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Farosh Location Totk, the magnificent Lightning Dragon, soars through the skies of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). Encountering this majestic creature is not only a breathtaking experience, but it also grants you valuable materials for upgrading your gear. However, pinning down Farosh location Totk can be tricky, as this elusive dragon follows a specific flight path. This guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to find Farosh and claim its bounty.

Farosh’s Domain: The Southwestern Skies

Farosh primarily resides in the southwestern regions of Hyrule. Its flight path originates from the vast Gerudo Desert, specifically the East Gerudo Chasm, located on the southeast side. You can find this chasm just south of the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower.

Here’s a breakdown of Farosh’s journey:

Emerging from the Chasm: Farosh bursts forth from the East Gerudo Chasm, heading northwards along the Gerudo Canyon.

Canyon Navigation: The dragon gracefully navigates the canyon’s curves, flying above the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower before descending south.

Eastern Charge: After skirting the southern edge, Farosh makes a sharp turn eastward, flying directly south of the Great Plateau.

Lake Hylia Flyover: The majestic creature soars across the northern portion of Lake Hylia, including its bridge.

Descent to Baumer: Finally, Farosh reaches the Hills of Baumer Chasm, a location west of Popla Foothills Skyview Tower. Here, the dragon dives underground, entering The Depths.

Important Note: Farosh’s flight path creates a continuous loop. Once it disappears underground, it takes a long, winding route through The Depths before re-emerging from the East Gerudo Chasm, repeating the cycle.

Common Farosh Localities

While Farosh follows a designated path, there are specific areas where you’re more likely to encounter it:

Gerudo Canyon: As the dragon emerges from the chasm and navigates the canyon, this area offers a good chance of spotting Farosh early in its flight.

Lake Hylia: Keep an eye out for Farosh as it soars majestically across the northern part of the lake.

Hills of Baumer Chasm: This is the final point where Farosh is visible above ground before entering The Depths.

Utilizing Skyview Towers: The strategically placed Skyview Towers throughout Hyrule serve as excellent vantage points for spotting Farosh. By climbing these towers and using your Sheikah Slate, you can scan the horizon for the telltale glint of Farosh’s scales or the crackle of its electric aura.

Unequip Metal Gear: Metal weapons and shields conduct electricity, so make sure to unequip them before approaching Farosh. Getting struck by lightning can cause significant damage and potentially knock you off the dragon.

Utilize Wooden Equipment: Wooden weapons and shields are not affected by Farosh’s electric aura, making them the safest option for this encounter.

Prepare for a Swift Climb: You’ll need to jump onto Farosh’s body and climb up its scales to reach the valuable materials. Be prepared to act quickly, as the dragon’s flight doesn’t slow down for anyone!

The Art of the Glide: Once you’ve collected the materials, you’ll need to dismount the dragon. You can either use your paraglider to descend safely or warp to a nearby Sheikah Tower or shrine for a quicker escape.

Farosh’s Bountiful Gifts: Rewards and Uses

The true reward for encountering Farosh lies in the materials you can collect from its body:

Farosh’s Scale: This rare item is essential for upgrading certain armor pieces. It can also be used to craft powerful elixirs with electric properties.

Shard of Farosh’s Spike: These shards are used for a variety of purposes, such as enhancing your arrows with electric damage and crafting specific armor upgrades.


Where can I find Farosh Location TotK?

Farosh primarily flies through the southwest regions of Hyrule. His flight path follows a specific route:

He emerges from the East Gerudo Chasm on the southeast side of the Gerudo Desert.

He then travels north along the Gerudo Canyon, flying past the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower.

He continues east, passing south of the Great Plateau and across the northern portion of Lake Hylia.

Finally, he dives into the Hills of Baumer Chasm, a location west of the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower.

Is there a specific time of day Farosh appears?

Yes! Farosh follows a specific schedule. He will appear and complete his flight path every morning. The exact time might vary slightly depending on your in-game clock, but it generally occurs around dawn.

How can I tell when Farosh is about to appear?

A helpful visual cue exists! Look for a bright blue light emanating from the East Gerudo Chasm just before Farosh emerges. This is your signal to get ready and position yourself for the encounter.

What happens if I miss Farosh?

Don’t worry! Farosh’s flight path is cyclical. Simply wait until the next morning and try again. You can also use fast travel to a nearby Sheikah Tower and adjust the in-game time until dawn to optimize your chances of encountering him.

How do I collect Farosh’s materials?

To collect Farosh’s valuable materials, you’ll need to be quick and daring! Here’s how:

Equip a paraglider before Farosh emerges.

As Farosh flies past, use your Sheikah Slate to freeze time momentarily (optional but helpful).

Jump onto Farosh’s back while he’s airborne. You can use the updrafts he creates to gain extra height for this jump.

While clinging to Farosh, quickly collect Shard of Farosh’s Spike scattered along his back.

To get Farosh’s Scale, you need to strike him with a weapon (beware of getting shocked by his electric aura!).

Once you have what you need, paraglide down to a safe location.

Are there any dangers involved in encountering Farosh?

Yes! Farosh is a powerful electric dragon. Here’s what to watch out for:

Lightning strikes: Farosh will periodically unleash bolts of lightning. Avoid close contact during these moments.

Metal weapon shock: If you’re carrying a metal weapon while on Farosh, you’ll get electrocuted. Unequip metal items before attempting to collect his materials.To read more, click here





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