C.D. Jorge Wilstermann

C D Jorge Wilstermann, a historic Bolivian football club known for its passionate fans and attacking style, currently finds itself in a challenging position in the 2024 Bolivian Primera División. This article delves into their current standings, recent performances, and the factors influencing their season.

Wilstermann’s Current Standings (as of June 21st, 2024)

C D Jorge Wilstermann sits in 6th place in the 16-team Bolivian Primera División table after a turbulent opening to the season. They have managed just 1 win, 2 draws, and 5 losses in their first 8 games, accumulating only 5 points. This is a significant drop from their usual position as contenders for the championship.

Here’s a breakdown of the top teams in the league:

Club Bolívar: 19 points (1st place)

CD Gualberto Villarroel Deportivo San José: 11 points (2nd place)

Oriente Petrolero: 10 points (3rd place)

Blooming: 9 points (4th place)

Always Ready: 9 points (5th place)

While it’s still early in the season, Wilstermann faces an uphill battle to reach the top spots.

A Look at Wilstermann’s Recent Form

Wilstermann’s struggles can be attributed to a string of inconsistent performances. They started the season with a promising 3-3 draw against giants Club Bolívar but then slumped into a series of losses. A recent 1-0 victory against Always Ready has offered a glimmer of hope, but consistency remains a concern.

Several factors have contributed to their inconsistent form:

Injuries: Key players like midfielder Alejandro Chumacero and striker Gilbert Álvarez have been sidelined with injuries, disrupting the team’s rhythm and tactical setup.

Defensive Frailties: Wilstermann’s defence has conceded 14 goals in just 8 games, leaving them vulnerable to counter-attacks.

Inconsistent Attack: While boasting a talented attacking force with players like Nahuelpán Osten and Serginho, Wilstermann has struggled to convert chances consistently.

Managerial Changes: The recent departure of head coach Sergio Migliaccio after a string of defeats has added to the team’s instability.

Fan Frustration and Calls for Change

Wilstermann’s passionate fanbase, known as “La Banda Roja” (The Red Band), has expressed its frustration with the team’s current situation. Social media is filled with calls for improvement, with fans urging the management to address the defensive weaknesses and find a way to unlock the attacking potential of the squad.

The recent appointment of a new manager, expected to be announced soon, is a step towards addressing fan concerns. However, the new manager will face a significant task in turning around Wilstermann’s fortunes.

Can Wilstermann Turn Things Around?

Despite the challenges, Wilstermann still has the potential to climb the table. Here’s what could help them achieve a turnaround:

Finding the Right Manager: The new manager will need to instil a sense of belief and implement a clear tactical strategy that addresses defensive vulnerabilities and maximizes attacking strengths.

Injury Recoveries: The return of key players from injury will significantly bolster the squad’s depth and overall quality.

Improved Team Chemistry: Building a strong team spirit and fostering better communication on the field will be crucial for consistent performance.

Fan Support: Continued support from “La Banda Roja” can provide a much-needed boost to the team’s morale, especially during challenging matches.

The upcoming fixtures offer Wilstermann an opportunity to prove their mettle. Key matches against mid-table teams present a chance to regain momentum and climb the table.

A Look Back: Wilstermann’s Legacy and Past Success

While the current season is proving to be a challenge, it’s important to remember Wilstermann’s rich history and past successes. Founded in 1949, the club has won four Bolivian Primera División titles (most recently in 2018) and has consistently been a force to be reckoned with in domestic competitions.

Wilstermann has also enjoyed success on the international stage, reaching the group stages of the prestigious Copa Libertadores on multiple occasions. This experience, coupled with their passionate fanbase, demonstrates the club’s potential to overcome current setbacks.

What’s Hindering Jorge Wilstermann’s Performance?

Several factors may be contributing to Jorge Wilstermann’s struggles:

Inconsistent Form: Wilstermann has yet to find a consistent rhythm. Their solitary win came against Always Ready, but they’ve been inconsistent in other matches.

Attacking Inefficiency: Scoring goals has been a major challenge. The lack of a prolific goalscorer and the team’s struggles in creating clear-cut opportunities are concerning areas.

Defensive Frailties: Conceding 14 goals in 8 games points towards a leaky defence. Wilstermann needs to tighten up at the back to improve their results.

Managerial Uncertainty: Recent managerial changes can disrupt team cohesion and tactical implementation.

These factors combined have created a sense of unease among Wilstermann fans.

Reasons for Optimism: A Look Ahead

Despite the current challenges, there are reasons for optimism for Wilstermann supporters:

Strong Squad on Paper: Wilstermann boasts a squad with experienced players like Nahuelpán (leading goalscorer with 7 goals) and Bejarano.

Room for Improvement: The season is far from over. With strategic adjustments and improved performances, Wilstermann can still climb the table.

Fan Support: Wilstermann enjoys a passionate fanbase known for their unwavering support. This unwavering backing can be a source of motivation for the players.


Q: Where does C D Jorge Jorge Wilstermann currently stand in the Bolivian Primera División?

A: As of June 21, 2024, Jorge Wilstermann sits in 6th place in the Bolivian Primera División table.

Q: How many points does Jorge Wilstermann have?

A: Wilstermann currently has 5 points after playing 8 games.

Q: What is Jorge Wilstermann’s win-loss-tie record?

A: Wilstermann has a record of 1 win, 5 losses, and 2 ties.

Q: Who is leading the Bolivian Primera División?

A: Club Bolívar currently leads the league with 16 points.

Q: Where can I find more information about the Bolivian Primera División standings?

A: You can find the latest standings on various websites including Tribuna.com and FcTables.com.


C D Jorge Wilstermann has had a rough start to the 2024 Bolivian Primera División season. Currently sitting in 6th place, they will need to turn things around if they want to challenge for the title. With several key players and a talented squad, Wilstermann has the potential to climb the table. Keep an eye on their upcoming matches to see if they can find their winning form.

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