Top Boy Season 4

Top Boy Season 4 is the gritty and powerful British crime drama, returned for a much-anticipated fourth season in March 2022.  After a hiatus, the show, created by Ronan Bennett, brought back the familiar faces and unforgiving streets of Summerhouse.  This article delves into the plot, characters, and the burning questions fans have about “Top Boy” season 4.

Picking Up Where We Left Off: A Refreshed Story

Season 4 throws viewers back into the heart of the Summerhouse estate, a fictional London housing project plagued by gang violence and drug dealing.  Dushane Robinson (Ashley Walters), the once-dominant drug lord, has been living a comfortable life abroad.  However, his return disrupts the uneasy peace that had settled in his absence.

The season explores how Dushane navigates this new landscape.  Old rivalries resurface, new alliances are formed, and the fight for control of the lucrative drug trade intensifies.  The narrative explores themes of loyalty, betrayal, the allure of easy money, and the cyclical nature of gang violence.

Here are some key aspects of the plot in Season 4:

Dushane’s Return and Motives:  Dushane’s reasons for returning to Summerhouse remain shrouded in mystery.  Is it a desire to reclaim his lost territory, a need to protect his family, or something else entirely?  This ambiguity keeps viewers guessing throughout the season.

Shifting Alliances:  With Dushane’s return, the power dynamics in Summerhouse shift dramatically.  Former allies become wary, while unlikely partnerships emerge.  The season explores the complex web of loyalty and betrayal that exists within the gang world.

A New Generation Rises:  While familiar faces like Sully (Kane Robinson) and Jaq (Michael Ward) remain prominent, Season 4 introduces a new generation of characters vying for power.  This fresh perspective adds a layer of complexity and unpredictability to the narrative.

Gentrification’s Shadow:  The season subtly touches upon the issue of gentrification, as the redevelopment of Summerhouse looms on the horizon.  This impending change adds another layer of tension to the characters’ struggles.

Characters We Know and Love (and Some We Don’t): Exploring the Cast

Season 4 brings back the show’s core cast, along with some new faces:

Ashley Walters as Dushane Robinson:  The calculating and ruthless Dushane returns, but this time he seems older, perhaps even wiser.  Walters’ portrayal continues to be captivating, as he showcases Dushane’s complex motivations and unwavering determination.

Kane Robinson as Sully:  Dushane’s loyal right-hand man, Sully, grapples with the changes brought about by Dushane’s return.  Robinson delivers a nuanced performance, highlighting Sully’s internal conflict between loyalty and ambition.

Michael Ward as Jaq:  In Dushane’s absence, Jaq has carved a space for himself in the Summerhouse hierarchy.  Ward portrays Jaq’s brashness and ruthlessness with  intensity, making him a compelling character despite his flaws.

Newcomers and Recurring Cast:  Season 4 introduces new characters like Jermaine (David Omoregie), a young and ambitious player, and Lauryn (Jasmine Jobson), a single mother caught in the crossfire.  Recurring characters like Dris (Shone Romulus) and Lisa (Simbi Ajikawo) also play pivotal roles in the narrative.


General Questions

When did Top Boy Season 4 come out? 

Top Boy Season 4 premiered on Netflix on March 18, 2023.

How many episodes are in Top Boy Season 4? 

Season 4 consists of 8 episodes.

Where can I watch Top Boy Season 4?

Top Boy Season 4 is exclusively available to stream on Netflix.

Plot and Storyline

What happened to Sully in Season 4?

Sully remains a powerful figure in the drug trade, but he faces challenges from rival gangs and struggles with internal conflicts within his own crew.

What happened to Dushane in Season 4?

Dushane continues his quest for power and control, but he’s forced to make difficult decisions and grapple with the consequences of his actions.

What happened to Jamie in Season 4? 

Jamie finds himself caught in a web of betrayal and violence. He’s framed by Dushane and forced to make a tough choice to protect himself and his loved ones.

Who killed Ats in Season 4? 

Ats’ murder is a pivotal plot point in Season 4. The investigation leads to a shocking revelation involving Kit and Dexter.

Does Dushane find out who killed Ats? 

Yes, Dushane eventually learns the truth about Ats’ murder. This discovery sets off a chain reaction with deadly consequences.


Is there a romance between Dushane and Lisa in Season 4?

Their relationship remains complex and ambiguous. There’s a clear attraction, but their circumstances and personalities create a barrier to a traditional romance.

What happens to Kit in Season 4? 

Kit’s role in Ats’ death comes back to haunt him, leading to a tragic fate.

Does Jaq get revenge in Season 4?

Jaq seeks revenge for an attack he suffered in the previous season. However, the outcome is not a simple victory, and it raises questions about the cycle of violence.

Production and Reception

Will there be a Season 5 of Top Boy?

 No, Top Boy Season 4 is the final season of the series.

Where is Top Boy filmed?

 Top Boy is primarily filmed in London, capturing the gritty realism of the city’s streets.

How are the reviews for Top Boy Season 4?

Reviews for Season 4 were generally positive, with praise for the show’s intense story, strong performances, and unflinching portrayal of life on the streets. However, some criticism focused on the show’s bleak outlook and its portrayal of violence.

Fan Theories and Speculation

Is there a hidden meaning behind the ending of Top Boy Season 4?

The ending is left open to interpretation, sparking discussions among fans about the characters’ fates and the show’s overall message.

Could there be a spin-off series set in the Top Boy universe? 

There haven’t been any official announcements, but the show’s popularity could lead to future projects set in the same world.

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