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Odds Ballklubb- GG could be able to move up the Eliteserien table.

Odds Ballklubb, also known as Odds Ballklubb, is a Norwegian professional football club based in Skien. Founded in 1899, they are one of the oldest clubs in Norway and have a rich history in the Eliteserien, the top tier of Norwegian football. However, the 2024 season has presented Odds BK with some challenges.

This article will delve into their current standings, recent form, and what fans can expect for the rest of the season.

Where are Odds Ballklubb in the Eliteserien Standings?

As of June 13th, 2024, Odds Ballklubb sits in 12th place in the Eliteserien table. This puts them precariously close to the relegation zone, with only five points separating them from 16th place, which would mean playing in the OBOS-ligaen, the second tier of Norwegian football, next season.

Here’s a breakdown of their current standing compared to the rest of the league:

Matches Played: 12

Wins: 3

Draws: 4

Losses: 5

Points: 13

Goals For: 12

Goals Against: 22

Goal Difference: -10

While their points total is tied with several other teams, their goal difference is the worst in the top half of the table. This indicates that they have struggled to score consistently while conceding a high number of goals.

Recent Form: A Mix of Frustration and Promise

Looking at Odds BK’s recent form paints a somewhat mixed picture. Their last five games have yielded a win, a draw, and three losses. A 1-1 draw against Strømsgodset in their most recent outing offers a glimmer of hope, but the inconsistency is a cause for concern.

Here’s a closer look at their last five Eliteserien matches:

Strømsgodset 1-1 Odds BK (June 9th, 2024)

Molde FK 4-0 Odds BK (May 16th, 2024)

Odds BK 2-1 Lillestrøm SK (May 26th, 2024)

KFUM-Kameratene Oslo 0-0 Odds BK (May 20th, 2024)

The win against Lillestrøm showed their attacking potential, but the heavy defeat to Molde highlighted defensive vulnerabilities. Consistency in both attack and defence will be crucial if Odds BK wants to climb the table.

Key Players and Areas for Improvement

Several players have been instrumental in Odds BK’s performances this season. Tobias Svendsen, a young midfielder, has impressed with his creativity and work rate. Veteran striker Torgeir Børven remains a reliable goalscorer, and defenders John Kitolano and Espen Ruud have shown leadership at the back.

However, injuries and a lack of squad depth have exposed weaknesses. Finding a reliable goalscorer to support Børven and shoring up the defence to concede fewer goals are two key areas for improvement.

Fan Outlook: Can Odds BK Avoid Relegation?

The current situation has caused some anxiety amongst Odds BK supporters. The club hasn’t been relegated from the Eliteserien since 1987, and the prospect of playing in the OBOS-ligaen is a scary one.

However, there are reasons for optimism. The season is still young, and Odds BK has a talented squad with a good manager in Jan Frode Bjarnestadt. A strong run of form could see them climb the table and secure their Eliteserien status.

Here are some talking points amongst fans:

Can Odds BK find a way to score more consistently?

Will they be able to strengthen the squad during the transfer window?

How will they fare against the other teams battling relegation?

The upcoming fixtures will be crucial for Odds BK. Wins against teams around them in the table will be essential to avoid a relegation scrap. The passionate Odds BK fanbase will undoubtedly be behind the team as they look to navigate the challenges ahead.


Where can I find the latest Odds BK standings?

There are several places you can find the latest Odds BK standings:

The official website of the Norwegian Football League.

Popular sports websites and apps like ESPN, Fox Sports, or SofaScore.

The official Odds BK social media pages (Twitter, Facebook) might also share their current standings.

In which league does Odds BK currently play?

Odds BK plays in the Eliteserien, which is the highest tier of professional football in Norway.

What is Odds BK’s current position in the standings?

Unfortunately, I cannot access and process live data to provide the most up-to-date standings. However, by following the resources mentioned above, you’ll be able to find their current rank.

How has Odds Ballklubb performed historically?

Odds BK is a historic club with a strong presence in Norwegian football. They have won the Norwegian Cup 12 times and the league title twice.

What are the upcoming fixtures for Odds Ballklubb?

The resources mentioned earlier, like the Norwegian Football League website, will also have the latest schedule for upcoming Odds BK matches.


Following Odds BK’s standings can be a great way to stay updated on their performance throughout the season. Knowing where to find this information and how Odds Ballklubb has performed historically will give you a well-rounded picture of the team’s journey.

By following the official channels and reliable sports resources, you can be sure you’re getting the latest and most accurate information about Odds BK’s standings and their performance in the Eliteserien.

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