Cast of Young Sheldon

Cast of Young Sheldon is the Big Bang Theory’s quirky genius, Sheldon Cooper, became a pop culture icon. But what about his childhood? Enter Young Sheldon, a prequel series that dives into the early life of this extraordinary mind. The show’s success hinges not just on quirky humor and scientific references, but also on the stellar performances of its cast of young Sheldon. Let’s meet the actors who bring the Coopers and their East Texas world to life.

The Cooper Family

Iain Armitage as the cast of young Sheldon Cooper: At the heart of the show is Iain Armitage, who portrays as the cast of young Sheldon. At a young age, Armitage delivers a remarkable performance, capturing Sheldon’s brilliance, social awkwardness, and endearing quirks. His portrayal has garnered critical acclaim, with many praising his ability to embody the essence of the adult Sheldon played by Jim Parsons in The Big Bang Theory.

Zoe Perry as Mary Cooper: Sheldon’s ever-patient and loving mother, Mary, is played by Zoe Perry. Mary, a devout Christian, grapples with raising a genius child while navigating the challenges of small-town life. Perry brings warmth and strength to the role, showcasing Mary’s unwavering love for Sheldon and her determination to nurture his unique gifts.

Lance Barber as George Cooper Sr.: Sheldon’s father, George Sr., is a high school football coach struggling to connect with his intellectual son. Lance Barber portrays George Sr. with a mix of gruffness, frustration, and underlying love. He perfectly captures the complexities of a father trying to bridge the gap between his own working-class background and Sheldon’s extraordinary mind.

Montana Jordan as Georgie Cooper: Sheldon’s older brother, Georgie, is the practical and street-smart sibling. Montana Jordan brings a charming charisma to the role, showcasing Georgie’s hustler mentality and his attempts to navigate teenage life alongside his genius brother.

Raegan Revord as Missy Cooper: Sheldon’s twin sister, Missy, provides a healthy dose of normalcy and sibling rivalry. Raegan Revord delivers a hilarious performance, portraying Missy’s exasperation with Sheldon’s quirks while showcasing their underlying bond.

Annie Potts as Meemaw (Connie Tucker): Sheldon’s firecracker of a grandmother, Meemaw, is a scene-stealer. Played by the ever-delightful Annie Potts, Meemaw is a constant source of support and amusement for Sheldon. Her sharp wit and unwavering support for her grandson create some of the show’s most heartwarming moments.

Beyond the Coopers

The world of Young Sheldon extends beyond the Cooper family. Here’s a look at some of the other recurring characters:

  • Jim Parsons as Adult Sheldon (Narrator): The adult Sheldon narrates the series, offering humorous insights into his childhood experiences. Jim Parsons’ reprisal of the role adds a layer of familiarity and continuity for fans of The Big Bang Theory.
  • Wallace Shawn as Professor John Sturgis: The eccentric Professor Sturgis is Sheldon’s first college professor, recognizing his brilliance and becoming a mentor. Wallace Shawn brings his signature deadpan humor to the role, creating a delightfully odd couple with Sheldon.
  • Ryan Phuong as Tam Nguyen: Sheldon’s Vietnamese classmate and best friend, Tam, offers a different perspective and a source of understanding for Sheldon. Ryan Phuong delivers a heartwarming performance, showcasing the unlikely yet endearing friendship between the two boys.


How old was Iain Armitage when he started playing Sheldon? 

Iain Armitage was nine years old when he began portraying Sheldon in Young Sheldon.

Is Zoe Perry related to Luke Perry?

 No, Zoe Perry and the late Luke Perry are not related.

Did Lance Barber play football in real life? 

While Lance Barber doesn’t have a football background, he convincingly portrays the role of a high school football coach.

Are Raegan Revord and Sheldon related in real life?

 No, Raegan Revord and Iain Armitage are not related in real life.

What is Annie Potts best known for?

 Annie Potts is known for a variety of roles, including playing Janine Melnitz in the Ghostbusters franchise.

Meet the Cooper Family:

Who plays Sheldon Cooper in Young Sheldon?

Sheldon is portrayed by the charismatic Iain Armitage. At a young age, Iain has already garnered critical acclaim for his portrayal of the brilliant yet socially awkward Sheldon.Who plays Mary Cooper, Sheldon’s mother, in Young Sheldon?

The ever-patient and supportive Mary Cooper is played by Zoe Perry. Interestingly, Zoe Perry is the real-life daughter of Laurie Metcalf, who played Mary Cooper in The Big Bang Theory!

Who plays George Sr., Sheldon’s father, in Young Sheldon?

Lance Barber brings Sheldon’s gruff but loving father, George Sr., to life. For some fans, Lance Barber might seem familiar – he actually played a different character in The Big Bang Theory, Leonard’s high school bully, Jimmy Speckerman!

Who plays Missy Cooper, Sheldon’s twin sister, in Young Sheldon?

Raegan Revord delivers a hilarious performance as Missy, Sheldon’s often exasperated twin sister.

Who plays Georgie Cooper, Sheldon’s older brother, in Young Sheldon?

Montana Jordan portrays Georgie, Sheldon’s mischievous older brother, who often finds himself caught in Sheldon’s scientific experiments.

Beyond the Coopers:

Who plays Meemaw, Sheldon’s grandmother, in Young Sheldon?

The wonderful Annie Potts takes on the role of Meemaw, Sheldon’s sharp-witted and sassy grandmother, who offers him unwavering support and a listening ear.

Who plays Sheldon’s high school principal, Mr. Lundy, in Young Sheldon?

Veteran actor Jason Alexander portrays Mr. Lundy, the exasperated yet well-meaning principal who tries to navigate Sheldon’s unique needs.

Are there any cast crossovers from The Big Bang Theory?

Yes! Mayim Bialik, who played Amy Farrah Fowler in The Big Bang Theory, lends her voice as the adult Sheldon who narrates the series. Additionally, Simon Helberg, who played Howard Wolowitz, makes a guest appearance as a voice-only narrator in a nightmare sequence.

Young Sheldon’s talented cast brings the characters to life with humor and heart, making the show a delightful exploration of family, friendship, and the wonder of a curious mind.

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