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Rapid Wien’s Fight for Form: A Look at Their Current Standings

SK Rapid Wien, a historic club in Austrian football, has faced an uphill battle this season. Renowned for their passionate fans and attacking style, Rapid Wien currently finds itself in unfamiliar territory in the Austrian Football Bundesliga. This article delves into their current standings, analyzing their performance, recent struggles, and potential for a turnaround.

Where Does Rapid Wien Stand?

As of June 12th, 2024, Rapid Wien sits in 4th position in the Austrian Bundesliga table after 32 games played. This might seem like a respectable placement on the surface, but it’s a far cry from their usual fight for the championship. Here’s a breakdown of their current standing:

Points: 28

Wins: 11

Draws: 12

Losses: 9

Goals Scored: 47

Goals Conceded: 35

Goal Difference: +12

While they boast a decent goal difference, the number of draws paints a picture of inconsistency. Rapid Wien has struggled to convert draws into wins, a crucial factor in their title aspirations.

A Season of Mixed Results

Rapid Wien’s season has been a rollercoaster ride. They started brightly, showcasing glimpses of their attacking prowess. However, inconsistency plagued their performances. Key injuries and a lack of defensive solidity hampered their progress.

Here’s a closer look at some key moments:

Early Promise: Rapid Wien began the season with a few convincing wins, raising hopes of a strong title challenge.

Inconsistent Run: A string of draws followed, showcasing their inability to close out games.

Injury Woes: Injuries to key players like Maximilian Hofmann and Marco Grüll disrupted the team’s rhythm.

Defensive Concerns: Rapid Wien’s defence has conceded more goals than usual, raising questions about their tactical approach.

Recent Improvement: There have been signs of a resurgence in recent weeks, with a couple of important wins.

Fan Frustration and Calls for Change

Rapid Wien’s passionate fanbase is known for its high expectations. The current situation has caused frustration among supporters. Here are some of the concerns being voiced:

Lack of Killer Instinct: Fans are disappointed with the team’s inability to convert promising positions into goals.

Defensive Frailties: The leaky defence has been a major point of criticism.

Managerial Scrutiny: Head coach Ferdinand Feldhofer has come under pressure, with some questioning his tactics and team selection.

The club’s management is aware of the situation and is working towards improvements. Whether this involves tactical tweaks, player recruitment, or a change in leadership remains to be seen.

Can Rapid Wien Turn Things Around?

Rapid Wien still has a lot to play for this season. They are within touching distance of the top spots, and a strong finish is not out of the question. Here’s what could lead to a turnaround:

Finding Consistency: Converting draws into wins is crucial. Maintaining a winning mentality and focus throughout the game is vital.

Shoring Up the Defense: A more solid defensive structure is needed to stop conceding cheap goals.

Key Players Returning: The return of injured players like Hofmann and Grüll could significantly boost the team’s attacking power.

Fan Support: The unwavering support of their passionate fanbase can be a major motivating factor in the final stretch of the season.

Rapid Wien has a strong fighting spirit and a rich history of overcoming challenges. If they can address their shortcomings and find their winning rhythm, they can still salvage the season and finish in a respectable position.

Beyond the Standings: Looking at the Bigger Picture

While the current standings are a cause for concern, it’s important to consider the bigger picture for Rapid Wien. Here are some additional factors to consider:

Youth Development: Rapid Wien has a strong focus on youth development. Integrating young talent into the first team remains crucial for long-term success.

Financial Stability: The club is known for its financial stability, allowing them to compete with teams backed by bigger budgets.

European Ambitions: Rapid Wien aspires to participate in European competitions. A strong league finish is key to achieving this goal.

The current struggles are a temporary setback for Rapid Wien. Their strong foundation, passionate fanbase, and commitment to youth development position them well for future success.

Factors Affecting Rapid Wien’s Performance

Several factors have contributed to Rapid Wien’s underwhelming performance this season:

Inconsistent Form: Rapid Wien has struggled to maintain consistency throughout the season. They’ve shown flashes of brilliance with impressive victories, followed by frustrating draws and unexpected losses. This inconsistency makes it difficult to predict their performance and challenge for the top spots.

Defensive Frailties: Rapid Wien’s defense has been far from solid this season. They’ve conceded 35 goals in 32 games, which is a significant concern. The lack of a strong backline has cost them valuable points and hampered their ability to control games.

Managerial Changes: The club went through a managerial change mid-season, with Dietmar Kühbauer stepping down and Ferdinand Feldhofer taking the reins. This change likely disrupted team dynamics and required time for players to adapt to a new coaching philosophy.

Injury Woes: Key players like Maximilian Hofmann and Christoph Dietrich have missed significant time due to injuries. These absences have impacted the team’s overall performance and tactical flexibility.


 Where does Rapid Wien currently stand in the Austrian Bundesliga?

As of June 12, 2024, Rapid Wien sits in 4th place in the Austrian Bundesliga standings after 32 games played.

How many points does Rapid Wien have?

Rapid Wien currently has 28 points.

 Who is leading the Austrian Bundesliga?

Currently, SK Sturm Graz leads the league with 44 points.

How has Rapid Wien been performing this season?

Rapid Wien has had a mixed season with 11 wins, 12 draws, and 9 losses. They have scored 47 goals and conceded 35.

Where can I find the latest Rapid Wien standings?

You can find the latest Rapid Wien standings on several websites, including:



flash score

Can I watch Rapid Wien matches online?

Depending on your location, you may be able to watch Wien matches online through streaming services that broadcast Austrian Bundesliga matches.


Wien currently finds itself in a close battle for the top spots in the Austrian Bundesliga. While they trail the league leader by a significant margin, the season is still far from over. With a strong finish, Rapid Wien could still challenge for the championship. Fans will be eager to see how the rest of the season unfolds for their team.

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