Cast of Totally Killer

Cast of Totally Killer, took audiences on a wild ride through time travel, 80s nostalgia, and killer sprees. But what truly brought the film to life was its stellar cast. This guide dives into the talented actors who brought the story’s heroes, heroines, and unforgettable villains to life.

Leading the Charge: The Time-Traveling Duo

Kiernan Shipka as Jamie Hughes/Colette: Shipka, known for her breakout role in Mad Men, takes center stage as Jamie Hughes, a resourceful teenager thrust into the past. Jamie’s mission? Stop a killer from unleashing a reign of terror – a killer with a personal connection to her family. Shipka delivers a captivating performance, showcasing both Jamie’s vulnerability and her fierce determination.

Olivia Holt as Pam Miller (Teen) & Julie Bowen as Pam Hughes (Adult): The mother-daughter duo of Pam and Jamie is a central dynamic in Totally Killer. Olivia Holt steps into the role of the teenage Pam, a vibrant and outgoing girl whose life takes a dark turn. Julie Bowen portrays the adult Pam, haunted by the events of her youth. Together, Holt and Bowen deliver a nuanced portrayal of a mother-daughter bond strained by past trauma.

Partners in Time: Teen Crew and Beyond

Charlie Gillespie as Teen Blake Hughes & Lochlyn Munro as Adult Blake Hughes: Charlie Gillespie brings teenage charm to Blake Hughes, Jamie’s love interest in 1987. Navigating the complexities of a budding romance amidst a killer’s rampage, Gillespie shines. Lochlyn Munro portrays the adult Blake, offering a glimpse into how the past’s events shaped him.

Supporting Squad: From Victims to Vigilantes

The film boasts a talented ensemble cast who breathe life into the vibrant small town where the story unfolds. Here are some of the noteworthy actors:

Troy L. Johnson as Teen Lauren Creston: Initially appearing as a potential victim, Lauren becomes a crucial ally to Jamie in her fight against the killer. 

Liana Liberato as Tiffany Clark:  The quintessential 80s mean girl, Tiffany adds a layer of teen angst to the narrative.  Liana Liberato portrays the character with a perfect blend of humor and menace. 

Kelcey Mawema as Amelia Creston & Stephi Chin-Salvo as Marisa Song: As Lauren’s friends, Amelia and Marisa offer comic relief and unwavering support.

Randall Park as Sheriff Dennis Lim: A local law enforcement officer caught off guard by the resurgence of the killings, Sheriff Lim injects humor and heart into the story.

Back to the 80s: Capturing the Era

Totally Killer isn’t just about the time travel and the killer – it’s also a love letter to the 1980s. The cast perfectly embodies the era’s fashion, slang, and overall vibe. From the big hair and neon clothing to the use of nostalgic references, the film transports viewers back to a simpler (and sometimes scarier) time.

Totally Killer: A Platform for Rising Stars?

The film has served as a launching pad for several of its younger cast members. Kiernan Shipka, already established through her role in Mad Men, has further solidified her place as a versatile actress. Olivia Holt continues to impress with her range, showcasing her dramatic chops alongside her comedic talent. Actors like Charlie Gillespie and Liana Liberato are sure to garner more attention in the future.

Totally Killer: A Legacy of 80s Nostalgia and Time-Travel Thrills

Totally Killer’s cast is a key ingredient in its success. From the leading roles to the supporting cast, each actor delivers a memorable performance that contributes to the film’s unique blend of humor, horror, and heart. The film serves as a showcase for established talent and a launching pad for rising stars, ensuring its place in the pantheon of 80s-inspired horror comedies. So, if you’re looking for a film with a killer cast, killer soundtrack, and killer plot, then Totally Killer is most definitely worth checking out.


Who plays Jamie Hughes, the time-traveling teen, in Totally Killer?

The talented Kiernan Shipka portrays Jamie Hughes. You might recognize her from her leading role as Sabrina Spellman in the Netflix series “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.” Shipka delivers a captivating performance as Jamie navigates the challenges of 1987 and confronts a murderous threat.

Who is the actress who plays Pam, the target of the killer?

Olivia Holt takes on the dual role of the teenage Pam Miller in 1987 and her present-day self. Holt, known for her work on Disney Channel’s “Kickin’ It” and the Freeform series “Cruel Summer,” portrays Pam’s vulnerability and determination to survive.

Isn’t there another actress who plays Pam too?

Yes! Julie Bowen, best known for her hilarious portrayal of Claire Dunphy in “Modern Family,” steps in to portray the adult Pam Hughes (née Miller). Bowen brings her signature comedic timing and warmth to the role, showcasing the bond between Pam and her daughter, Jamie.

Who plays Jamie’s love interest, Blake, in both the past and present?

Charlie Gillespie portrays both the teenage and adult versions of Blake Hughes, Jamie’s love interest. Fans might recognize Gillespie from his role as Aaron Lightbourne in the Netflix series “Locke & Key.” He brings charm and heroism to Blake’s character.

I remember seeing the actor who plays Sheriff Lim from another comedy!

That’s right! The ever-funny Randall Park portrays Sheriff Dennis Lim in the film. Park is a comedic powerhouse, known for his roles in “Fresh Off the Boat” and “WandaVision.” He brings humor and authority to the role of the sheriff tasked with stopping the killer.

Are there any other notable actors in the cast?

Absolutely! The supporting cast is filled with talented performers, including Lochlyn Munro (Adult Blake Hughes), Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson (Teen Lauren Creston), Liana Liberato (Tiffany Clark), and Kelcey Mawema (Amelia Creston).

Can I watch interviews with the cast of Totally Killer on YouTube?

It’s possible! Search for “Totally Killer cast interview” on YouTube. Official channels or interviews conducted during promotion might be available.

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