

With these FAQs and a spirit of exploration, you’re well on your way to conquering TotK’s caves and unearthing their hidden treasures. Remember, exploration is half the fun! So grab your gear, unleash your inner spelunker, and delve into the depths of Hyrule!

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