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Still Game Cast iconic Scottish sitcom, isn’t just a show; it’s a beloved world. Nestled in a fictional Glasgow high-rise, the program’s heart lies with its phenomenal cast. Let’s delve into the talented individuals who brought the characters of Craiglang to life, exploring their careers and the magic that continues to resonate with fans.

The Craiglang Crew: Cornerstones of Comedy Gold

Ford Kiernan (Jack Jarvis, Esq.) – Co-creator and comedic mastermind, Ford Kiernan embodies the unforgettable Jack Jarvis. Jack, a self-proclaimed ladies’ man with a questionable moral compass, is both frustrating and endearing. Kiernan’s comedic timing and charisma breathe life into the character, making him a true fan favorite.

Greg Hemphill (Victor McDade) – The other half of the creative duo, Greg Hemphill portrays the penny-pinching Victor McDade. Victor’s constant financial woes and uptight demeanor provide a hilarious counterpoint to Jack’s flamboyance. Hemphill’s mastery of physical comedy and deadpan delivery make Victor a scene-stealer.

Paul Riley (Winston Ingram) – The ever-optimistic Winston Ingram is a lovable rogue with a heart of gold. Paul Riley perfectly captures Winston’s childlike innocence and unwavering belief in the good, even in the face of Craiglang’s chaos. His signature “Naw!” delivered with wide-eyed wonder, remains a show highlight.

Mark Cox (Tam Mullen) – The gruff and cynical Tam Mullen is the voice of reason (sometimes) amidst the madness. Mark Cox imbues the character with a dry wit and world-weary charm. Tam’s deadpan one-liners and exasperated reactions to Jack and Victor’s antics provide endless amusement.

This core cast, with their undeniable on-screen chemistry, forms the bedrock of “Still Game’s” humor. Their comedic talents and relatable characters make Craiglang feel like a real community, where laughter echoes through the high-rise halls.

Beyond the Core: Bringing the Complex to Life

The world of Craiglang wouldn’t be complete without its fantastic supporting cast:

Jane McCarry (Isa Drennan) – The long-suffering yet fiercely independent Isa Drennan, played by the wonderful Jane McCarry, is the Craiglang gossip extraordinaire. Her sharp tongue, meddling ways, and unwavering sense of self provide endless entertainment.

Sanjeev Kohli (Navid Harrid) – The ever-upbeat shopkeeper Navid Harrid, played by Sanjeev Kohli, is a source of (slightly overpriced) convenience and questionable advice for the residents. His optimistic outlook and (often misunderstood) attempts to connect with his customers add a touch of warmth to the show.

Gavin Mitchell (Robert “Boabby” the Barman) – The late Gavin Mitchell brought life to the gruff but fair Boabby the barman, who presides over the local pub, The Clansman. His no-nonsense demeanor and occasional philosophical musings offer a unique perspective to the Craiglang crew’s antics.

These actors, along with various recurring characters, create a vibrant tapestry of life within the high-rise flats. Their portrayals add depth and humor to the world, making Craiglang a place you can practically step into.

Still Going Strong: A Legacy that Laughs On

“Still Game” originally aired from 2002 to 2003 and enjoyed a successful revival in 2016. Despite its relatively short run, the show’s legacy continues to resonate with fans for a reason:

Timeless Humor: The show’s humor transcends time and cultural barriers. The relatable situations, witty dialogue, and the characters’ quirks ensure that “Still Game” remains funny even after multiple viewings.

A Nostalgic Gem: For many viewers, “Still Game” evokes a warm sense of nostalgia for a particular time and place. The portrayal of working-class life in Scotland, with its eccentricities and warmth, resonates with those who grew up in a similar environment.

The Cast’s Magic Touch: Ultimately, the success of “Still Game” rests heavily on the shoulders of its talented cast. Their genuine camaraderie and their ability to deliver sharp wit and relatable characters make the show a timeless classic.


Main Cast

Who are the main characters in Still Game?

The heart of Still Game revolves around six central characters:

Jack Jarvis Esq. (Ford Kiernan): A cheeky pensioner with a penchant for scams and get-rich-quick schemes.

Victor McDade (Greg Hemphill): Jack’s best friend, known for his deadpan humor and pessimistic outlook.

Winston Ingram (Paul Riley): A gossipmonger with a thirst for drama, often stirring the pot amongst the residents of Craiglang.

Thomas “Tam” Mullen (Mark Cox): A grumpy curmudgeon with a soft spot for his wife, Isa.

Isa Drennan (Jane McCarry): Tam’s long-suffering wife, known for her sharp wit and no-nonsense attitude.

Navid Harrid (Sanjeev Kohli): The local shopkeeper, often exasperated by Jack and Victor’s antics.

Recurring Cast

Who are some of the memorable recurring characters?

Several recurring characters add depth and humor to Still Game:

Meena Harrid (Shamshad Akhtar): Navid’s wife, known for her flamboyant personality and love of gossip.

“Auld” Eric Jones (James Martin): A forgetful pensioner with a penchant for mishaps.

Robert “Boabby the Barman” Taylor (Gavin Mitchell): The lovable barman at The Clansman pub.

Other recurring characters include Pete the Jakey, Shug, Methadone Mick, Chris “the Postie” Armstrong, Frances Mullen (Tam’s daughter), and many more.

Actor Questions

What else are the cast members known for?

The talented cast of Still Game has impressive careers beyond the show:

Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill are a successful comedy duo with a long history of stand-up and sketch shows.

Paul Riley is a renowned Scottish actor with a vast filmography.

Mark Cox has appeared in numerous stage productions and TV shows.

Jane McCarry is a veteran Scottish actress with a diverse career.

Sanjeev Kohli is a comedian, writer, and presenter known for his work on BBC Radio 4.

Fan Inquiries

Are the Still Game cast members still friends?

While there haven’t been any recent public updates, interviews with the cast suggest they remain on good terms and share a strong bond forged through their time working on Still Game.

Will there be a Still Game movie?

There have been rumors and speculation about a Still Game movie, but no official confirmation from the creators or cast. Fans would undoubtedly love to see a return to Craiglang on the big screen, but it remains to be seen if it will materialize.

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