Corinthians in the Doldrums

Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, affectionately known as Timão by its fans, is a Brazilian giant. With a rich history and passionate fanbase, Corinthians is a perennial contender for the Brasileirão Série A title. However, the 2024 season has seen them struggling, currently residing near the relegation zone.

This article delves into Corinthians’ current standings, analyzing their performance, potential reasons behind their struggles, and what lies ahead for the club.

A Disappointing Start: 18th Place in the Brasileirão Série A

As of June 24, 2024, Corinthians sits precariously in 18th place out of 20 teams in the Brasileirão Série A. This is a far cry from their usual position challenging for the top spots. They have only managed one win in 11 games, drawing five and losing five. This translates to a meagre eight points, putting them just three points above the relegation zone.

A Breakdown of Corinthians’ Performance

Let’s dissect Corinthians’ performance further:

Goals: With only eight goals scored in 11 games, Corinthians has one of the weakest attacks in the league. This lack of firepower is a significant concern.

Defence: While not as bad as the attack, Corinthians’ defence hasn’t been stellar either. They have conceded 12 goals, resulting in a negative goal difference.

Draws: Five draws highlight Corinthians’ inconsistency. While they haven’t been comprehensively beaten often, their inability to convert draws into wins is hindering their progress.

Reasons Behind Corinthians’ Struggles

There are several factors contributing to Corinthians’ struggles:

Managerial Uncertainty: Corinthians went through a managerial change in the off-season. Vitor Pereira, who achieved moderate success, left for another club. The new manager, Tiago Nunes, is still implementing his philosophy, and the team is yet to fully adapt.

Injury Woes: Key players like Roger Guedes and Renato Augusto have missed crucial games due to injuries. This has disrupted the team’s rhythm and balance.

Inconsistent Squad: The performances of some players have been inconsistent, leading to a lack of cohesion on the pitch.

Transfer Market Activity: While Corinthians made some signings, some fans believe they haven’t adequately addressed the squad’s weaknesses.

A Glimpse of Hope: Yuri Alberto and the Upcoming Fixtures

Despite the struggles, there are some reasons for optimism for Corinthians’ fans:

Yuri Alberto: The young striker, on loan from Internacional, has been a bright spark. He is Corinthians’ top scorer with 14 goals in all competitions. If he continues his prolific form, he can single-handedly propel the team upwards.

Favourable Fixtures: Looking ahead, Corinthians has a string of winnable fixtures on paper. This presents an opportunity to climb the table and build momentum.

The Road Ahead: Avoiding Relegation and Regrouping

The immediate priority for Corinthians is to avoid relegation. They need to start converting draws into wins and improve their attacking efficiency. The upcoming fixtures offer a chance to do just that.

In the long run, Corinthians needs to address the issues plaguing them. This might involve tactical adjustments by the manager, further reinforcements in the transfer market, and improved performances from existing players.

Fan Frustration and the Importance of Staying Positive

Corinthians fans are understandably frustrated with the team’s current situation. However, remaining positive and supporting the team is crucial during this challenging time. The unwavering support of the Timão faithful can be a source of strength for the players and the coaching staff.

A Turning Point for Corinthians?

Corinthian finds itself in an unfamiliar position. While their current situation is concerning, it’s not insurmountable. With a talented squad, a new manager with promising ideas, and the unwavering support of their fans, Corinthians has the potential to turn things around. Whether they can do so and climb back up the table remains to be seen. The upcoming fixtures will be a crucial test of their character and determination.

A Disappointing Position in the Brasileirão Série A

As of June 24, 2024, Corinthian sits precariously in 18th place in the 20-team Série A. This position is far from ideal for a club with such high expectations. With only 11 games played, they have managed a mere 8 points, a product of 1 win, 5 draws, and a concerning 5 losses. This translates to a win rate of just 9%, a stark contrast to the kind of dominance fans are accustomed to seeing from their team.

Here’s a breakdown of Corinthian’ current standings compared to the top teams in the league:

Rank: 18th

Points: 8

Wins: 1

Draws: 5

Losses: 5

Goal Difference: -4

Points Behind Leaders: 16

The gap between Corinthian and the current leader, Clube de Regatas do Flamengo, is a staggering 16 points. This deficit highlights the significant turnaround Corinthians needs to achieve a respectable finish in the league.


Q: Where do Corinthian currently stand in the Brasileirão Série A?

A: As of June 24, 2024, Corinthians unfortunately sit in 18th place in the Brasileirão Série A standings.

Q: How many points do Corinthian have?

A: Corinthians currently have 8 points after 11 games played.

Q: How many wins, draws, and losses does Corinthians have?

A: Corinthians have only managed 1 win, with 5 draws and 5 losses.

Q: Where can I find the latest Corinthian standings?

A: You can find the latest Corinthian standings on a variety of websites, including Globo Esporte, Flashscore, and 365Scores.

Q: What is Corinthian’ form like?

A: Corinthians’ form hasn’t been great. Their last six games show 1 win, 3 draws, and 2 losses.

Q: Is Corinthians in danger of relegation?

A: The season is still young, but with their current position, Corinthian will need to turn things around quickly to avoid a relegation battle.

What are Corinthian’ chances of making the playoffs?

With their current position and form, Corinthian’ chances of making the playoffs are slim. However, there is still a long way to go in the season, and things can turn around quickly.


Corinthian’ performance in the Brasileirão Série A so far this season has been disappointing. Currently sitting in the relegation zone, they face an uphill battle to climb the table. With some key wins and a change in form, Corinthians can still turn things around. Fans will be hoping they can find their winning ways and avoid a relegation scrap.

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