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Bangkok United Soar High: A Look at Their Current Standings and Form

Bangkok United Football Club, fondly nicknamed the “The Angels,” is a force to be reckoned with in Thai League 1. Currently sitting in second place, Bangkok United is making a strong push for the championship title. This article dives deep into their current standings, recent form, and what fans can expect for the rest of the season.

Dominant Defense, Prolific Offense: A Recipe for Success

Bangkok United’s success this season can be attributed to a potent combination of a resolute defence and a high-scoring offence. Their defence, conceding only 24 goals in 30 games, boasts the second-best record in the league. Goalkeeper Sivakorn Woo-inyoung has been a rock at the back, pulling off crucial saves and commanding his area with authority.

On the other side of the pitch, Bangkok United boasts a firepower that strikes fear into the hearts of opponents. Led by the goal-scoring machine, Brazilian striker Mota Inacio with 23 goals, the attack is a well-oiled machine. Players like Mahmoud Eid (10 goals), Poomchantuek (10 goals), and Goncalves Saturnino (6 goals) have all chipped in with crucial contributions throughout the season.

Second Place and Chasing Glory

Currently, Bangkok United sits just behind league leaders Buriram United. With a three-point gap separating the two teams and seven games remaining, the race for the championship title is far from over. Bangkok United will be hoping to capitalize on any slip-ups from Buriram United to claim the top spot.

While their recent form has been impressive, with five wins and two draws in their last seven games, consistency will be key for Bangkok United. Their head-to-head record against Buriram United this season provides a glimmer of hope. They drew the first encounter and emerged victorious in the second, showcasing their ability to compete with the league leaders.

Key Players to Watch

Several players have been instrumental in Bangkok United’s impressive run this season. Here’s a closer look at some of the key figures:

Mota Inacio: The Brazilian forward has been on fire, leading the team’s scoring charts with 23 goals. His pace, power and finishing ability make him a nightmare for defenders.

Sivakorn Woo-inyoung: The goalkeeper has been a wall at the back, keeping clean sheets and making crucial saves to keep Bangkok United in the game.

Mahmoud Eid: The Egyptian midfielder has been a creative spark for the team, providing assists and scoring crucial goals from midfield.

Poomchantuek: This versatile player has been solid in defence and a threat going forward, contributing with 10 goals this season.

Fan Factor: The 12th Man Advantage

Bangkok United enjoys a passionate fanbase known as the “The Angels Ultras.” Their unwavering support at home games creates a vibrant atmosphere that can intimidate opponents and energize the players. The 12th Man advantage could play a crucial role in Bangkok United’s title push, especially in crucial home matches.

Looking Ahead: The Remaining Fixtures

The remaining fixtures for Bangkok United present both challenges and opportunities. They face some tough opponents, including encounters with BG Pathum United and Muangthong United. However, they also have some winnable games on the horizon, which could allow them to close the gap on Buriram United.

The Road to Glory: Can Bangkok United Clinch the Title?

While the road to the championship is not without obstacles, Bangkok United has all the ingredients to achieve glory. They possess a strong squad, a determined coach, and unwavering fan support. Their recent form and ability to overcome challenges suggest they are a serious contender for the title.

Here are some additional factors that could influence Bangkok United’s title bid:

Injuries: Avoiding key injuries to crucial players will be paramount for Bangkok United’s success.

Transfer Window Activity: Any potential reinforcements brought in during the transfer window could bolster their squad depth and increase their chances of winning the title.

Mental Toughness: Maintaining their focus and composure in high-pressure situations will be crucial for Bangkok United to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

Bangkok United Soaring High

Bangkok United’s current position in the Thai League 1 standings is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and strategic approach. With a potent attack, a resolute defense, and a passionate fanbase behind them, Bangkok United is a force to be reckoned with. Whether they can dethrone Buriram United and claim the championship title remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: The Angels are making a serious challenge for glory in the 2023-24 season.


Where does Bangkok United currently stand in the Thai League 1?

Bangkok United is currently in 2nd place in the Thai League 1 as of June 15, 2024.

How many points do they have?

They have 61 points after 30 games played.

Who are they behind?

Buriram United F.C. is currently in 1st place with 69 points.

Who are their closest challengers?

Port F.C. is in 3rd place with 57 points.

How is Bangkok United performing this season?

They are performing very well, having only lost 3 games so far this season. They also boast the league’s top scorer, Mota Inacio, with 23 goals.

Where can I find more information on the Thai League 1 standings?

Several websites provide up-to-date standings for the Thai League 1, including: [Tribuna Bangkok United Standings] [FcTables Bangkok United Standings]

Flashscore. in [Flashscore Bangkok United Standings]


United is having a strong season in the Thai League 1, currently sitting in second place. With a talented squad and a prolific goalscorer in Mota Inacio, they are well-positioned to challenge for the championship title. Keep an eye on their remaining fixtures to see if they can overtake Buriram United and claim the top spot.

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