Endrick Girlfriend: Age Gap and Unique Relationship

Brazilian football prodigy Endrick Felipe Moreira de Sousa, simply known as Endrick, has taken the world by storm with his exceptional skills on the field. While his dazzling footwork and goal-scoring prowess grab headlines, his personal life, particularly his relationship with his girlfriend Gabriely Miranda, has also sparked curiosity.

This article delves into the age gap between Endrick and Gabriely, explores the details of their relationship, and sheds light on the public’s fascination with this young couple.

Age Gap: A Talking Point

Endrick was born on July 21, 2006, making him 17 years old (as of June 2024). Gabriely Miranda, on the other hand, was born in 2003 (exact date unavailable), placing her at around 20-21 years old. This three-year age difference has become a talking point, especially considering Endrick’s young age.

The age gap is not substantial by itself, but in the context of Endrick’s blossoming football career and minor status, it has garnered some attention. However, it’s important to remember that age gaps in relationships are becoming increasingly common, and as long as the relationship is healthy and consensual, there’s no inherent issue.

A Love Story in the Making: Endrick and Gabriely

Details about how Endrick and Gabriely met remain private, but their relationship became public in early 2024. Gabriely, a fashion model and social media influencer with a significant online presence has been spotted cheering Endrick on at his games for his current club, Palmeiras. Their social media interactions, though infrequent, showcase a supportive and loving connection.

What truly piqued public interest was the revelation of their unique relationship contract. In an interview with the Brazilian podcast PodDelas, Gabriely confirmed the existence of a written agreement outlining the couple’s expectations and boundaries. The details of the contract are not fully public, but it reportedly includes clauses promoting healthy habits, avoiding addictions, and maintaining open communication. Some sources mention fines for non-compliance, adding a playful yet serious touch to the agreement.

This unconventional approach to a relationship has sparked debate. Some find it refreshing and indicative of open communication, while others view it as unnecessary or controlling. Regardless of opinions, the contract highlights the couple’s commitment to building a strong foundation for their relationship, particularly amidst Endrick’s burgeoning career.

Public Scrutiny: Balancing Fame and Privacy

Endrick’s meteoric rise to fame has placed his personal life under a microscope. While he enjoys the support of fans, the constant media attention can be overwhelming, especially for a young athlete. The focus on his relationship with Gabriely is a testament to this scrutiny.

It’s important to acknowledge that Endrick and Gabriely deserve privacy in their relationship. They are young individuals navigating the complexities of love while Endrick tackles the demands of professional football. The public’s interest is understandable, but respecting their boundaries is crucial.

Why Does This Relationship Matter?

Endrick and Gabriely’s relationship resonates with the public for several reasons. Firstly, the age gap, while not significant, is uncommon in the world of football, where young players tend to date partners closer in age. Secondly, the public contract adds a layer of intrigue and raises questions about the nature of modern relationships.

More importantly, their story represents young love blossoming under the spotlight. Endrick’s journey as a football prodigy is inspiring, and seeing him navigate his personal life alongside a supportive partner adds a relatable dimension to his story.

Whether their relationship thrives or not remains to be seen. However, their story offers a glimpse into the lives of young athletes and the challenges they face in balancing professional aspirations with personal lives.

Beyond the Age Gap: Looking Ahead

The age difference between Endrick and Gabriely is a mere footnote in their relationship. The true focus should be on the love, support, and commitment they share. As Endrick embarks on his journey with Real Madrid, having a strong support system, including Gabriely by his side, will be crucial for his success.

Ultimately, Endrick and Gabriely’s relationship is theirs to define. Public interest is inevitable, but respecting their privacy and focusing on Endrick’s achievements on the field is paramount. Only time will tell where this young couple’s journey takes them, but their story undoubtedly adds a unique chapter to the ever-evolving world of football and relationships.

Age Gap and Public Reception

The three-year age gap between Endrick and Gabriely has piqued the curiosity of many. While not a significant difference for consenting adults, Endrick’s young age (still a minor in many countries) has sparked discussions online. Some find the age gap irrelevant, focusing on the couple’s apparent happiness. Others express concern, particularly regarding the potential influence dynamics in their relationship.

It’s important to acknowledge that Brazil’s legal age of consent is 14. However, the maturity gap between a 17-year-old and a 20-year-old can be significant. Ultimately, as long as the relationship is consensual and healthy, the age difference shouldn’t overshadow their connection.


Who is Endrick’s girlfriend?

Endrick’s girlfriend is Gabriely Miranda, a 20-year-old (as of June 2024) fashion model and social media influencer.

How old is the age difference between Endrick and his girlfriend?

Gabriely is 3 years older than Endrick, who is 17 years old (as of June 2024).

Is their age difference a big deal?

The age difference has sparked some conversation online, but ultimately, their relationship seems to be working for them. They’ve even gained attention for their unique dating contract!

What is this dating contract about?

Endrick and Gabriely have spoken openly about their unusual dating contract, which includes things like mandatory “I love you and clauses against addictions.

Where did they meet?

There’s no public information available yet on how they met.

Is Gabriely Miranda on social media?

Yes, Gabriely is active on social media, particularly Instagram, where she has over 250,000 followers (as of June 2024).

Do they have a dating contract?

Yes, Endrick and Gabriely have spoken openly about having a unique dating contract with clauses like mandatory “I love you and prohibitions on addictions.

Where did they meet?

There’s no public information on how they met, but Gabriely frequently shows support for Endrick’s team, Palmeiras, so it’s possible their paths crossed there.


Endrick’s relationship with Gabriely Miranda has garnered attention due to their age difference and their interesting dating contract. Despite the buzz, they seem happy and supportive of each other.

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