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RWD Molenbeek Battling Relegation: A Look at Their Current Standings

RWD Molenbeek, a relatively young club with a rich history, finds itself in a precarious position in the Belgian Pro League. After a promising start to the 2023-2024 season, the Brussels-based team currently sits in the relegation zone, raising concerns among fans. This article delves into RWD Molenbeek’s current standings, analyzing their performance, potential reasons for their struggles, and the road ahead in the fight for survival.

Where Does RWD Molenbeek Stand?

As of June 19, 2024, RWD Molenbeek occupies 16th place in the 16-team Belgian Pro League. They have played 36 games, amassing a record of 7 wins, 9 draws, and 20 losses. With 30 points, they are just three points clear of last-placed K.V. Kortrijk.

Here’s a breakdown of their key standings metrics:

Points: 30

Wins: 7

Draws: 9

Losses: 20

Goals Scored: 39

Goals Conceded: 76

Goal Difference: -37

While the win-loss record paints a concerning picture, it’s important to note that the league is incredibly tight from positions 7th to 16th. Just 13 points separate these teams, meaning a strong finish to the season could see RWD Molenbeek climb the table significantly.

A Season of Ups and Downs

RWD Molenbeek’s campaign has been a rollercoaster ride. Early wins against Sint-Truidense V.V. and Standard Liege offered hope for a successful season. However, inconsistency plagued the team throughout. Long stretches of winless games were punctuated by occasional victories, creating a frustrating pattern for fans.

One of the biggest challenges RWD Molenbeek has faced is a leaky defence. With 76 goals conceded in 36 games, they boast the worst defensive record in the league. This vulnerability has proven costly in close matches, where a single goal can make a significant difference.

Offensively, the team hasn’t been entirely ineffective. Players like Jeff Reine-Adelaide and Florent Sanchez da Silva have shown glimpses of brilliance. However, a lack of creativity and a reliance on individual moments rather than cohesive team play has hampered their attacking prowess.

Reasons Behind the Struggles

Several factors have contributed to RWD molenbeek’s struggles:

Squad Imbalance: While the squad possesses talented individuals, it lacks depth and experience, particularly in key positions. This makes them susceptible to injuries and fatigue.

Managerial Changes: Mid-season managerial changes can disrupt team chemistry and tactics. RWD Molenbeek saw the departure of Vincent Kompany in December 2023, and adapting to a new manager’s philosophy takes time.

Tough League Competition: The Belgian Pro League boasts some established and well-funded clubs. For a team like RWD Molenbeek, competing on a level playing field is a constant challenge.

Looking Ahead: Can RWD Molenbeek Avoid Relegation?

The fight for survival is far from over. Here’s what RWD Molenbeek needs to do to avoid relegation:

Solidify the Defense: Addressing the defensive frailties is paramount. A strong backline can provide a foundation for building positive results.

Find a Winning Formula: The new manager must establish a clear playing style and tactics that maximize the squad’s potential. Consistency in approach will be crucial.

Embrace the Pressure: The remaining games will be a test of character for the players. They need to embrace the pressure and perform with a winning mentality.

The team’s spirit and determination remain strong. Recent draws against Anderlecht and Club Brugge demonstrate their ability to compete against top teams. A positive run of form in the remaining matches could secure their place in the top flight for another season.

Fan Support: A Crucial Factor

RWD Molenbeek’s passionate fanbase has been a constant source of encouragement throughout the season. Their unwavering support can play a vital role in lifting the team’s spirits and pushing them towards victory in the upcoming games.

The club’s return to the top flight after a long absence has rekindled the passion of Brussels supporters. Their continued vocal backing on match days can be a game-changer in the relegation battle.

A Season of Struggle

RWD Molenbeek’s struggles this season can be attributed to several factors. Here’s a closer look:

Defensive Frailties: The team’s biggest weakness has been their defense. With 76 goals conceded in 36 games, they boast the worst defensive record in the league. This leaky defence has cost them valuable points throughout the season.

Inconsistent Form: RWD Molenbeek has struggled to find consistency. They’ve shown flashes of brilliance with wins against Anderlecht and Club Brugge, but these have been overshadowed by frustrating defeats.

Lack of Firepower: While the defence has been a major concern, the attack hasn’t been much better. Scoring only 39 goals in 36 games signifies a lack of cutting-edge creativity in the final third.

Integration of New Players: Returning to the top flight after a long absence meant bringing in new players. Integrating these players into the team and establishing a cohesive unit has been a challenge.


Q: Where does RWD Molenbeek currently stand in the Belgian Pro League?

A: As of June 19, 2024 (assuming the season is complete), RWD Molenbeek finished the Belgian Pro League in 16th place out of 16 teams.

Q: How many points did RWD Molenbeek earn?

A: RWD Molenbeek accumulated 30 points throughout the season.

Q: What was RWD Molenbeek’s win-loss record?

A: They secured 7 wins, drew in 9 matches, and suffered 20 losses.

Q: Does this ranking mean RWD Molenbeek is relegated?

A: Potentially. The relegation process in the Belgian Pro League can involve playoffs between the bottom-placed teams depending on the league structure for that season. You can find more details about relegation on the official Belgian Pro League website or in news articles.

Q: Where can I find more information about RWD Molenbeek’s season?

Several resources offer insights into RWD Molenbeek’s performance:

The Belgian Pro League website 

Sports news websites 

Football data websites


The 2023-2024 season proved challenging for RWD Molenbeek. While they secured a few wins and draws, their overall record placed them at the bottom of the league table. Whether they face relegation depends on the specific regulations in place for the season.

Staying informed through the Belgian Pro League website and reliable sports news sources will provide a clearer picture of RWD Molenbeek’s fate and its performance in upcoming seasons.

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