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Not Going Out Cast has tickled audiences’ funny bones for an impressive 13 seasons. A large part of the show’s success lies with its phenomenal cast, who have brought hilarious characters to life and delivered impeccable comedic timing. This article dives into the talented actors who have graced our screens as part of the “Not Going Out” family, exploring their roles and the ever-evolving dynamics that make the show so endearing.

The Core Four: Anchoring the Sitcom Chaos

Lee Mack (Lee): Lee Mack is the show’s creator and co-writer, alongside playing the central character, Lee. His portrayal of a cynical and self-deprecating bachelor is the foundation of the show’s humor. Lee’s constant clashes with his uptight neighbor and his awkward attempts at dating provide endless comedic fodder.

Sally Bretton (Lucy): Sally Bretton plays Lucy, the uptight and sensible neighbor who becomes entangled in Lee’s life. Their contrasting personalities create a hilarious dynamic, with Lucy often serving as the voice of reason amidst Lee’s chaos. Bretton’s portrayal is a perfect blend of exasperation and underlying warmth towards Lee.

Geoffrey Whitehead (Geoffrey): The ever-reliable Geoffrey Whitehead brings to life the lovably grumpy and old-fashioned Toby. Toby’s constant bickering with Lee and his endearing quirks are a source of much amusement. Whitehead’s comedic timing is impeccable, and his deadpan delivery elevates even the simplest lines.

Deborah Grant (Wendy): Deborah Grant portrays Toby’s long-suffering wife, Wendy. Wendy often finds herself caught in the crossfire between Lee and Toby, but she maintains a level of composure that grounds the characters. 

These four actors have remained the core cast throughout “Not Going Out’s” run, creating a sense of familiarity and comfort for viewers. Their on-screen chemistry is undeniable, and their ability to bounce off each other comedically is a major reason for the show’s enduring appeal.

Past and Present Neighbors: Adding Flavor to the Mix

While the core cast has provided stability, “Not Going Out” has also seen a revolving door of talented actors portraying Lee’s neighbors. Here are some notable additions:

Katy Wix (Daisy): Playing Daisy, the ditzy and accident-prone friend of Lucy, Katy Wix brought a different kind of energy to the show. Her physical comedy and eccentric personality were a welcome addition for several seasons.

Hugh Dennis (Toby): After Geoffrey Whitehead’s character Toby moved out, Hugh Dennis joined the cast as a new neighbor also named Toby. Dennis brought a distinct charm and a more modern sensibility to the role, keeping the dynamic with Lee fresh.

Abigail Cruttenden (Anna): Abigail Cruttenden played Toby’s (Hugh Dennis) wife, Anna. Their on-screen partnership offered a new comedic dynamic, with Anna often acting as a foil to Lee’s antics.

Megan Dodds (Laura): In the early seasons, Megan Dodds played Laura, Lee’s on-again, off-again girlfriend. Her character provided a different perspective on Lee’s dating life and added a touch of romantic tension to the narrative.

Tim Vine (Tim): The comedian Tim Vine made memorable appearances as himself, often interacting with Lee in awkward and hilarious situations. His cameos added a layer of meta-humor to the show.

Bobby Ball (Frank): The late comedian Bobby Ball brought warmth and humor to the role of Frank, a friend of Toby (Geoffrey Whitehead). His presence added a touch of heart to the show.

Behind the Scenes: The Creative Force

It’s important to acknowledge the team behind the scenes who bring the world of “Not Going Out” to life. Writers like Andrew Collins, Daniel Peak, and Sarah Morgan collaborate with Lee Mack to craft the show’s witty scripts. Directors like Andy Hamilton and Neil Kellett ensure the comedic timing and visual gags are delivered perfectly.


Who are the main cast members of “Not Going Out” currently?

Lee Mack: Playing himself, Lee is the cynical and sarcastic protagonist, often entangled in hilarious predicaments.

Sally Bretton: As Lucy, Lee’s long-suffering flatmate and on-again, off-again love interest, Sally brings warmth and wit to the dynamic.

Hugh Dennis: The newest addition to the main cast, Hugh portrays Toby, a posh and uptight neighbor who clashes hilariously with Lee.

Abigail Cruttenden: Toby’s supportive and level-headed wife, Anna, is played by Abigail, offering a counterpoint to Toby’s uptightness.

Geoffrey Whitehead: As the ever-reliable and slightly eccentric building manager, Geoffrey, Geoffrey Whitehead adds a touch of warmth and humor to the show.

Deborah Grant: Deborah portrays Wendy, Lucy’s sensible and often exasperated best friend.

Who were some past cast members of “Not Going Out”?

Several talented actors have graced the “Not Going Out” stage over the years. Some notable mentions include:

Miranda Hart: Playing Lucy’s eccentric and free-spirited sister, Mickey, in earlier seasons.

Tim Vine: As the bumbling and pun-loving neighbor, Tom, Tim Vine offered comedic relief in past seasons.

Katy Wix: Lucy’s younger sister, Daisy, played by Katy Wix, added a youthful perspective to the show.

Megan Dodds: As Lucy’s initial flatmate, Francesca, Megan Dodds set the stage for the show’s dynamic.

Bobby Ball: The late comedian, Bobby Ball, played Frank, a love interest for Wendy, in earlier seasons.

Where can I find information about specific cast members?

You can delve deeper into the careers of the cast members by searching their names online. Here are some resources:

Official websites or social media pages: Some cast members have official websites or are active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

IMDb: The Internet Movie Database provides detailed filmographies and biographical information for all the actors.

Wikipedia: Check out the Wikipedia pages for the show and individual cast members to learn more about their careers and acting credits.

What are some interesting facts about the cast?

Lee Mack is not only the star but also a co-writer of “Not Going Out,” alongside other talented writers.

Sally Bretton and Lee Mack are good friends in real life, making their on-screen chemistry even more believable.

Hugh Dennis is known for his work on another popular British sitcom, “Mock the Week.”

Geoffrey Whitehead is a veteran actor who has appeared in numerous television shows and stage productions.

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