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Full Monty Cast, a hilarious and heartwarming 1997 British comedy film, took the world by storm. The story follows a group of unemployed steelworkers in Sheffield, England, who resort to an outrageous plan to make ends meet: forming an all-male striptease act. The film’s success stemmed not only from its witty script but also from the outstanding performances of its cast. Let’s delve into the lives of the actors who brought these unforgettable characters to life.

The Core Six: From Layoffs to Laughter

Robert Carlyle (Gaz Schofield): Leading the pack is Gaz Schofield, played by the ever-intense Robert Carlyle. Gaz, a former steelworker struggling to maintain contact with his son, becomes the driving force behind the Full Monty act. Carlyle, known for his brooding roles in Trainspotting and 28 Weeks Later, perfectly portrays Gaz’s desperation and eventual determination.

Mark Addy (Dave Horsfall): Mark Addy brings warmth and humor to the role of Dave Horsfall, Gaz’s easygoing best friend. Dave’s insecurities about his weight provide comic relief throughout the film, but his unwavering loyalty to Gaz shines through. Addy’s career flourished after The Full Monty, with roles in films like Robin Hood (2010) and television series like Game of Thrones.

William Snape (Nathan Schofield): Gaz’s estranged son, Nathan, is portrayed by William Snape. Theirs is a complex relationship, strained by unemployment and separation. Snape, a child actor at the time, delivers a nuanced performance that captures Nathan’s confusion and eventual acceptance of his father’s unconventional plan.

Steve Huison (Lomper): Steve Huison’s portrayal of Lomper, the quiet and shy member of the group, is both endearing and heartbreaking. Lomper’s lack of confidence adds another layer to the challenges the men face. Huison, though not as widely known as some of his co-stars, has continued to act in British television and film.

Tom Wilkinson (Gerald Arthur Cooper): Tom Wilkinson lends his gravitas to the role of Gerald Arthur Cooper, the older and more experienced steelworker. Initially resistant to the idea of stripping, Gerald eventually becomes the group’s unlikely choreographer. Wilkinson, a BAFTA and Academy Award-nominated actor, brings a touch of class and dignity to the ensemble.

Paul Barber (Barrington “Horse” Mitchell): Paul Barber rounds out the core six as Barrington “Horse” Mitchell, the flamboyant and (somewhat delusional) organizer who believes the Full Monty act is a surefire hit. Horse’s bravado and enthusiasm, though often misplaced, provide comic relief and keep the group motivated. Barber, a veteran British actor, is best known for his role as Mr. Bigglesworth in the Austin Powers films.

The Women Behind the Men

Lesley Sharp (Jean Horsfall): Gaz’s ex-wife, Jean Horsfall, played by Lesley Sharp, is a strong and independent woman struggling to raise their son alone. Despite the complications in their relationship, Jean ultimately supports Gaz’s endeavor. Sharp has had a prolific career in British television and film, with recent appearances in the Netflix series The Crown.

Emily Woof (Mandy): Emily Woof brings youthful charm to the role of Mandy, a young woman who becomes romantically involved with Gaz. Mandy’s belief in Gaz and his idea is a source of encouragement for him. Woof has continued to act in British television and theatre productions.

Deirdre Costello (Linda Cooper): Deirdre Costello portrays Linda Cooper, Gerald’s supportive wife. Linda’s unwavering faith in her husband adds a heartwarming element to the narrative. Costello, a well-respected Irish actress, has appeared in numerous films and television shows throughout her career.


Who are the main cast members of The Full Monty?

Robert Carlyle as Gaz Schofield: The charismatic but troubled Gaz spearheads the idea for the Chippendale-inspired act.

Mark Addy as Dave Horsfall: The overweight and kind-hearted Dave overcomes his insecurities to join the group.

William Snape as Nathan Schofield: Gaz’s estranged son, who becomes a driving force behind his father’s motivation.

Tom Wilkinson as Gerald Cooper: The shy and overweight ex-foreman finds his confidence through the act.

Steve Huison as Lomper: The quiet and unassuming Lomper brings surprising talents to the group.

Paul Barber as Barrington “Horse” Mitchell: The flamboyant and (somewhat) experienced dancer offers guidance and comic relief.

Hugo Speer as Guy: The smooth-talking salesman becomes the unlikely manager of the group.

Lesley Sharp as Jean Horsfall: Dave’s supportive wife who encourages him to embrace the challenge.

Are there any other notable cast members?

Emily Woof as Mandy: Gaz’s ex-partner who adds a layer of complexity to his motivations.

Deirdre Costello as Linda Cooper: Gerald’s wife, who provides unwavering support despite initial reservations.

Where can I find a full list of the cast and crew?

Several websites offer comprehensive cast and crew listings for The Full Monty. You can find them on platforms like:



Who played the women in The Full Monty?

While the film focuses on the men’s journey, several talented actresses portray the female characters who offer support and encouragement throughout the story. These include Lesley Sharp, Emily Woof, Deirdre Costello, and others.

Are there any YouTube videos about the cast of The Full Monty?

Interviews: You can find interviews with the cast members on YouTube, offering insights into their experiences filming the movie and its lasting impact.

Behind-the-scenes clips: Explore behind-the-scenes footage that might showcase interactions between the cast and the creative process.

Fan compilations: Fan-made compilations featuring funny moments or iconic scenes involving the cast can also be found on YouTube.

What has the cast been up to since The Full Monty?

The success of The Full Monty propelled the careers of many cast members. Here’s a brief glimpse:

Robert Carlyle: Continued success in films like Trainspotting and 28 Days Later.

Mark Addy: Established himself in Hollywood with roles in Robin Hood and Game of Thrones.

Tom Wilkinson: A prolific actor with appearances in major films like Michael Clayton and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The rest of the cast: Continued acting careers in various film and television projects.

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