AIK Fotboll Struggles in Allsvenskan: A Look at Their Current Standings and Path Forward

AIK Fotboll, a historic Swedish football club based in Solna, Stockholm, is currently facing a period of challenge in the 2024 Allsvenskan season. While they boast a rich tradition and passionate fanbase, their recent results have left supporters yearning for a return to their winning ways. This article delves into AIK’s current standings, explores the factors behind their struggles, and analyzes their potential path forward.

A Stuttering Start: AIK’s Current Position in the Allsvenskan

As of today, June 18, 2024, AIK Fotboll sits in eighth place in the Allsvenskan table. They have played 12 games, securing five wins, two draws, and suffering five defeats. This translates to 17 points, a significant gap behind the current leader, Malmö FF, who stands at a commanding 34 points.

A closer look at the stats reveals AIK’s main area of concern: their defence. They have conceded 27 goals, the second-highest number in the top eight. This fragility at the back has been a major contributor to their dropped points.

Here’s a breakdown of AIK’s current performance compared to the top teams:

TeamPointsWinsDrawsLossesGoals ForGoals AgainstGoal Difference
Malmö FF341031349+25
Djurgårdens IF258132411+13
Mjällby AIF237242215+7
Hammarby IF217052115+6
AIK Fotboll175252327-4

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While their attack hasn’t been explosive, it hasn’t been a complete write-off either. Ioannis Pittas leads the team’s scoring charts with 10 goals, showcasing his goal-scoring prowess. However, a lack of consistency and support from midfield has hampered their offensive flow.

Dissecting the Reasons Behind AIK’s Struggles

Several factors have contributed to AIK’s underwhelming start to the season:

Defensive Frailty: As mentioned earlier, AIK’s leaky defence has been a major concern. Individual errors, lack of communication, and vulnerabilities in set-pieces have cost them crucial points.

Inconsistent Midfield: The midfield, tasked with linking defence and attack, hasn’t performed consistently. Injuries and a lack of creativity in the centre of the park have affected their overall game.

Tough Fixture Schedule: AIK has faced some of the top teams in the league early on, which has undoubtedly impacted their points tally.

Managerial Uncertainty: Questions linger surrounding the future of head coach Bartosz Grzelak. This uncertainty can create a sense of unease among players and disrupt team spirit.

A Glimmer of Hope: Potential Solutions and the Road Ahead

Despite the challenges, there are reasons for AIK fans to remain optimistic. Here’s how the club can turn things around:

Shoring Up the Defense: Strengthening the backline through targeted transfers or tactical tweaks is crucial. Improving communication, zonal marking, and dealing with set pieces effectively are priorities.

Midfield Reinforcement: Adding a creative spark in midfield can significantly improve AIK’s offensive output. A player who can dictate play, unlock defences, and provide support to the attackers is needed.

Squad Rotation and Player Development: Injuries have played a role in AIK’s struggles. Effective squad rotation and fostering young talent within the academy can provide depth and options throughout the season.

Settling the Managerial Situation: Addressing the uncertainty surrounding the head coach is vital. If Grzelak remains, he needs to be given the full backing of the club to implement his vision.

AIK’s upcoming fixtures offer a chance to climb the table. Facing teams currently below them in the standings presents an opportunity to regain momentum and confidence. The summer transfer window also provides a chance to address squad weaknesses.

Fan Perspective and Social Media Buzz

AIK fans are understandably disappointed with the team’s current position. Social media is abuzz with discussions about the team’s struggles. Many fans are calling for a change in tactics, while others question the manager’s suitability for the role.

Here’s a glimpse into what fans are saying on various platforms:

“The defence is a shambles! We need to find a way to stop conceding goals.” (Twitter)

“Grzelak has to go. We need a manager who can get the best out of these players.” (Facebook)

“We have the talent to challenge for the title. We just need to find some consistency.” (AIK Fotboll forum)

The fans’ frustration is understandable. However, they also recognize the potential of this team and remain hopeful for a turnaround.

Reasons for Optimism: Can AIK Turn Things Around?

Despite the challenges, there are reasons for optimism at AIK:

Strong Squad: AIK possesses a talented squad with a good mix of experience and youth. Players like Sebastian Larsson, John Guidetti, and Bilal Hussein can still make a significant impact.

Remaining Fixtures: AIK’s remaining fixtures offer an opportunity to climb the table. They face several teams currently below them and have a chance to close the gap.

Transfer Window: The upcoming transfer window presents a chance to address weaknesses. Bringing in a defender and a creative midfielder could significantly improve the team.

Managerial Resolve: If Grzelak remains in charge, he can use this period to solidify his tactics and build a stronger team spirit.


Where does AIK currently stand in the Allsvenskan table?

AIK currently sits in 8th place in the 2024 Allsvenskan table (as of June 18, 2024).

How many points does AIK have?

AIK has 17 points after 12 games played.

How many wins, ties, and losses does AIK have?

AIK has 5 wins, 2 ties, and 5 losses.

What is AIK’s goal difference?

AIK has a goal difference of -4, having scored 23 goals and conceded 27.

Who is currently top of the Allsvenskan table?

Malmö FF is currently leading the table with 34 points.

Where can I find the latest AIK standings?

Several websites provide up-to-date Allsvenskan standings, including:

AIK Football website 

Allsvenskan official website

Sports news websites

Football data websites 


AIK currently finds itself in the middle of the pack in the Allsvenskan table. While they are not in the relegation zone, they have some work to do if they want to challenge for the top spots. With the season still young, there’s plenty of time for AIK to climb the standings. Keep an eye on AIK’s upcoming fixtures and see if they can turn things around!

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