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Cast of Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett’s comedic apocalypse, wouldn’t be the delightful ride it is without its stellar cast. This adaptation brings to life a quirky and celestial bunch, tasked with the fate of the world, no less. So, who are the talented individuals behind these unforgettable characters?

The Heavenly and Hellish Leads: Aziraphale & Crowley

Michael Sheen as Aziraphale: The fussy angel with a penchant for vintage books and fine dining is brought to life by the ever-charming Michael Sheen. Sheen, known for his roles in “Masters of Sex” and “The Crown,” perfectly captures Aziraphale’s posh demeanor and underlying rebellious streak. His comedic timing shines in Aziraphale’s witty exchanges with Crowley, forming the heart of the show’s dynamic duo.

David Tennant as Crowley: The demon with a fondness for fast cars and Queen is played by the ever-charismatic David Tennant. Tennant, iconic for his portrayal of the Doctor in “Doctor Who,” brings a sardonic wit and world-weary charm to Crowley. His effortless chemistry with Sheen creates a hilarious and surprisingly touching onscreen friendship.

These two leads are the foundation of the series. Their bickering and reluctant alliance in preventing the apocalypse form the core of the story’s humor and heart.

The Apocalypse’s Key Players: The Antichrist & Witch

Sam Taylor Buck as Adam Young: The unsuspecting Antichrist, unaware of his destiny, is played by newcomer Sam Taylor Buck. Buck delivers a refreshingly natural performance as the confused yet curious eleven-year-old Adam, navigating the bizarre events around him.

Miranda Richardson as Madame Tracy: The formidable witch Agnes Nutter, keeping a watchful eye over the Antichrist, is portrayed by the ever-brilliant Miranda Richardson. Richardson imbues the character with a fierce protectiveness and dry wit, making her a scene-stealer.

These characters, along with the forces of Heaven and Hell, create a delightful clash between good and evil, all while keeping the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

The Supporting Cast: A Heavenly & Hellish Host

Heaven’s Bureaucracy: The angelic cast is further bolstered by talented actors like Frances McDormand, the Emmy-winning actress, who lends her distinct voice to the role of God, the omnipresent narrator. Jon Hamm (“Mad Men”) portrays the rigid and rule-abiding angel Gabriel, creating a stark contrast to Aziraphale’s more relaxed approach.

Hell’s Minions: The demonic side features a stellar cast as well. Derek Jacobi (“The Crown”) brings gravitas to the role of Metatron, the head of celestial communications. Yusuf Gatewood (“The Umbrella Academy”) portrays the ever-famished demon Famine, while Brian Cox (“Succession”) adds a chilling presence as the ruthless demon leader Beelzebub.

The Witch Hunters: The human world is represented by a fantastic cast too. Sian Brooke (“Sherlock”) portrays the determined witch hunter Deirdre Young, while Daniel Mays (“Line of Duty”) shines as the bumbling Arthur Young, Deirdre’s policeman husband.

Beyond the Main Cast: A Multitude of Memorable Faces

The series boasts an extensive supporting cast, each contributing to the show’s vibrant tapestry. Look out for cameos by Benedict Cumberbatch as the voice of Satan (unseen) and Nick Offerman as the voice of the Serpent.

The cast of “Good Omens” is a powerhouse ensemble, bringing both comedic brilliance and dramatic gravitas to their roles. From the leads, David Tennant and Michael Sheen, to the supporting cast and cameos, each actor contributes to the show’s unique charm and enduring appeal. Whether fans are seeking a laugh or a heartwarming story about good versus evil (with a healthy dose of chaos thrown in), the cast of “Good Omens” delivers in spades.


Who plays Aziraphale, the fussy angel, and Crowley, the demon with a penchant for vintage cars?

Michael Sheen portrays the fastidious angel Aziraphale, while David Tennant embodies the suave demon Crowley. Their on-screen chemistry is a major highlight of the series.

Who voices God in Good Omens?

The ever-so-slightly exasperated voice of God is delivered by the legendary actress Frances McDormand.

Who plays the Antichrist, Adam Young?

The young actor Sam Taylor Buck takes on the role of Adam, the unwitting Antichrist unaware of his destiny.

Where have I seen these actors before?

This talented cast boasts impressive resumes. Here are some highlights:

Michael Sheen: Known for his roles in Masters of Sex, The Crown, and the Twilight saga.

David Tennant: Beloved for his portrayal of the Doctor in Doctor Who, as well as roles in Broadchurch and Jessica Jones.

Frances McDormand: An Academy Award winner for her performances in Fargo and Nomadland.

Sam Taylor Buck: This young actor is on the rise, with Good Omens being his breakout role.

Who are some of the other notable cast members?

The series is packed with fantastic actors, including:

Jon Hamm as the uptight angel Gabriel.

Miranda Richardson as the formidable Madame Tracy, leader of the witches.

Adria Arjona as the demon Anathema Device, descendant of Agnes Nutter.

Jack Whitehall as Newton Pulsifer, the descendant of witchfinder Thou-Shalt-Not-Commit-Adultery Pulsifer.

Are there any interesting facts about the casting choices?

Yes! Author Neil Gaiman himself campaigned for David Tennant to play Crowley on Twitter.

Additionally, both Michael Sheen and David Tennant previously worked together on the show Staged, which they filmed during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Can I find interviews with the cast of Good Omens on YouTube?

Absolutely! Several interviews and behind-the-scenes featurettes exist on YouTube channels like Amazon Prime Video and BBC. These offer insights into the actors’ experiences portraying these beloved characters.

Are there any bloopers or outtakes from Good Omens available online?

While there aren’t official blooper reels, some YouTube channels might have compilations of funny moments or cast goofs during filming. Keep in mind the legitimacy of these uploads, as some might be fan-made edits.

Will there be a second season of Good Omens?

As of May 2024, there’s no official confirmation of a second season. However, both Neil Gaiman and the cast have expressed interest in continuing the story. Stay tuned for updates!

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