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Jacob Elordi, the Australian heartthrob, has quickly carved his niche in the entertainment industry. Known for his captivating screen presence and versatility, Elordi has transitioned from teen rom-coms to dark dramas, showcasing a range that promises a bright future. Let’s delve into the Jacob Elordi Movies and Tv Shows that have marked his journey so far.

From Down Under to Hollywood: Early Beginnings

Born in Brisbane, Australia in 1997, Jacob Elordi wasn’t your typical kid with a fleeting fascination for acting. No, Elordi burned with a passion for the stage and screen. This wasn’t just a passing fancy; it was a fire that lit up his soul.

From a young age, Elordi honed his craft in his Aussie homeland. Perhaps he spent his weekends at local acting classes, soaking up knowledge and experience from seasoned instructors. Maybe he auditioned for every school play imaginable, captivating audiences with his raw talent. Australia boasts a vibrant theatre scene, and it’s likely Elordi cut his teeth performing in local productions.

Did he dedicate himself to a prestigious program like the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA)? Did he tirelessly pursue a drama degree at university? Whatever the specifics, Elordi was laser-focused on developing his skills and building a solid foundation for his acting career.

This dedication became crystal clear in 2017 when Elordi made the bold move to Los Angeles. Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is a notoriously tough place to crack the acting world. But Elordi wasn’t daunted. His ambition and relentless preparation fueled his desire to take the risk.

Leaving the familiar comfort of home behind spoke volumes about his drive and focus. It also showcased a strategic mind. Los Angeles is the heart of the American film and television industry, offering actors a treasure trove of opportunities and exposure that might be impossible to find elsewhere.

Elordi’s talent and unwavering determination were destined to pay off. After what was likely a period of countless auditions and potentially some smaller roles, he landed the role that would catapult him to stardom. This is where his story takes a fascinating turn… (Insert details about his breakout role here to pique the reader’s interest).

Kissing Booth Trilogy (2018-2021): Launching into Stardom

Elordi’s portrayal of Noah Flynn in the Netflix rom-com trilogy, “The Kissing Booth,” catapulted him to international fame. The story follows Elle Evans (Joey King), a high school student who falls for Noah, the bad-boy neighbor and forbidden crush of her older sister.

Elordi’s portrayal of Noah was a masterclass in playing against type. While initially appearing aloof and rebellious, he gradually reveals a caring and vulnerable side, winning over audiences. The success of the trilogy solidified Elordi’s status as a teen idol and launched him into the spotlight.

Euphoria (2019-present): Exploring Dark Depths

Elordi took a sharp turn from rom-coms with his role as Nate Jacobs in HBO’s critically acclaimed drama series, “Euphoria.” The show delves into the gritty realities of high school life, exploring themes of addiction, sexuality, and mental health.

Elordi portrays Nate, a complex and troubled character. He’s a star football player who hides a dark side of rage, manipulation, and insecurity. Elordi’s nuanced performance garnered critical praise, showcasing his ability to tackle demanding dramatic roles.

Branching Out: Expanding His Repertoire

Elordi hasn’t limited himself to these major projects. He has actively sought out diverse roles to showcase his range. In 2020, he appeared in the biographical drama “2 Hearts” as Chris, a young man with a heart transplant.

He also made a comedic appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” showcasing his lighter side. In 2022, he starred alongside Ben Affleck in the psychological thriller “Deep Water,” portraying a wealthy playboy with a suspicious past.

Upcoming Projects: A Glimpse into the Future

Elordi’s upcoming projects hint at his commitment to exploring challenging characters. He’s slated to star in the biographical drama “Priscilla” as a young Elvis Presley, demanding a complete transformation.

He’ll also be seen in “Saltburn,” a thriller set in Australia, and the sci-fi horror film “Frankenstein.” These diverse roles illustrate Elordi’s ambition to push boundaries and avoid being typecast.

Beyond the Screen: A Multifaceted Artist

Elordi’s talents extend beyond acting. He’s a skilled photographer, showcasing his artistic side on his social media. He is also known for his participation in various interviews and talk shows, displaying a charming and witty personality.

His dedication to humanitarian work adds another layer to his character. He has actively supported causes like mental health awareness and LGBTQ+ rights.

A Rising Star with Staying Power

Jacob Elordi’s journey is a testament to his talent and dedication. He has successfully transitioned from teen heartthrob to a respected actor, constantly seeking out challenging roles. His upcoming projects promise a diverse and exciting future for this rising star.

Elordi’s ability to navigate the complexities of human emotions, coupled with his undeniable screen presence, ensures that audiences will be captivated by his performances for years to come.


Q: What is Jacob Elordi best known for?

A: Elordi rose to fame for his portrayal of the brooding bad boy, Noah Flynn, in the Netflix rom-com trilogy, The Kissing Booth (2018-2021).

Q: What other movies and TV shows has he been in?

A: Elordi has a diverse filmography beyond The Kissing Booth. Here are some highlights:

TV: He plays the troubled football player, Nate Jacobs, in the HBO teen drama series Euphoria (2019-present), showcasing his dramatic range.

Movies: He starred as the iconic musician Elvis Presley in the biographical film Priscilla (2023), and delivered a nuanced performance as a wealthy university student in the thriller Saltburn (2023), which earned him a BAFTA Award nomination.

Other Appearances: He’s appeared in films like 2 Hearts (2020), Deep Water (2022), and lent his voice to characters in various projects. He’s also dabbled in short films and television specials.

Q: Are there any upcomi♥ng projects with Jacob Elordi?

A: Yes! Elordi is currently filming the sci-fi horror movie Frankenstein (2025).

Q: Where can I watch Jacob Elordi Movies and Tv shows?

A: Availability depends on the platform.

The Kissing Booth trilogy is exclusive to Netflix.

Euphoria airs on HBO and its streaming service, HBO Max.

Individual movies like Saltburn might have limited theatrical releases or be available on streaming services later.

Q: Is there anything else interesting about Jacob Elordi’s career?

A: Yes! Here are some interesting tidbits:

He started acting in his native Australia before moving to Hollywood in 2017.

He’s known for his comedic timing, showcased in interviews and brief appearances on shows like Saturday Night Live (2022).

He’s gained a significant social media following, known for his quirky and sometimes chaotic online persona.

Q: How can I stay updated on Jacob Elordi’s work?

A: Follow him on social media (use caution!), or check entertainment news websites and Youtube channels dedicated to showcasing upcoming movies and TV shows.

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