Frosinone Calcio Struggles in Serie A: A Look at Their Current Standings

Frosinone Calcio, a phoenix rising from the ashes of relegation, returned to Italy’s top tier, Serie A, in 2023. However, their return to the big leagues hasn’t been smooth sailing. As of today, June 12, 2024, Frosinone sits precariously close to the relegation zone, raising questions about its ability to stay afloat. This article dives into Frosinone’s current standings, analyzing their performance, key players, and their challenges in Serie A.

A Season of Ups and Downs: Decoding Frosinone’s Standings

Currently, Frosinone occupies 18th place in the 20-team Serie A table. They have managed just 8 wins, 11 draws, and suffered 19 losses throughout their 38 games. This translates to a meagre 35 points, a far cry from the safety net provided by a mid-table position.

Here’s a breakdown of Frosinone’s performance compared to other teams:

Goals Scored vs. Conceded: Frosinone has found the back of the net 44 times, placing them near the bottom of the league regarding attacking prowess. However, their defensive woes are even more concerning. With 69 goals conceded, they have one of the worst defensive records in Serie A.

Wins vs. Losses: Their 8 wins are the second-lowest in the league, highlighting their struggles to secure victories. The high number of losses (19) shows a team often on the back foot.

Draws: Frosinone has managed 11 draws, which suggests resilience in holding onto points even when victories seem elusive.

What the Standings Tell Us: Frosinone’s current position reflects a team battling relegation. They need a strong finish to the season to avoid dropping back down to Serie B.

Key Players: Who’s Keeping Frosinone Afloat?

Despite their struggles, Frosinone has a few bright spots. Here are some key players who have shouldered the responsibility of keeping the team afloat:

Leading Scorer: Luca Paganini – The Italian striker has been Frosinone’s most potent weapon, bagging 11 goals throughout the season. His finishing prowess has been crucial in salvaging points for the team.

Midfield Maestro: Abdou Harroui – The Moroccan midfielder has been the engine room of Frosinone, dictating the flow of play. His 4 goals and creative spark in midfield have been instrumental in their performances.

Defensive Backbone: Federico Gatti – The young central defender has emerged as a dependable figure at the back. His strong tackles and ability to read the game have been vital in containing high-profile attackers.

These players, along with others like Cheddira, Luca Mazzitelli, and Marco Brescianini, have contributed significantly to Frosinone’s fight for survival.

Challenges on the Horizon: Can Frosinone Avoid Relegation?

Frosinone faces significant challenges in their quest to avoid relegation:

Tough Schedule: Remaining fixtures include games against top teams like Inter Milan and AC Milan. These matches will be a baptism by fire, testing Frosinone’s mettle and tactical prowess.

Inconsistent Form: Their tendency to drop points against seemingly weaker opponents has hurt their position. Maintaining consistency and capitalizing on every opportunity will be crucial.

Mental Fortitude: The pressure of relegation can be crippling. Maintaining a positive mindset and fighting spirit will be essential in the coming weeks.

A Glimmer of Hope: Despite the challenges, there are reasons to be optimistic about Frosinone’s chances of survival:

Fighting Spirit: The team has shown glimpses of brilliance, particularly in their draws against strong contenders. This fighting spirit can propel them to safety.

Managerial Expertise: Fabio Grosso, the experienced manager, is known for his tactical acumen and ability to motivate players. His leadership could be the difference between relegation and survival.

Home Advantage: Frosinone has a strong home record, drawing inspiration from their passionate supporters. Utilizing this advantage in remaining home matches could turn the tide.

The Road Ahead: The upcoming matches will be a defining chapter for Frosinone. Their performance will determine their fate in Serie A.


Where does Frosinone Calcio currently stand in Serie A?

 As of today, June 12, 2024, Frosinone Calcio sits in 18th place in Serie A.

How many points does Frosinone Calcio have?

Frosinone Calcio currently has 35 points.

Is Frosinone Calcio in the relegation zone?

Yes, with 18th place being the relegation zone threshold in Serie A, Frosinone Calcio is currently in danger of being relegated to Serie B.

What is Frosinone Calcio’s recent form?

Unfortunately, information about Frosinone’s recent form isn’t included in the provided prompt. However, you can find their recent results and upcoming fixtures on websites like Serie A’s official site or sports news platforms.

Who is Frosinone Calcio’s top scorer?

Based on information available online, Frosinone Calcio’s top scorer is likely Ciro Immobile with 11 goals. It’s important to note that transfer news can affect rosters, so this information might be slightly outdated.

Where can I find more information about Frosinone Calcio’s standings?

You can find the latest Serie A standings on the official Serie A website or sports news websites like ESPN, Fox Sports, or AiScore.


Frosinone Calcio finds itself in a precarious position in Serie A, currently occupying the relegation zone. While they’ve managed a few wins recently, they’ll need a strong finish to the season to avoid dropping down to Serie B. Stay tuned to Serie A’s official channels and sports news for updates on Frosinone’s performance and their fight against relegation.

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