Feralpisalò Battling Relegation

Feralpisalò, a small club with a big heart, finds itself in a precarious position in Italy’s Serie B. As of June 20, 2024, the Gardon Bresciano team sits just above the relegation zone, facing an uphill battle to secure its place in the second tier of Italian football for next season.

This article delves into Feralpisalò’s current Serie B standings, exploring their performance throughout the season, key factors impacting their position, and the upcoming challenges they face.

Where Does Feralpisalò Stand in Serie B?

Currently, Feralpisalò occupies 19th place in the 20-team Serie B league. With 38 games played, they have managed to secure 8 wins, 9 draws, and have suffered 21 losses. This translates to 33 points, placing them just 3 points above the relegation zone occupied by Calcio Lecco.

Here’s a breakdown of Feralpisalò’s performance compared to the rest of the league:

Wins: 8 (17th in the league)

Draws: 9 (10th in the league)

Losses: 21 (Most in the league)

Goals Scored: 44 (17th in the league)

Goals Conceded: 65 (Most in the league)

Goal Difference: -21 (Worst in the league)

While Feralpisalò has shown glimpses of brilliance with their draws against strong contenders like Venezia and Como, their struggles in converting draws to wins and their leaky defence paint a concerning picture.

Key Factors Influencing Feralpisalò’s Standings

Several factors have contributed to Feralpisalò’s precarious position:

Defensive Frailty: Feralpisalò has conceded the most goals in Serie B this season. This defensive weakness has been a major concern, often undoing their efforts in attack.

Inconsistency in Scoring: While not the worst scorers in the league, Feralpisalò’s lack of a consistent goalscoring threat has hampered their ability to win games.

Strength of the League: Serie B is a fiercely competitive league this season. Several traditionally strong teams like Parma, Como, and Venezia are vying for promotion, making it even more challenging for smaller clubs like Feralpisalò.

Resilience: Despite their shortcomings, Feralpisalò has shown a fighting spirit, evidenced by their ability to salvage draws from difficult matches.

Emerging Talent: Young players like [insert player names] have shown promise and could be crucial in the upcoming matches.

The Road Ahead: Can Feralpisalò Avoid Relegation?

With just a few games remaining in the season, the pressure is on for Feralpisalò to secure enough points to avoid relegation. Here’s what they need to do:

Shoring Up the Defense: Addressing the defensive frailties is paramount. Implementing tactical changes, improving individual performances, and potentially acquiring defensive reinforcements in the transfer window could be crucial.

Clinical Finishing: Converting more chances into goals will significantly improve their chances of winning games. Focusing on improving finishing during training and employing tactics that create better scoring opportunities will be vital.

Capitalizing on Opportunities: Every point matters at this stage. Feralpisalò needs to make the most of every remaining game, converting draws into wins and securing points against weaker opponents.

The upcoming matches will be a true test of Feralpisalò’s character. The passionate fans will undoubtedly be behind the team, hoping to see them avoid relegation and continue their Serie B journey.

Beyond the Standings: The Importance of Feralpisalò in Italian Football

While the current standings might paint a grim picture, Feralpisalò’s presence in Serie B signifies the importance of smaller clubs in Italian football.

Grassroots Development: Feralpisalò serves as a platform for young players from the region to showcase their talent and potentially make their way to bigger clubs.

Community Spirit: The club fosters a strong sense of community spirit in Salò and the surrounding areas, bringing people together on match days and creating a shared passion for the beautiful game.

Financial Sustainability: Smaller clubs like Feralpisalò often operate on tighter budgets, forcing them to be creative in player recruitment and development. Their success stories inspire other clubs to follow similar sustainable models.

What Does the Rest of the Season Hold for Feralpisalò?

With just a handful of games remaining, Feralpisalò’s fight against relegation is far from over. Here are some crucial factors impacting their remaining matches:

Upcoming Fixtures: Feralpisalò’s remaining schedule includes clashes against teams like Como and Venezia, both currently vying for promotion. These matches will be incredibly challenging and could further dent their points tally.

Head-to-Head Battles: Direct encounters with fellow relegation battlers like Ascoli and Bari will be critical. Picking up points in these matches is crucial for Feralpisalò’s survival hopes.

Performance Improvements: Feralpisalò urgently needs to tighten their defense and find a more consistent attacking spark. Scoring goals and conceding fewer will be paramount in the remaining fixtures.

There’s also a chance that a few fortunate results for Feralpisalò, coupled with missteps by relegation rivals, could see them edge away from the drop zone.

However, the reality is that Feralpisalò faces an uphill battle. Their current form and challenging remaining fixtures make survival a tough ask.


Q: Where does FeralpiSalò currently stand in Serie B? 

A: As of today, June 20, 2024, FeralpiSalò sits in 19th place in Serie B.

Q: How many points does FeralpiSalò have? 

A: FeralpiSalò has 33 points after 38 games played.

Q: Is FeralpiSalò in danger of relegation? 

A: Yes, FeralpiSalò is currently in the relegation zone. The bottom three teams in Serie B are relegated to Serie C at the end of the season.

Q: What is FeralpiSalò’s goal difference?

 A: FeralpiSalò has a negative goal difference of -21. They have scored 44 goals and conceded 65 goals.

Q: How many wins, ties, and losses does FeralpiSalò have? 

A: FeralpiSalò has only managed 8 wins in Serie B this season. They have also drawn 9 games and lost 21.

Q: Is FeralpiSalò in the relegation zone?

A: Yes, with 21 losses, FeralpiSalò finds itself in the relegation zone.

Q: How many games has FeralpiSalò played?

A: F. has played all 38 games of the Serie B season.


F. has had a difficult season in Serie B. They find themselves in the relegation zone with just a few games remaining. The team will need to find a way to turn things around quickly if they want to avoid dropping down to Serie C.

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