Cosenza Calcio Standings: A Season of Resilience in Serie B

Cosenza Calcio, the Calabrian club with a passionate fanbase, has navigated a challenging season in Italy’s Serie B. Currently sitting in 9th place, their campaign has been characterized by resilience, determined fight, and glimpses of attacking flair. This article delves into Cosenza’s current standings, analyzing their performance, key players, and what lies ahead for the club.

Where Does Cosenza Stand in Serie B?

As of today, June 18, 2024, Cosenza Calcio occupies 9th position in the Serie B table after a gruelling 38-game season. They boast 47 points, a record built on 11 wins, 14 draws, and 13 losses. The fight for mid-table security has been tight, with just six points separating them from 12th place.

Here’s a breakdown of Cosenza’s current standing compared to the top contenders:

Points: 47

Wins: 11

Draws: 14

Losses: 13

Position: 9th

While a top-six finish, which grants a chance for promotion to Serie A through playoffs, seems out of reach, Cosenza has secured a respectable position in a competitive league.

A Season of Ups and Downs: Analyzing Cosenza’s Performance

Cosenza’s season has been a rollercoaster ride. Early wins fueled optimism, but a string of draws and defeats tested their resolve. Here’s a closer look at some key aspects of their performance:

Defence: Cosenza has conceded 42 goals, placing them in the middle of the pack defensively. While not watertight, they’ve shown moments of solidity, particularly when key defenders like Giacomo Calo and Federico Zuccon are on form.

Attack: With 47 goals scored, Cosenza’s attacking prowess has been decent. Players like Mattia Viviani and Mirko Antonucci have contributed crucial goals, but consistency has been a concern.

Draws: The team’s resilience is evident in their high number of draws (14). While commendable, these stalemates have also cost them valuable points that could have propelled them higher in the standings.

Managerial Change: The season saw a change in management with Marco Zaffaroni taking over from Roberto Occhiuzzi in December 2023. Zaffaroni’s focus on defensive stability has yielded mixed results.

Overall, Cosenza’s performance reflects a team with potential but lacking the cutting edge to consistently challenge for promotion.

A Season of Mixed Results

Cosenza’s campaign has been characterized by inconsistency. They’ve shown glimpses of brilliance, like their impressive 3-1 victory over league leaders Parma, but have also suffered frustrating defeats. Their struggles to convert scoring opportunities have been a major concern, with a conversion rate hovering around the lower end of the league.

However, the team’s resilience deserves credit. Cosenza has shown a fighting spirit, clawing back points in close matches and never giving up. Their 14 draws showcase this dogged determination, refusing to surrender even when behind.

Key Players: Who Stepped Up for Cosenza?

Several Cosenza players have played crucial roles in their mid-table finish. Here are a few standouts:

Mattia Viviani: The attacking midfielder has been Cosenza’s creative spark, contributing a significant share of their goals and assists.

Mirko Antonucci: The experienced striker has proven his worth with his clinical finishing, providing a reliable source of goals throughout the season.

Giacomo Calo: The defender has been a rock at the back, marshalling the defense with his leadership and composure.

Michael Venturi: The young goalkeeper has impressed with his agility and shot-stopping abilities, making some crucial saves throughout the campaign.

These players, along with the collective effort of the squad, have ensured Cosenza’s survival in Serie B.

What’s Next for Cosenza Calcio?

With the season concluded, Cosenza now sets its sights on the future. Here are some key questions the club needs to address:

Transfer Market Activity: Cosenza will need to be smart in the transfer market, strengthening their squad while keeping their financial constraints in mind. Addressing weaknesses in attack and midfield could be crucial.

Managerial Future: Will Marco Zaffaroni remain at the helm? The decision will depend on the club’s ambitions and Zaffaroni’s vision for the future.

Fan Engagement: Cosenza boasts a passionate fanbase known for their unwavering support. Engaging the fans further and fostering a positive atmosphere will be key for the upcoming season.

The answers to these questions will shape Cosenza’s trajectory. Aiming for a more consistent performance and potentially pushing for a playoff spot in the next season could be realistic goals.


Q. How many games are remaining in the Serie B season?

 The Serie B season is likely over, as most sources show 38 games played for all teams [Source: []].

Q.How did Cosenza Calcio perform this season?

 Cosenza Calcio has had a mixed season, winning 11 games, drawing 14, and losing 13 [Source: []]. They’ve struggled offensively, scoring only 47 goals in 38 games.

Q: Where does Cosenza Calcio currently stand in Serie B?

A: As of today, June 18, 2024, Cosenza Calcio sits in 9th place in Serie B with 47 points after 38 games played.

Q: How has Cosenza Calcio performed this season?

A: Cosenza Calcio has had a mixed season, recording 11 wins, 14 draws, and 13 losses. They have struggled offensively, scoring only 47 goals, but have shown defensive resilience by conceding just 42 goals.

Q: Is Cosenza Calcio in danger of relegation?

A: Cosenza Calcio has a comfortable gap of 16 points from the relegation zone. However, with seven games remaining, they shouldn’t be completely complacent.

Q: What are Cosenza Calcio’s chances of promotion to Serie A?

A: With a 19-point deficit to the top spot, automatic promotion is unlikely for Cosenza Calcio. However, they are still mathematically in contention for the playoffs, which offer another route to Serie A.

Q: Where can I find the latest Serie B standings?

A: You can find the latest Serie B standings on various websites like Serie B’s official site, sports news platforms, and football data websites like.


Cosenza Calcio has secured its place in Serie B for another season. While promotion seems like a distant dream, they can focus on finishing the season strong and potentially challenging for a playoff spot. Fans will be hoping that the team can build on this season’s experience and make a stronger push for promotion next year.

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