A Horse Carriage Ride with Afternoon Tea by WonderDays

Imagine yourself nestled comfortably in a horse-drawn carriage, the gentle clip-clop of hooves a soothing rhythm against the backdrop of idyllic scenery. A cool breeze carries the sweet scent of nature, and the world slows down to a pace forgotten in our fast-paced lives. This isn’t a scene from a fairytale; it’s an experience offered by WonderDays, a company dedicated to crafting unique and unforgettable moments.

WonderDays’ Horse Carriage Ride with Afternoon Tea is the perfect escape for anyone seeking a touch of elegance and a delightful indulgence. This experience whisks you away to a private estate near York, England, where you’ll embark on a charming journey through stunning grounds.

A Journey Through Time: The Elegance of a Horse-Drawn Carriage

Horse-drawn carriages were once the primary mode of transportation, offering a luxurious and comfortable way to travel. Today, they represent a bygone era, a time of refined elegance and a slower pace of life. WonderDays’ meticulously maintained carriages capture this essence, transporting you back to a time of grandeur.

The carriages themselves are a sight to behold. Depending on the weather, you can choose between an open-top carriage for a truly immersive experience on a warm day, or a closed carriage with plush seating, windows, and cozy blankets for a comfortable ride during cooler months. Each carriage is designed to provide a sense of intimacy and allow you to fully appreciate the beauty of the surroundings.

A Feast for the Senses: The Delights of Afternoon Tea

No horse carriage ride is complete without a quintessential afternoon tea. WonderDays elevates this tradition to a culinary delight, offering a delectable spread of sweet and savory treats. Imagine freshly baked scones, still warm from the oven, served with clotted cream and a selection of jams. Delicate finger sandwiches, filled with gourmet ingredients, tantalize your taste buds. And to complete the experience, an assortment of pastries and cakes provides a touch of sweetness.

WonderDays understands that dietary restrictions shouldn’t hinder your enjoyment. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are available, ensuring everyone can partake in this delightful afternoon ritual.

Beyond the food itself, the presentation adds to the charm. The afternoon tea is served on a tiered stand, a visual feast that complements the delicious flavors.

A Perfect Occasion: Who Should Experience This Enchanting Tour?

WonderDays’ Horse Carriage Ride with Afternoon Tea caters to a variety of occasions. It’s the ideal romantic getaway for couples seeking a unique and intimate experience. Imagine celebrating an anniversary or simply creating a special memory with your loved one amidst the picturesque scenery.

This experience is also perfect for a group of friends or family members who want to reconnect and share a memorable afternoon. The carriage comfortably accommodates up to five people, providing a space for laughter, conversation, and creating lasting memories.

But this experience isn’t limited to celebrations. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself to a luxurious escape from the everyday. Allow yourself to be transported to a world of tranquility and indulge in the simple pleasures of a bygone era.

Beyond the Ride: Exploring the Estate

The horse carriage ride is just one part of the WonderDays experience. As you traverse the estate, you’ll be captivated by the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Lush greenery, meandering pathways, and a variety of wildlife create a sense of peace and serenity. Keep your eyes peeled for deer grazing in the distance or majestic birds soaring through the sky.

The estate itself is steeped in history, adding another layer of intrigue to your adventure. Imagine yourself transported back in time, picturing the lives of those who once resided on these grounds.

A Touch of Luxury: What’s Included in the WonderDays Experience?

WonderDays ensures every detail is considered to make your experience truly unforgettable. Here’s what’s included in your package:

A one-hour horse-drawn carriage ride through the private estate grounds.

A delicious afternoon tea spread with a variety of sandwiches, scones, pastries, cakes, and your choice of tea, coffee, or fruit teas. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated upon request.

The expertise of a friendly and knowledgeable carriage driver who will share insights about the estate and its history.

Prices vary depending on the number of participants, with a starting price of £102.50 for two people.

Booking Your Dream Carriage Ride: Making Memories with WonderDays

To embark on this enchanting journey, simply visit the WonderDays website or reach out to their team. Booking is quick and easy, allowing you to plan your escape at your convenience.

WonderDays also offers gift vouchers, making this experience the perfect present for anyone seeking a unique and unforgettable gift. Imagine the delight on your loved one’s face when they receive a voucher for a horse-drawn carriage ride and afternoon tea!


What should I wear on the carriage ride?

WonderDays recommends comfortable, smart casual attire. Opt for clothing that allows for easy movement as you get in and out of the carriage. If your ride coincides with cooler weather, you might want to bring a light jacket or shawl for added comfort.

Are there any restrictions on who can participate in the carriage ride?

There are no age restrictions for the carriage ride. However, WonderDays recommends supervising young children closely to ensure their safety throughout the experience.

Is the carriage ride accessible for people with disabilities?

Accessibility can vary depending on the type of disability. WonderDays recommends contacting their team in advance to discuss your specific needs and ensure the experience is comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.

What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my ride?

WonderDays prioritizes the safety and comfort of their guests. In case of inclement weather, they may reschedule your ride or offer alternative options, such as enjoying the afternoon tea indoors at the estate.

Can I bring my pet on the carriage ride?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on the carriage rides due to safety regulations.

WonderDays’ Horse Carriage Ride with Afternoon Tea offers a unique opportunity to step back in time and experience the elegance of a bygone era. From the gentle clip-clop of the horses’ hooves to the delectable afternoon tea spread, every detail is meticulously crafted to create a memorable and enchanting experience.

So, if you’re seeking a luxurious escape, a romantic gesture, or simply a delightful afternoon with loved ones, WonderDays’ Horse Carriage Ride with Afternoon Tea is the perfect way to unwind, reconnect, and create lasting memories. Let WonderDays whisk you away on a journey through time and indulge in the timeless charm of a horse-drawn carriage ride.

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