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Isabel May start’s journey to Hollywood reads like a dream. With no formal training, she landed a lead role on Netflix, then went on to become the heart and soul of a hit Western drama. Her dedication and raw talent have taken her from teen sitcoms to the unforgiving American frontier, capturing hearts worldwide.

A Natural Talent Takes the Screen

Born in Santa Monica in 2000, acting wasn’t exactly part of May’s grand plan. At 17, with minimal experience, she auditioned for the Netflix show “Alexa & Katie.” Remarkably, she landed the role of Katie Cooper, a vibrant friend to the show’s protagonist. This marked the beginning of a career where May’s natural charisma shone through.

“Alexa & Katie” ran for three seasons, but May wasn’t one to be typecast. She balanced her work with a recurring role on the acclaimed “Young Sheldon,” showcasing her range beyond teen comedies. In 2020, she took a dramatic turn in the independent thriller “Run Hide Fight,” portraying a high school student amidst a horrific tragedy. This intense performance proved her willingness to tackle challenging subjects.

The Making of a Western Heroine

2021 became a pivotal year for May. She landed the lead role of Elsa Dutton in the Paramount+ limited series “1883,” a prequel to the popular Western drama “Yellowstone.” Created by Taylor Sheridan, the series chronicles the Dutton family’s perilous journey westward through the Great Plains.

May not only embodies Elsa, a spirited young woman on a dangerous adventure, but also serves as the show’s narrator. Her voice guides viewers through the harsh realities of frontier life, the Dutton family’s struggles, and Elsa’s own growth.

The series garnered critical acclaim, with May’s performance receiving high praise. Critics lauded her ability to portray the strength and resilience of a pioneer woman, while capturing her vulnerability and yearning for a better life. Interestingly, May had never ridden a horse before filming. Her dedication shone through as she learned to ride convincingly, embodying the character with unwavering determination.

According to IMDb trivia, May’s audition for a different Sheridan project so impressed him, it inspired him to write “1883” with her in mind. Talk about making a lasting impression!

Lies Ahead for the Rising Star

Following “1883,” May returned as narrator for the sequel series “1923,” which premiered in December 2022. With her career on an upward trajectory, fans eagerly await her next move. While official announcements are under wraps, it’s clear Hollywood is at her feet. Her talent and willingness to explore diverse roles suggest a future filled with captivating performances.

Beyond the Spotlight

Unlike many young stars, May keeps a relatively low profile on social media. You can find her on Instagram (@isabelmay) sharing glimpses of her work and behind-the-scenes moments.

Recognition and What’s Next

May’s talent hasn’t gone unnoticed. In 2022, she won the Rising Star Award at the Newport Beach Film Festival, solidifying her growing recognition within the industry. Rumors swirl about her involvement in future Taylor Sheridan projects, but details remain shrouded in secrecy.

Isabel May’s story is an inspiration to aspiring actors. Her dedication, talent, and ability to connect with audiences have propelled her to stardom. With a captivating screen presence and a seemingly endless well of potential, Isabel May is sure to continue captivating audiences for years to come.


Who is Isabel May?

Isabel May is a 23-year-old (born November 21, 2000) American actress. Hailing from Santa Monica, California, she’s quickly risen through the ranks with her talent and dedication.

What is Isabel May best known for?

Isabel May is best known for two distinct roles:

Elsa Dutton in “1883” (2021-2022): She portrayed the lead character and narrator in this Paramount+ Western series, a prequel to the popular show “Yellowstone.” Her performance as a spirited young woman navigating the harsh realities of the American frontier garnered widespread acclaim.

Katie Cooper in “Alexa & Katie” (2018-2021): This heartwarming Netflix series showcased May’s comedic timing and ability to connect with young audiences. She played Katie, a teenager navigating the challenges of high school while living with cancer.

What else has Isabel May been in?

 In addition to the shows mentioned above, May has appeared in:

Young Sheldon (2018-2019): She played Veronica Duncan, a recurring character and love interest of Sheldon’s brother, Georgie.

Run Hide Fight (2020): This independent film featured May in the lead role of Zoe Hull, a high school student caught in a violent school shooting.

Let’s Scare Julie (2018): May starred in this independent one-shot film as the party host in a Halloween scare gone wrong.

Did Isabel May have any acting experience before “Alexa & Katie”?

Interestingly, May landed the role of Katie Cooper with minimal prior acting experience. Though she had participated in school plays, “Alexa & Katie” became her breakout role.

Can I see videos of Isabel May’s work on YouTube?

Yes! You can find various clips and trailers showcasing Isabel May’s work on YouTube. Here are some options:

Official trailers for “1883” and “Alexa & Katie” offer a glimpse into her characters and the overall tone of the shows.

Fan-made compilations might showcase her best scenes or funny moments from her various roles.

Interviews with Isabel May can provide insights into her acting process, inspirations, and upcoming projects.

What’s next for Isabel May?

While concrete details remain under wraps, rumors suggest exciting possibilities for Isabel May’s future. She reprised her role as the narrator for the “1883” sequel series, “1923,” hinting at a continued presence in the Taylor Sheridan universe. With her talent and growing fanbase, it’s safe to say we’ll see more of Isabel May on our screens soon.

Is Isabel May on social media?

As of May 7, 2024, Isabel May does not appear to have verified accounts on major social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram. However, there might be fan accounts dedicated to her work.

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