Al-Fayha FC: Battling for Mid-Table Respectability in the Saudi Pro League

Al-Fayha FC, also known as the Knights of Al Majma’ah, are a Saudi Arabian professional football club based in the city of Al Majma’ah. Founded in 1956, the club has had a rollercoaster ride through the Saudi footballing pyramid. Recently promoted to the top tier, the Saudi Pro League, in the 2022-23 season, Al-Fayha is carving its niche in the competitive landscape.

This article delves into Al-Fayha’s current standing in the league, their performance analysis, and what fans can expect for the rest of the season.

Current Standings (as of June 18, 2024)

Al-Fayha sits in ninth place in the 2023-24 Saudi Pro League standings after a gruelling 34-match season. The team has managed to secure 44 points, with a record of 11 wins, 11 draws, and 12 losses. They have a goal difference of -8, scoring 44 goals and conceding 52.

Here’s a breakdown of the top five teams in the league:

Al-Hilal SFC (101 points)

Al-Nassr FC (82 points)

Al-Ahli Saudi FC (65 points)

Al-Taawoun FC (59 points)

Al-Ittihad Club (54 points)

While a top-four finish seems out of reach at this point, Al-Fayha is comfortably clear of the relegation zone. The team’s main focus will likely be maintaining their position and solidifying their top league presence.

Performance Analysis: A Season of Mixed Results

Al-Fayha’s 2023-24 season has been a mixed bag. While they’ve shown glimpses of brilliance, consistency has been a major concern. The team has displayed a knack for drawing games, with 11 draws throughout the season. This highlights their resilience and ability to fight back but also suggests an inability to convert draws into wins.


Solid Defense: Despite the negative goal difference, Al-Fayha boasts a relatively strong defence. They haven’t conceded a massive number of goals compared to the teams below them in the table.

Unpredictability: Al-Fayha has pulled off some unexpected victories against higher-ranked teams, showcasing their fighting spirit and ability to cause upsets.

Attacking Forays: Fashion Sakala, with 22 goals, has been a force to be reckoned with. Henry Onyekuru and Abdelhamid Sabiri have also contributed significantly to the team’s attacking prowess.


Inconsistency: The team’s biggest hurdle is their inconsistency. They often struggle to replicate their winning performances and drop points against seemingly weaker opponents.

Converting Chances: While they create scoring opportunities, Al-Fayha needs to be more clinical in finishing touches to convert draws into wins.

Squad Depth: Compared to the top teams, Al-Fayha lacks depth in their squad. Injuries or suspensions to key players can significantly impact their performance.

Fan Buzz: What to Expect from Here On?

Al-Fayha fans are understandably proud of their team’s achievement of staying afloat in the top league. There’s a sense of optimism and a growing belief that the club can establish itself as a consistent force in the Saudi Pro League.

Here’s what fans can expect:

Focus on Mid-table Finish: With the top four seemingly out of reach, the team’s primary objective will likely be to solidify their ninth-place position or climb a few places higher.

Building for the Future: The club management might focus on bolstering the squad during the transfer window to address the squad depth issue and improve overall performance.

Youth Development: Nurturing young talent from the region will be crucial for Al-Fayha’s long-term success. Investing in youth development programs can create a strong foundation for future seasons.

While the journey might be long, Al-Fayha fans have reasons to be hopeful. With a strong work ethic, continued improvement, and strategic reinforcements, the Knights of Al Majma’ah can carve a respectable niche for themselves in the competitive landscape of the Saudi Pro League.

Looking Ahead: What’s Next for Al-Fayha?

Al-Fayha’s performance in their second season in the top flight has instilled optimism for the future. Here’s a glimpse into what the club might focus on:

Building on the Foundation: The core of the current squad has proven its capabilities. Building upon this foundation with strategic signings will be key to further success.

Youth Development: Investing in youth development and integrating young Saudi Arabian talent into the first team can provide long-term benefits and stability.

Cup Competitions: While the league remains the primary focus, competing effectively in cup competitions like the King’s Cup can provide valuable experience and a chance for silverware.

Securing a comfortable mid-table finish in their second season is a significant achievement for Al-Fayha. With continued development, tactical refinement, and strategic squad building, the club has the potential to establish itself as a consistent force in the Saudi Pro League and potentially challenge for a top-half finish in the coming seasons.


What is Al-Fayha’s current position in the league?

 Al-Fayha is currently sitting in 9th place in the 2023-24 Saudi Pro League as of June 18, 2024.

How many points does Al-Fayha have?

 Al-Fayha has collected 44 points after 34 games played.

What is Al-Fayha’s win-loss-tie record? 

Al-Fayha has recorded 11 wins, 12 losses, and 11 draws in the league so far.

Who are the top teams in the league? 

Al-Hilal SFC leads the pack with a dominant 96 points, followed by Al-Nassr FC and Al-Ahli Saudi FC.

Where can I find the latest Al-Fayha standings?

Several websites offer updated standings, including,, and FOX Sports.

Who is Al-Fayha’s top scorer? 

Fashion Sakala is currently Al-Fayha’s leading scorer with an impressive 22 goals.

Where can I find the latest Al-Fayha standings?

Several websites provide updated standings for the Saudi Pro League, including,, and FOX Sports.

Is there a chance Al-Fayha can qualify for a higher position?

Mathematically, Al-Fayha can climb the standings in the remaining matches. However, they would need to maintain a strong winning streak and rely on other teams to falter.


Al-Fayha has secured a mid-table position in the Saudi Pro League with 34 games played. While they haven’t challenged for the top spots, they have managed to avoid relegation trouble. Their performance has been bolstered by Fashion Sakala’s impressive goal-scoring record.

With the season coming to a close, it will be interesting to see if Al-Fayha can climb the table or maintain their current position.

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