A Deep Dive into the Rangers vs Aberdeen Rivalry

The Scottish Premiership simmers with rivalries, but few hold the weight of history and passion quite like Rangers vs Aberdeen. This clash between the red of Ibrox and the red of Pittodrie is more than just a fight for three points; it’s a battle steeped in tradition, on-field drama, and a touch of animosity.

A Rivalry Forged in Fire: The Early Years

The roots of the rivalry stretch back to the late 19th century, but it truly ignited in the 1980s. Under the legendary Alex Ferguson, Aberdeen rose as a force in Scottish football, challenging the dominance of Celtic and Rangers, the “Old Firm.” Their aggressive style and success on the pitch, culminating in the club’s only European trophy, the 1983 European Cup Winners’ Cup, created a natural friction with the established giants.

The rivalry intensified with a string of cup finals and league battles. The 1980 Scottish Cup final was a particularly fiery affair, with Aberdeen claiming a 4-3 victory after a controversial late penalty. This period also saw infamous off-field incidents, including a pitch invasion and clashes between supporters.

Shifting Tides: The Late 90s and Beyond

Rangers’ financial dominance in the late 1990s and early 2000s shifted the balance. Aberdeen struggled to compete, and the on-field intensity waned. However, the fixture remained significant, with some memorable encounters keeping the spark alive.

One such instance was Aberdeen’s surprise 3-1 victory at Ibrox in 2011, ending Rangers’ 26-year unbeaten home run against the Dons. This upset highlighted that despite the gulf in success, Aberdeen could still pull off a result against their rivals.

The Modern Era: Resurgence and Respect

The financial troubles and subsequent demotion of Rangers in 2012 temporarily halted the rivalry. However, upon Rangers’ return to the top flight in 2016, the fixture regained its importance.

Modern-day Rangers vs Aberdeen encounters are typically less ferocious than those of the past. While there’s still a competitive edge, there’s a newfound respect between the clubs and their supporters. This shift can be attributed to several factors:

Generational Change: Fans who witnessed the most heated clashes are no longer the core of the support base.

Managerial Influence: Managers often downplay the rivalry, focusing on the importance of the game itself.

League Landscape: Celtic’s recent dominance has arguably shifted the focus of both teams’ rivalries.

However, the competitive spirit remains. Recent encounters have been tight affairs, with Rangers edging out most victories in the last few seasons. The 2023-24 season was a prime example. Rangers won both league encounters, including a dramatic 2-1 victory where Todd Cantwell snatched the winner late against Aberdeen’s new manager, Neil Warnock, in his first game in charge.

This highlights that while the rivalry might have mellowed, there’s still a fierce desire to claim bragging rights on the pitch.

Beyond the Pitch: YouTube, Fan Culture, and Remembering the Past

The Rangers vs Aberdeen rivalry extends beyond the pitch. YouTube is a treasure trove of content for fans, with highlights of famous matches, fan reactions, and historical documentaries readily available.

A quick search for “Rangers vs Aberdeen” throws up numerous results:

Classic encounters: Relive the drama of the 1980 Scottish Cup final or the recent 2-1 thriller.

Fan channels: Immerse yourself in the passion of both sets of supporters through fan-made content and matchday vlogs.

Documentaries: Deep dives into the history of the rivalry, exploring the key figures and iconic moments.

Fan culture also plays a significant role. While the atmosphere might not be as hostile as in the past, the passion remains evident. Rangers fans sing “Blue Order” and “Everywhere We Go,” while Aberdeen supporters belt out “The Aberdeen Chime”.

Despite the shift in intensity, the past is not forgotten. Both clubs acknowledge the historical significance of the rivalry while remaining focused on building a positive future.

A Rivalry With Staying Power

The Rangers vs Aberdeen rivalry is a fascinating chapter in Scottish football history. It’s a story of on-field battles, passionate supporters, and a shared respect that has grown over time. While the modern iteration might lack the raw aggression of the past, the competitive desire and historical significance ensure this fixture remains a highlight of the Scottish Premiership.


What is the next Rangers vs Aberdeen match?

 There is no upcoming Rangers vs Aberdeen match currently scheduled. The most recent meeting was on February 6th, 2024, which Rangers won 1-0.

Who is historically better, Rangers or Aberdeen?

 Rangers hold the upper hand historically. They have won a significant majority of matches between the two teams. You can find a detailed breakdown of past results 

Is Rangers vs Aberdeen a big rivalry? 

While not as intense as Rangers’ rivalry with Celtic, the fixture with Aberdeen has seen periods of fierce competition, particularly in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Where can I buy tickets for Rangers vs Aberdeen?

 There are currently no tickets available as there is no upcoming fixture. When they do play again, tickets can be purchased through the official websites of each club:



Where can I find highlights of Rangers vs Aberdeen?

 Highlights are usually available on the official YouTube channels of both clubs after the match. You can also find them on sports news websites and channels.

Who are some of the key players for Rangers and Aberdeen? 

This will depend on the current squads and the form of each team. However, some key players to watch out for in recent matches include:

Rangers: James Tavernier, Alfredo Morelos, Ryan Kent

Aberdeen: Christian Ramirez, Dylan McGeouch, Jonny Hayes

Is this a major rivalry?

 While not as intense as Rangers’ rivalry with Celtic, the clash with Aberdeen has become a fierce competition in Scottish football, especially during the 1980s and early 1990s.

When is the next Rangers vs Aberdeen match?

There are currently no upcoming Rangers vs Aberdeen matches scheduled. The latest encounter was on February 6th, 2024. You can check the official websites of both teams for their upcoming fixtures.


The Rangers vs Aberdeen clash is a fixture steeped in Scottish football history. While it may not have the same level of animosity as the Old Firm derby, it is still a passionate encounter that often produces exciting and close matches. Keep an eye on the official channels of both clubs for news on the next meeting and how to follow the action.

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