Pretty Deadly WWE’s Tag Team Sharpshooters 

The world of professional wrestling thrives on captivating characters and in-ring excellence. In the current WWE tag team division, Pretty Deadly stands out for their unique blend of both. This charismatic duo, Matt Riddle and Luke Menzies, has quickly climbed the ranks, captivating audiences with their flamboyant outfits, cocky swagger, and a technical prowess that belies their flamboyant exterior.

This article delves into the world of Pretty Deadly, exploring their journey, signature moves, and the burning questions fans have been asking online. So, tighten your bolo tie and put on your sunglasses, because we’re about to get “Zeeeee Pretty Deadly!”

From NXT to SmackDown: The Rise of Pretty Deadly

Matt Riddle and Luke Menzies, both seasoned wrestlers on the independent circuit, first joined forces in 2018 under the name “The Grid.” After a successful run on the independent scene, they signed with WWE in 2021 and were assigned to NXT, the developmental brand. Here, they honed their craft, adopting the Pretty Deadly moniker and embracing a flamboyant southern gentleman gimmick complete with bolo ties, sunglasses, and a signature “shooty boi” catchphrase (a term originally associated with Riddle’s singles career).

Their NXT tenure was marked by impressive technical in-ring work and hilarious backstage segments. They quickly gained a loyal following, winning the NXT Tag Team Championship twice. Their flamboyant style and undeniable in-ring chemistry caught the attention of the main roster, and in July 2022, Pretty Deadly made their SmackDown debut.

They haven’t missed a beat on SmackDown, showcasing their tag team prowess against established teams like The Usos and The Street Profits. Their flamboyant entrances and witty promos have made them a fan favorite, while their technical skills in the ring have earned the respect of their peers.

Signature Moves and Technical Prowess

Beyond the flashy sunglasses and bolo ties, Pretty Deadly boasts an arsenal of impressive tag team maneuvers. Here are some of their signature moves:

The “Pretty Deadly Driver”: A devastating combination of a belly-to-back suplex and a neckbreaker delivered simultaneously.

The “Shotgun Knee”: A devastating knee strike delivered by Riddle while Menzies holds the opponent.

The “Beautiful Disaster”: A unique tag team maneuver where Menzies sets the opponent up for a moonsault from Riddle.

These moves showcase Pretty Deadly’s technical prowess and understanding of tag team wrestling. They seamlessly work together, setting up each other for high-impact maneuvers that often leave opponents reeling.

Burning Questions Fans Have About Pretty Deadly

A Google search reveals several questions fans have about Pretty Deadly. Let’s address some of the most common ones:

Are Matt Riddle and Luke Menzies friends in real life? While their on-screen chemistry is undeniable, there’s limited information available about their personal relationship. Their focus seems to be building their tag team brand, and their performances suggest a strong working relationship.

What are Pretty Deadly future prospects? With their rapid rise and impressive skill set, Pretty Deadly is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the WWE tag team division. A future championship reign against established teams like The Usos or The Street Profits seems inevitable.

Is their gimmick a bit too much? Some fans find Pretty Deadly flamboyant persona excessive. However, it’s undeniable that their unique style has helped them stand out. Their in-ring talent ensures that the gimmicks don’t overshadow their skills.

Will they ever drop the “shooty boi” catchphrase? Only time will tell. The catchphrase has become synonymous with Pretty Deadly, but it may evolve as they continue to develop their characters.

The Future of Pretty Deadly: “Zeeeee! They’re Coming for Gold!”

It has taken the WWE by storm. Their combination of flamboyant character work and technical in-ring ability has made them a fan favorite. With their undeniable talent and captivating presence, Pretty Deadly is poised to reach the top of the tag team division. They’ve set their sights on gold, and with their unique style and relentless pursuit of victory, it’s only a matter of time before they hear those glorious words: “And the new WWE Tag Team Champions are… Pretty Deadly!”


When did Pretty Deadly debut in WWE? 

While they’ve been with WWE since 2019, they arrived on the main roster (SmackDown) in May 2023.

Where did they wrestle before WWE? 

The duo honed their skills in NXT UK, where they were even NXT UK Tag Team Champions for a period.

What’s their wrestling style? 

It is known for their high-flying offense and technical skills. They often combine these with humor and flamboyant personalities.

What’s their on-screen persona like? 

They portray arrogant and charismatic characters who revel in their good looks and success. Their flamboyant entrance attire and confident demeanor are a signature part of their act.

What are their biggest achievements so far? 

Winning the NXT UK Tag Team Championship and earning a shot at the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship are their major accomplishments to date.

What’s next for Pretty Deadly? 

They are still relatively new on the main roster, and many fans expect them to challenge for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships or even the Undisputed titles again.

How do fans react to Pretty Deadly? 

Their flamboyant style can be polarizing. Some fans love their charisma and humor, while others find them arrogant or gimmicky.

Are they similar to any other tag teams? 

Comparisons have been drawn to teams like The Young Bucks (known for their high-flying moves and cocky personalities) or The Miz and Morrison (due to their focus on entertainment and mic skills).

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